A Virginia Grandmother Goes Viral After Ironing Her Grandchild's Bisexual Pride Flag

A Virginia grandmother went viral after her granddaughter shared the image of a loving gesture.

This past weekend, a woman named Lexie tweeted out a picture of her grandmother ironing her bisexual pride flag before she headed out to Washington, D.C.’s Pride.

In the tweet, which now has 34,300 comments, 239,000 likes, and 33,000 retweets, she wrote:

“I got up this morning to get ready for #DCPride. My grandma walked into my room, looked at my bi flag, and said, ‘Oh, this needs to be pressed out!’ Such a simple gesture, but it holds so much love and meaning for me.”

After she noticed that the original tweet was going viral, she sent out a second tweet explaining that she once was afraid to come out to her grandmother. That makes this gesture all the more meaningful.

Then finally, she tweeted out a third time to share a selfie with her grandmother while saying, “here’s another picture of my grandma because I want the world to see how beautiful she is! Show her some love! Happy pride y’all.”

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An Alabama Lawmaker Lost Her Exit Job Because Of Tweet About Outing Her Closeted Governor

A gay lawmaker lost a potential job after saying she wanted to out a fellow Congresswoman.

Rep. Patricia Todd is Alabama’s first openly gay state lawmaker. Todd was gearing up to leave office and take up a job with a Florida LGBTQ nonprofit organization called One Orlando Alliance, but has now lost the job after making some public proclamations.

Tood posted on Twitter that she wanted to out Governor Kay Ivey after saying she’s heard rumors about Ivey’s sexuality for years now.

In the tweets, which have been hidden behind a protected Twitter account (but luckily, news sources were able to screenshot them), Todd said:

“Will someone out her for God’s sake? I have heard for years that she is gay and moved her girlfriend out of her house when she became Gov. I am sick of closeted elected officials.”

Despite many people and organizations being offended by Todd’s words, she doubled down on them and said she’s not sorry.

"I hate hypocrites," she told AL.com. Todd also added that she has no proof of Ivey being a closeted politician, but that she’s heard many rumors. She also asked others to "ask her directly if she has ever had a relationship with a woman."

That said, Todd may be regretting her words, or at least the aftermath of them, now that she’s moved to Orlando and lost her job.

One Orlando Alliance, which is an organization formed after the 2016 Pulse shooting, announced that it has retracted its job offer after Todd’s social media posts.

Jennifer Foster, the chairwoman of One Orlando Alliance, shared that Todd’s comments “don’t aligned” with the organization’s values.

“We strongly believe that coming out is a personal choice and we do not support involuntarily outing,” Foster said.

Meanwhile, Kay Ivey insists that Todd's statement was a "disgusting lie."

Roseanne Barr Made A Joke Of Herself After Attacking An Adult Film Star

Somebody clapped back at Roseanne in the funniest of ways.

Yesterday, a mini-fight went down on twitter that left us with a good laugh. It started when random twitter accounts started attacking famous porn star Stormy Daniels.

Daniels, rightfully, tried to defend herself but that garnered only more trolls and hateful responses.

One twitter account, under the name Sassy Southern Diva, posted a tweet, that’s now deleted, saying, “You’re disgusting and do not represent classy women AT ALL. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up soon and we will all be thrilled when that day comes!”

Somehow, Academy award winning actress and outspoken women’s rights activist Patricia Arquette heard of the fight and decided to jump into the fray. Arquette responded with a tweet throwing shade at President Donald Trump.

That then led to Roseanne Barr deciding to defend Trump by throwing Daniels under the bus. In a short tweet, she replied, “She’s known for anal porn scenes.”

Daniels then defended herself with possibly the most beautiful tweet we’ve ever seen.

Of course, Patricia Arquette, the ever woke, also added that we shouldn’t demonize anal sex because its ultimately demonizing gay sex and gay people.

This is just the latest update to show how much Roseanne Barr has changed in the past few years. Barr used to be known for celebrating women’s rights, women’s sexuality, and women’s choices. Now, it seems that her conservative persona has made her bitter and mean.

For someone who used to be known for respecting both liberal and conservative views, and didn’t take politics too seriously as seen from her infamous Stars Spangled Banner performance that Daniels references, it’s amazing to see how much she’s changed.

What happened to the old Roseanne?