Peaceful Counterprotestors Helped Make The Sequel to Charlottesville A Complete, Utter, Total, Absolute, Embarrassing, Pathetic Failure

Last year, the first Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville horrified us. The terrorizing display of racism resulted in the death of 32-year-old counterprotestor Heather Heyer, who was fatally struck by a car driven by a Neo-Nazi sympathizer. The aftermath of the rally was made worse by our president, who blamed both sides for the violence.

This year, far-right organizers publicly predicted a turnout of at least several hundred people in Washington, D.C. for “Unite the Right 2.”

About two dozen white nationalists showed up, reports CNN. And they were vastly outnumbered by peaceful counterprotestors.

The violence and hate in Charlottesville last year wasn’t just race-related. A viral video showed protestors chanting “F**k you faggots.”

LGBTQ+ activists took a stand at Unite the Right 2 today, and we’re kind of in love with a group called “ResisDance.”

From their Facebook page:

“While nazis and white supremacists spread an ideology of racism and genocide, we are here to fiercely and unapologetically celebrate our communities and our existence - and of course drown them out with bumpin’ beats and lots of rainbow biodegradable confetti!”

“As these individuals descend on our city, now is the time to show up and let them know that their legacy of violence is over. We're trans. We're queer. We're fabulous. We're sick of your Nazi sh*t. Don't f*ck with us.”

Thanks in part to ResisDance and other inspiring counterprotestors, Unite the Right 2 was, in no uncertain terms, a disaster. Pathetic. This thing bombed harder than Solo: A Star Wars Story or A Wrinkle in Time. (yikes!)

Here’s all of what happened: about 20 bigots showed up and were so overwhelmed by resisters that they “marched” early and were finished by 5:30 p.m.; that’s when the marching was originally scheduled to begin.

Back to Heather Heyer. Her last Facebook post before she was killed read: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

Heyer was a waitress, bartender and paralegal known to her friends as an outspoken supporter of human rights and equality. At her funeral, her mother told hundreds of mourners to turn anger into righteous action.”

Spike Lee’s latest film, critically acclaimed BlacKkKlansman, is dedicated to Heather Heyer’s memory.


h/t: CNN, PinkNews

Check out ResisDance on Facebook here.

Porn Star Bruno Bernal Uses The 'N' Word on Social Media

Gay porn star Bruno Bernal is under attack for his blatant usage of the "N" word on social media.

This all started a couple of days ago where he used the defamatory word on an Instagram story. Str8UpGayPorn has the receipts from it, where he said "Worse thing in life! Barbers that don't f**k shut up talking with this n***a accent."

It didn't take too long for some of his followers to call him out on the usage of said word, where one blatantly DM'd him and said "Youre a f***ing ignorant racist c**t." His response? "ENOUGH! If you don't have balls to show your face and your opinions like I do then bye."

It didn't stop there as people kept coming at him for using the word. "911. Report to the police then. If you don't know the context of it f**k off! I didn't ask your opinion," he also said. "Unfollow + block."

It got worse from there on his next Instagram story where he tried to explain himself.

"My first boy friend (SP) was black, after that I had another black ex boyfriend, then I had sex with few black guys and my current boyfriend is black. If I was racist I don't think it would be happening so frequently. I like black culture and I don't discriminate anyone by their race but if you are f***ing ghetto and don't even use properly a normal vocabulary because you think is cool talk like a black ghetto person that just came out of prison what you want me to say? WHATEVER don't like! Unfollow + block." 

Str8UpGayPorn also included video of Bruno in the barber chair where it all went down at the bottom of the page.

It didn't stop there. He seemed to double down on his usage of the word on his Twitter account Tuesday morning, where he shared an alleged message from one of his black fans who assured him that he's not "racist at all." The fan in question justified his usage of the word and stated that he used at is well to "describe ignorant black people."

Here's the tweet that Bernal posted about all of this.



Why Did A Gay Republican Call Police On A Black Woman Using A Coupon?

This past Friday night, a woman trying to use a manufacturer's coupon at her local CVS drugstore found herself the target of racism as the manager of the store called police accusing the woman of fraud.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, while making a purchase at the CVS store on North Broadway in Chicago, Illinois, Camilla Hudson presented a manafacturer's coupon at checkout.

But the manager of the store, identified as Morry Matson, said he'd never seen a coupon like that and proceeded to call the police.

Wait - what? The police? About a coupon?

In a video posted to Facebook by Hudson, Matson can be seen shaking as he describes Hudson as an "African-American" to the police. During the conversation Hudson assures Matson, "Tell them that I will be waiting for them to arrive."


