RuPaul Won Best Reality Show Host At The Critics' Choice Awards


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Congratulations to RuPaul!

The annual Critics’ Choice Awards were held last night and RuPaul took home the award for Best Reality Show Host.

RuPaul was up against several well-known hosts such as America’s Got Talent’s Tyra Banks and Chopped’s Ted Allen.

Sadly, the show itself didn’t win the award for Best Reality Competition Series. The Voice won that battle.

But no matter, because this was already a big night and win for RuPaul.

Again, congratulations!


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Hunky Men, Australia, RuPaul, World Travel--All Part of Instinct's Best Nine of Instagram 2017

As December comes to an end, and we bid 2017 farewell, you may have noticed your Instagram feeds flooding with people’s Best Nine of 2017. This is each profile’s top liked images of the year that are posted as a retrospective of what has transpired in 2017.

Visit 2017 Best Nine to create your collage of memorable moments and trending pics.

As we look back on 2017, we can see that Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine includes a lot of our top stories and images that created buzz on social media and beyond.

Here’s a look at Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine of 2017 and the topics that you all liked the most! #2017bestnine

1. Australia Votes YES for Marriage Equality!



The hottest debate in Australia’s history resulted in a public survey where 61.6% voted in favor of legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in the land down under vs. 38.4% voted against. A huge win for a huge country that many already felt had legalized same-sex marriage.

This public vote led to parliament where the public vote held strong and the official vote made Australia the 24th country to legalize same-sex marriage!

Marriages even started before the necessary 30-day waiting period due to special circumstances.

Possibly some of the best news in a year that was full of tragedy, natural disaster, and sad social/political climate. Congratulations again to all the Aussies!

2. Meet the Man Hand-Knitting Jockstraps



When we found out about this guy from Southern California who has been hand-knitting jockstraps we couldn’t wait to share it with all our readers. JR Carrillo who runs Haus of Betch, first started knitting the sexy undies to win over someone he was crushing on. Learning how to knit a scarf quickly turned into making a jockstrap, which catapulted him into our thirsty Instagram feeds. It’s no wonder this sexy photo of one of his creations—and the hottie who’s wearing it—made it into our Best Nine of 2017.

3. Travel Thursday: Ready for That All Boys Trip to Palm Springs?



Palm Springs has been one of our favorite travel destinations of 2017. The desert oasis has a little something for everyone. It makes for a perfect romantic getaway or even if you just want to take a quick and fun trip with all the boys. You won’t want to leave! With awesome places to stay like the INNdulge and Tortuga del Sol and delicious places to eat like Trio Palm Springs, Peabody’s Café, Watercress Vietnamese Bistro or exploration like the Palm Springs Aerial tram, Oscar’s Cabaret or the Palm Springs Art Museum—it’s the best place to go during any season. But one of the best things about Palm Springs is their nightlife. So were we surprised when this cutie from Hunters Palm Springs made it to our Best Nine of 2017? Well—just look at him!

4. We’re Going North to Learn More About ‘The French One’ – Bruno Costa



In this feature article one of our favorite sites, MR JOEL, we learned about Bruno Costa—who is known on Instagram as the_french_0ne. He is a social media influencer, model, and super sexy! In this article we learned about what inspires him, what are some of his fashion must-haves and how he uses social media to make us all drool. That’s why  this piece of eye candy made it onto our Best Nine of 2017!

5. Kathy Griffin Bares All in Shocking New Photos!



2017 has been an intense year that has seen protests and demonstrations of all kinds. One of the most vocal and controversial celebrities of 2017, who has been very public about her opinion of our current president, is Kathy Griffin. From her photo with a decapitated Donald Trump head to her feuds with Andy Cohen and ex-BFF Anderson Cooper, Kathy has been all over the place this year. But nothing could possibly compare to the photos she released when she shaved her head in support of her sister who was undergoing chemotherapy earlier this year.

