Thailand Is Celebrating Openly Gay Tennis Player Luksika Kumkhum's Big Win In Mumbai

One of the four openly LGBTQ professional tennis players in the world just won big at the Mumbai Open.

While Thailand is preparing to officially recognize gay unions, citizens should already recognize the talents of one gay women who’s successfully representing them.

25-year-old Luksika Kumkhum is the only openly gay professional tennis player from Thailand and one of four openly gay professional tennis players in a major tennis event this year, according to Out Sports.

Being a minority in that sense has not affected her game whatsoever. In fact, it makes her accomplishments all the more noteworthy.

Luksika Kumkhum blazed a path of victory at the WTA Mumbai Open. During the final, she beat Russia’s Irina Khromacheva and is now preparing to compete in matches in China and Taiwan.

Despite her success, Luksika Kumkhum has continued to field questions about her sexuality and her gender identity.

“I’m used to it now,” she told The Indian Express. “When I go to another country, they’re surprised. They’re like, ‘oh, you’re a man, right?’ I say no, I’m a woman. But then they don’t say anything. They just say OK and that’s that.”

She also remarked how her country, which is recognized as one of the most accepting Asian countries for LGBTQ foreigners, still has room to grow in terms of accepting its own LGBTQ citizens.

“It’s still not like Taiwan, where you can marry and all, but people at home accept it a bit more. But there is still the old thinking,” says the 25-year-old. “I’m comfortable with this. There are so many people in the world who are gay, but you’re still a person. If I’m doing good, and I haven’t killed anyone, then it’s fine.”

That said, being such a successful athlete will spotlight the contributions that LGBTQ people offer the country. Something that’s greatly needed as talk of political protections for LGBTQ citizens continue in Thailand.

h/t: Out Sports, Indian Express

Tennis Star Alison Van Uytvanck On Wimbledon Kiss "We Don't Have To Be Ashamed"

Alison Van Uytvanck and Greet Minnen (image via Instagram)

Belgian tennis star Alison Van Uytvanck had much to celebrate last week during her 5th appearance at Wimbledon.

The 24-year-old celebrated her qualifying for the octafinals by running up the the stands to smooch her girlfriend, fellow pro tennis player Greet Minnen, live on TV.



Earlier this year, the tennis star - currently ranked 47th in the world - came out after winning the Hungarian Ladies Open in Budapest.

At a press conference after the match, Uytvanck was asked if she felt like a role model by coming out and if coming out lifted a weight from her shoulders. Her response was spot on:


“I don’t think it actually changed something about that - being ‘more free’ or something. We just decided to not make it personal and keep it for ourselves. I’m happy anyway if it is with a woman or a man. I just feel like we don’t have to be ashamed of this. And that’s why I also want to be free. I mean, I’m not sick, I don’t have a disease but I feel like its good that I could come out as a gay person.”


Watch Uytvanck handle the question with ease below:



You'll recall woofy out Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy made headlines around the world when he kissed his boyfriend, Matt Wilkas, after a successful run at this year's Winter Olympics.