From Hudson's Facebook page post:

So, THIS just happened: I had the police called on me for attempting to use a coupon @ the CVS Pharmacy located at 6150 N. Broadway in Chicago! I stopped in to make a purchase using a coupon mailed to me by the product manufacturer, as replacement for problematic/defective product. The manager on duty said that he’d never seen a coupon like the one I had and said that he thought it was fraudulent. When I asked for his name and his title/role within the store, he became agitated and rude. When I pulled out my phone to document what happened and exactly what he’d said to me (AND how he’d said it!) he turned his back and walked away from me. When I followed him and demanded that he answer my question, he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face. Meanwhile, the other manager, who’d been helping me initially, came running back to tell me that I’d better leave the store immediately, because he’d called the police. 

Of course, I had ZERO concerns about the police being called. Apparently, they’d hung up on him the first time he called, so he had to call them back a second time, telling the 911 dispatcher that I was harassing them (which I have on video). Three tactical unit officers arrived and, after some conversation and documenting their names, badge numbers, etc., I eventually left the store. Needless to say, this is far from over. Life in these United States. Aargh.

The Sun-Times notes that Matson is currently running for alderman in the 48th Ward of Chicago.

On his campaign website, Matson promises “increased police presence throughout Alderman Matson’s 48th Ward.” Since this incident, Matson's website seems to have been pulled down.

He was a state delegate for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election and is president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, an LGBTQ conservative group.

Speaking of 'fraud,' the website BlockClubChicago took a look into Matson's own history and found that in 2013 he spearheaded an effort to build a waterfront walkway. But allegations of fraud arose when it was discovered pages and pages of signatures matched Matson's own handwriting. 

Matson eventually admitted he had signed some of the signatures himself.

Hudson said in her post that there were three officers who showed up in response to Matson’s call, and she spoke with them before leaving the store. Chicago Police could not immediately respond to confirm.

CVS issued an apology to Hudson via BlockClubChicago, which read in part:

“We sincerely apologize to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our stores,” CVS said in a statement issued to Block Club Chicago. “Our Region Director in Chicago contacted Ms. Hudson as soon as we were made aware of this incident. CVS has begun an investigation and we will take any corrective action that is warranted to prevent it from happening again.

“CVS Pharmacy does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores,” the statement continued. “We have firm non-discrimination policies in place to help ensure that all customers are treated with respect and dignity. Profiling or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited.”

Public Facebook Group "Muscle Bears" Proudly Bans POC

A public Facebook group titled “Muscle Bear” sounds like it would totally hot to check out, right?

Furry, buff guys - what’s not to like?

Well, aside from racism?

According to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, when a person attempts to join the group, you’re asked a series of questions.

The first question: “Wherea[sic]  are you from?” 

The second is a link to a NSFW pic of woofy actor/model/designer Matthew Camp. For those of you aren't aware, here's a visual of the woofy Mr. Camp. Enjoy :)

For clarity - Matthew Camp is not a member of the Facebook group.

Then there’s the third statement, and here’s where the snag comes in. “If you are Asian or African do not join the group because it will be blocked from this group.”

Wait, what?

Some members of the group say they are concerned folks will think each of the 18,000+ members are bigots.

“As a member, this makes us all appear to be racists by being complicit,” he writes. “I’m asking people to reach out and ask why this [policy] has been added. And if it’s not removed, I’m asking people to quit and report the group as hate speech.”

Several members told SDGLN the screening statement was not there when they joined and believe it was added by one of the admins later on.

SDGLN reports they reached out to the admin about the discriminatory statement but received no answer.

Since the story was initially reported the statement has apparently been removed, which doesn’t mean the group isn’t still being discriminatory. It could mean they’re just hiding it now.

As we close this sad tale, here's a reminder of all the diverse kinds of hotness we can enjoy:


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Roseanne Barr Denies She is Racist in a Podcast Interview

Glad we got that sorted out! In a podcast interview, Roseanne Barr told listeners she is, in fact, not racist. 

In the talk with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the sacked Roseanne star expressed a baffling mix of remorse, non-remorse and excuses for her racist tweet that led to the demise of ABC’s red-hot sitcom revival.

In the since-deleted tweet, Barr compared former Barack Obama staffer Valerie Jarrett, who is African-American, to an ape:

"muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

The podcast in question was recorded in late May, days after the tweet that was followed by widespread outrage—including from Barr’s co-stars—and a swift cancellation from ABC.

"I lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything,” Barr told Boteach.

"And I said to God, 'I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because I know I've done wrong. I'm going to accept what the consequences are,' and I do, and I have. But they don't ever stop. They don't accept my apology, or explanation. And I've made myself a hate magnet.”

Then Barr claimed that she didn’t know Jarrett was African-American, implying her tweets weren’t in fact racially tinged.