6. RuPaul’s Drag Race Receives Emmy Nomination for Best Reality Show



After 11 seasons (9 seasons and 2 All-Stars seasons), RuPaul’s Drag Race was nominated for an Emmy for Best Reality Show this year! Although the show didn’t take home the win, RuPaul did win for best host again this year, proving that we still want more of Mama Ru! The last few years have been pivotal for LGBTQ representation in mainstream media and RPDR has been a pioneer in the drag game as well as creating dialogue about LGBTQ issues—all with wigs and death drops! RPDR and all its alumni are some of our favorite topics to discuss here on Instinct and can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for these queens and their fans!

7. Study Reveals the Average Age Gay Men Are Getting Married!



We love to analyze studies on Instinct Magazine and one of our favorite of this year discussed the average age at which gay men were getting hitched! The Knot conducted a survey with almost a thousand LGBTQ married couples to find out the details! After the survey, they discovered the average marriage age for gay men is 46! Should I have waited until then?! Check out the rest of the results HERE. This image of two men celebrating their nuptials made it to our Best Nine of 2017 because in a world full of negativity, its beautiful to see that love, and commitment, is still alive and well.

8. Travel Thursdays – Miami Beach is Red Hot This April With Tons of LGBT Events



Another of our favorite locations for travel in 2017 was Miami! We visited throughout the year and found that the city was thriving with LGBT events in the month of April. It was enough for us to return to the Whisper Out Loud event later in the year at the W Miami where we were greeted by this pair of hunky fine specimens providing welcome drinks to everyone at the Meet and Greet! See why we love Miami?! Get there—fast!

9. Travel Thursday: We Are Still Recovering From Our Trip to Israel and Tel Aviv Pride



Enough said! Now, over six months later—we are STILL recovering from Instinct’s trip to Tel Aviv Pride. The excitement of the festival, wrapped in the beauty and rich history of the city was an unforgettable trip that made for great photographic evidence and the best Instagram shots! The trip was enough to make up multiple articles because there was too much to talk about. Just check out Travel Thursday: An American Bear in Israel. Are Tel Aviv & Jersusalem Safe for LGBT American Travelers? To see what we mean. Do you now understand why this cutie with rainbow suspenders made our Best Nine of 2017? We are still trying to figure out who he is because one of our writers wants to marry him.

As 2017 comes to an end, at Instinct Magazine we are eternally grateful for our readers. You all are the reason for sharing these LGBTQ narratives and without the dialogue with all of you, it wouldn’t be the same. We look forward to what 2018 has in store—and look forward to bringing you the best and up-to-date from the LGBTQ world! Check us out on Instagram to make it happen!

RuPaul Fans Joke About Hilary Clinton Tweet Quoting The Show (But They Shouldn't)

Screenshots via Youtube. Edited by Devin Randall

RuPaul fans on the internet want to know if Hilary Clinton is one of them.

Clinton took to twitter to share news about a royal decree being made in Saudi Arabia. The tweet celebrates the fact that women will soon be allowed to drive cars in the country. This is a historic moment for women in the country.

In order to capture the moment, Hilary Clinton decided to write the tweet out as “It’s about time. Ladies, start your engines!”

And while this is a wonderful moment for women, the gay community came around and, like Pennywise and the Babadook, are now making it about them.

Fans of the RuPaul’s Drag Race recognized the line, “Ladies, start your engines” as a familiar phrase in the tv show and are now storming thread after thread asking if Clinton purposely quoted RuPaul and if she’s a fan of the show.

While that’s all fun and Clinton may have purposely quoted the show, let’s not forget the whole purpose of the tweet itself.

While yes, women can now drive, the new decree states that they have to drive "in accordance with the Islamic laws." While the specifics of the law are still being deliberated, there are many ways that this description could limit women's rights.

So, as Clinton said in the other half of the tweet, “It’s about time," and we should be congratulating Saudi Arabian women. But also, we have to recognize that this is still only a step in obtaining their freedom.