"I'm a lot of things, a loudmouth and all that stuff. But I'm not stupid for God's sake. I never would have wittingly called any black person, [I would never had said] they are a monkey," Barr told her interviewer. "I just wouldn't do that. I didn't do that. And people think that I did that and it just kills me.”

Towards the end of the interview, Barr starting sounding like she more or less was taking responsibility for her headline-making actions, and Roseanne’s disastrous endgame.

"I should have been better, and I wasn't. And I caused a lot of pain. I know that, and that's the worse feeling in the world. I caused pain for my family, I caused pain for my mother, I caused pain to the two hundred out-of-work actors that I loved. And the crew and writers. I feel so bad that they gave me another chance and I blew it. But I did it,” said Barr.

"And what can I do now except say of course, I'm not a racist; I'm an idiot. And I might have done something that comes across as bigoted and ignorant, and I know that's how it came across. And you know, I asked for forgiveness because I do love all people, I really do.”

The day after the infamous tweet, Barr tried to pin some of the blame on Ambien, saying she was “ambien tweeting” late at night. Ambien’s parent company Sonafi was all too quick to clap back, saying in a statement that “racism is not a known side effect” of the sleep aid.

In the weeks since this podcast was recorded, ABC reached a deal to green light The Conners, a spinoff starring every Roseanne cast member except Barr.

Check out the full interview, here: https://soundcloud.com/user-642636263/episode-1-roseanne-barr

"Star Wars" Actress Bullied Off Instagram By Racist, Sexist Facebook Group

Discrimination is discrimination. Hate speech is hate speech. So, in a way, it’s a swipe at all of us when anyone is targeted by bigoted bullying.

Last week, 29-year-old Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico, deleted her all of her Instagram posts after months of hateful, racist and sexist bullying from Star Wars “fans.” Rose is the first non-white female lead in the history of the franchise.

Taking credit for the bulk of the attacks against the actress is a Facebook group called “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and Its Fanboys,” which has since made itself private [seriously, why hasn’t Facebook removed the hate group entirely?]. Check it out, and try not to gag:

Here’s more from the post you can’t see in the screen cap:

“Now go out there and fight for Legends restoration, go out there and reverse this forced diversity, go out there and show them what real Star Wars fans look like. Bring back the Straight White Male Hero that isn’t manufactured by a corrupt corporation like Disney.”

This group is also behind a campaign in February to give Black Panther a “Rotten” audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

On the positive side of things, since Tran deleted her photos last week, she’s gained over 50,000 new Insta followers. Celebrities have also shown an outpouring of support:

The best was from Stephen Colbert, who premiered a whole new Star Wars trailer dedicated to “broken hateful dweebs.” When addressing Tran’s racist cyber attackers, Colbert quipped, “It’s good to see Roseanne staying busy!” Zing.


Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill took a firm stand against the online bullies as well, posting a pic of him embracing Tran, with caption “What’s not to like? #GetALifeNerds”

Last Jedi helmer Rian Johnson dropped the word “manbabies.”

And on Tuesday, Tran’s co-star John Boyega posted this to Instagram.

This whole thing is just rotten to the core. These aren’t Star Wars fans; this is cyber-terrorism of the most cowardly kind. Star Wars is supposed to be all about bringing balance. Clearly, Star Wars has a fan problem.

SD GOP Lawmaker Says Businesses Have a Right to Turn Away Blacks, Apologizes

The aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling in favor of a Colorado baker’s refusal to serve a gay couple just keeps getting deeper and weirder.

GOP South Dakota state rep. Michael Clark was forced to eat his words on Tuesday after he typed a message proclaiming the Supreme Court’s ruling a “win for freedom of speech and freedom of religion”— and then took things to another level by saying he believes businesses should have the right to turn away black people if they want to.

“He should have the opportunity to run his business the way he wants,” Clark wrote. “If he wants to turn away people of color, then that(‘s) his choice.” 

Clark quickly took the post down, but it had already gone viral.

The Argus Leader published a story about the comment, and an hour later Clark issued an apology to the reporter who broke the story via email.

"I am apologizing for some of my Facebook comments," he wrote. "I would never advocate discriminating against people based on their color or race." 

In an interview with the Argus Leader, Clark had said that business owners with “strongly based beliefs” should be able to turn away customers.

“If it’s truly his strongly based belief, he should be able to turn them away,” Clark said. “People shouldn’t be able to use their minority status to bully a business.”

Clark is running unopposed for reelection to represent District 9.

h/t: https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/politics/2018/06/05/s-d-lawmaker-says-businesses-should-able-turn-away-customers-based-race/673317002/

Moe "The Monster" Johnson Sues Adult Film Director Who Tricked Him Into Being In A Racist Video

A porn star is suing after a director tried to get his consent to use the N-word on set.