Luckily though, it seems the country's crowned prince is dedicated towards giving women more freedoms.

Also we should remember that while jokes are fun, we shouldn't take such an important topic and make it about something else. If we do, we're no better than Trump.

RuPaul Fans Are Praising This Drag Queen Superhero Comic

Image via Instagram

We all know that drag queens can be some of the bravest and most amazing people out there, so it’s only fitting that there be a superhero story about a drag queen.

Kickass Drag Queen is an Instagram account that’s started up its own story about a drag queen superhero.

More often than not, we here on Instinct share with you Instagram pictures of this muscular shirtless guy or that muscular shirtless guy, but we don’t as often share the creativity and diversity that can be found on Instagram.

Well, today we’ll change that a little bit by sharing this new Instagram comic series.

The series was originally created by RuPaul season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen.


Queens with crowns be like. . . Illustration: @matteolane

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"First, the name hit me: Kickass Drag Queen, which I just thought was a funny name for a superhero. Also, I really like on-the-nose drag names, as you can tell, because my name is Bob the Drag Queen," she told Vice, "There's just something funny about that to me. It tells you everything you're getting upfront. You know she's a drag queen. You know she kicks ass."

Bob then got comedian Matteo Lane involved to do the illustrations and the account has now started to soar.

The Instagram account now boasts over 32,000 followers with only 6 posts out so far.

Part of it may be the witty humor and the close comparisons to RuPaul’s Drag Race.

For instance, Kim Chi, one of Bob’s former fellow competitors, is in the comic as supervillian Slim Chi, who uses the power of shade to thwart Bob’s heroic plans.

Then, there’s RuPaul who cameo’s as Rude Paul and even says the line, "If you can't pull off a heist for yourself, how in the hell are you gonna pull off a heist for somebody else?" 

So far, there are only two episodes of the comic out, but with more fan support (and follows) there will surely be more to come.


Episode 1: Kickass Drag Queen, written by @bobthedragqueen and illustrated by @Matteolane #kickassdragqueen

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h/t: Vice

SYTYCD Opens Up With Sickening 'Call Me Mother' by RuPaul Routine

The latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance? opened up with a sickening performance of RuPaul's hit "Call Me Mother" choreographed by SYTYCD all-star, the sexy Mark Kanemura. The season's Top 8, along with the all-stars, popped and vogued their way through Mama Ru's song embodying all things fierce. It also makes me miss the In Living Color fly girls!



That routine was on fire! And after they danced the house down you know RuPaul was tweeting and retweeting from beyond the grave with her wig in orbit.











Trixie Mattel and Katya Are Coming to VICELAND This Fall!

The rumors are true... Katya and Trixie Mattel are making their way back to television!  No, not in the form of All Stars 3 (although the latter of the two is highly rumored to be in the cast), I am talking about them getting their first ever show together on VICELAND!

It was just announced that they will be premiering their weekly comedy/talk show “THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW” on November 1st at 10PM.   So we only have to wait two more months for the craziness and hilarity that these two bring together to be up and front on our tv screens.  Yay.

Born out of their popular YouTube series “UNHhhh”, which recently landed a coveted spot on Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List” of the Ten Things They Love This Week (EW, 7/28/17).   The show is a hilarious hybrid of late night, daytime, and advice shows.  The girls discuss anything and everything from their distinct points of view. Topics run the gamut from hook-ups and break-ups, fear, God, death and porn, to name a few.

For those in the dark, Katya and Trixie Mattel were two of the only good things to happen in Season 7 of RPDR.  There was even hashtags inspired by both (#Justice4Trixie, Justice4Katya), and they remain two of the most beloved contestants that the show has ever had.  Katya was one of the hopefuls on All Stars 2 last season, where she barely lost to fellow contestant Alaska for the crown.

Can't wait to see what these two have in stores!! 

The Thing About Podcasts

Whenever I yell into the other room for my partner and he doesn't respond I know it's because he has gone out to take out the trash or he didn't hear me because he has his earphones in listening to a podcast. More often than I'd like, it's the latter that is making him laugh out loud or gasp in shock from whatever daily topic he is distracted by. But there’s no sense in getting mad because podcasts have definitely made our car rides and dinner table conversations more interesting.

We’re living in a new age where we thrive on nostalgia and are constantly looking for the latest craze that pays homage to a throwback. Podcasts are no exception. They have undoubtedly revolutionized media and the way people experience it. Podcasts are the modern day talk radio, without the annoying top 40 songs you hear every 30 minutes in between. Mostly free and immediately accessible on your mobile devices, podcasts are changing the way we communicate, offering interesting perspectives on all topics that guarantee to keep you entertained and anticipating the next installment.

I've met many people who just aren't convinced enough to download and tune in--I get it, we've been so desensitized that we have become visual responders. But trust me, podcasts are a different type of listening. Think of them as audiobooks on steroids! You really feel like you are immersed in the conversations--sometimes you even want to shout back out loud! They are the perfect way to pass the time during those long and draining tasks you don’t want to endure alone (going to the gym, sitting in those boring work meetings, doing the dishes, etc.) Plus, they make great party conversation starters and perfect icebreakers for first dates.

What’s that you say? You want to try out a podcast, but don’t know which one? Well--here are some that have gained lots of attention in the last few years and that just get better every episode.

RuPaul: What's the Tee? With Michelle Visage

What’s the Tee? is hosted by Mama Ru himself with his busty and opinionated co-conspirator, Michelle Visage. A podcast with conversations amongst friends about life, pop culture, RuPaul's Drag Race, beauty tips, advice, and so much more. All with special guests every episode that add their spark to each gag-worthy conversation as they get down to the (Tee)ruth. Sip some tea with RuPaul and Michelle and you’ll wanna keep going to the end of the line at the post office just so you can hear more.



Straight Talk With Ross Mathews

Hosted by one of entertainment's funniest personalities, Ross Mathews, Straight Talk With Ross Mathews covers pop culture, entertainment news, style, gossip and more! Accompanied each episode by his crazy team of talkers: Nikki Boyer, Marrrrk, Willie, CJay--and occasional pop-ups from a talky squad full of experts with opinions, Straight Talk is a side-splitting good time with a theme song performed by none other than Dolly Parton that will make you forget about all that time you are spending at the DMV.



Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade is a weekly podcast co-hosted by by Erin Gibson (a.k.a. "Feminasty") and Bryan Safi (a.k.a. "Homosensual") who like to refer to themselves as the “equal-opportunity offenders”. Each episode includes discussions of women’s rights, LGBTQ issues, pop culture, politics--all with comedic dialogue between the hosts. A necessity when you are trying to study for finals.


The Love Bomb

Actor and social media heart throb, Nico Tortorella hosts The Love Bomb podcast which explores love, gender identity, sexuality and the labels associated with them. A weekly podcast that features prominent figures in pop culture. Just listening to that sexually fluid voice makes you nervous and is sure to get you through the work day.




From the mind of YouTube sensation, Tyler Oakley, comes this podcast that claims “It’s not just crazy talk, it’s psychobabble!” Co-hosted with his bestie, Korey Kuhl, Psychobabble brings you unfiltered gossip, pop culture scrutiny, news and stories like you’ve never heard before while you pretend to babysit your baby niece.



Under the Bus with Fagsy

Produced, written, performed, recorded and edited by Fagsy Malone, Under the Bus is an uncensored romp through pop culture, celebrity interviews all with “mind-boggling homosexuality”. Get ready for a wild ride with unprecedented antics and a great way to kill time while you are waiting at the doctor’s office.


Okay, now back to me. The great list of podcasts can go on. New titles pop up every day looking to join the revolution. All podcasts are available on major downloading apps/sites. So if you haven’t already, give podcasts a try. You’ll thank me the next time you’re at your kid’s recital.

Podcast listeners, what other podcasts are you listening to?