Maurice McKnight, who’s known as Moe the Monster in the porn industry, recently filed a lawsuit against director James Joseph Camp for his actions during a shoot in Tarzana, California back in July of 2017.

McKnight is suing for fraud, negligence, and failure to prevent racial harassment. He hopes to be compensated for lost wages, emotional distress, and embarrassment.

The lawsuit claims that “Camp and DF Productions defrauded McKnight for the purpose of creating and selling racist content to its racist customers,” but what specifically happened?

McKnight says that when he arrived on set, Camp informed him that the other lead, Deborah Hinkle, had previously agreed to use the N-word on camera. Camp then asked for McKnight’s permission to go forward.

McKnight, being a vocal advocate on race issues, said no, or as the 9-page complaint filed to the Los Angeles Couty Superior Court states, he “made it very clear that he would not allow this racial slur to be used.”

Camp then later came back to McKnight to ask again if they could use the N-word in the video.

"For a second time, McKnight informed Camp that he did not consent to the use of the racial slur," the lawsuit states according to the Daily News.


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Unfortunately, McKnight’s refusal was ignored as Hinkle later used the racist slur twice during the scene's “money shot.”

McKnight later spoke to the Daily News to express his disgust during that moment.

"'I just felt violated and betrayed,' the 36-year-old Bronx resident said Wednesday night.

'I've shot over 50 scenes for this company. For a long time, I was one of their top guys. And I'm always publicly talking about racism. For them to even ask me was an insult, then to do it against my will, it hurts. It feels like it was a set-up,' he said."

But that’s not the end of the story. McKnight also says that Camp and the production company’s owner, Cable Christopher Rosenberg, initially agreed to edit out the racial slurs but never did. Then, the film was published this past December.

McKnight says he was then allegedly sent texts by Camp with abusive lines like, “You're a disgrace. To your people. To your family. To yourself.”

"The use of the N-word in the workplace is extraordinarily harmful to African American workers. It's a violent, abusive word that embodies the pure evil of racism. It has no place in our society," McKnight's lawyer Dan Gilleon told The News. "Moe is going high by filing a lawsuit instead of acting in kind to this egregious act of racism."

h/t: DailyNews, NewNowNext

Racism in the Gay Community isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

During my time living in New York City, I have heard about racism happening over and over again, which you think wouldn't be as prominent here.  The exact opposite should be occurring in such a multicultural city, right? Everyone should be "team equality" at this point, but that seems to be the furthest thing from the truth. 

Several friends of mine have told me consistently that men will block them on apps if they are a certain skin color, or men do not feel comfortable talking to them in public. One even said the following to me: "A guy told me I'm his type, but wouldn't know how to introduce the situation to his friends as they think I'm only into white guys." Wow.  

For all the men out there who say that racism is a thing of the past in our community, I strongly urge you to take those rose-colored glasses you have off your head and wake up to what is going on in our world right now.

Racism has no problem presenting itself at gay bars and events all around the country and even world.  A popular event that occurs each summer that I've attended has about 88 percent white dudes, 7 percent Latinos, 3 percent African-Americans, 1 percent Asians and 1 percent every other type of race. The white dudes barely interact with the other races unless they are hot or have a "preference" for them (see that debate here), and the men who don't identify as Caucasian who show up to these events either feel unwanted or unsure of how to infiltrate a simple social situation as they fear they'll be rejected because of their skin color.  

Racism is something that is beyond noticeable in every facet of our lives. It's occurring when queens on RuPaul's Drag Race are being called the N-word on social media by people who of course have a fake avatar and no real information about themselves.  It's also happening when black men in gay porn are sick of their privates being only referred to as "BBC" as well as when white porn stars using absurdly racist lingo with no worriment on repercussion (NSFW link as proof).  And of course, its happening when there is generally one black or Asian dude cast on a horrible Bachelor ripoff (you know what show I'm talking about here).

Is there a solution? The sad thing is, I'm not sure when the racism switch will be turned off and when people will get down to the nitty gritty of why this is still an issue. It's almost to the point where you don't know what to do, as much of this is happening online and that is an animal that will never slow down no matter how much you try to stop it.  In real life, you can't exactly do a whole "kumbaya" thing and bring everyone together for the sake of doing so, but does that mean that men of color in this community are ultimately screwed because of who they are? 

What can we do? I think a lot of the gay men who are on the right and narrow and accept everyone for who they are should speak up when situations like these occur.  Some know what they are doing and don't care, while others are blissfully unaware of how ignorant they are and need a wakeup call from someone they call a friend. 

Regardless, no one should be made to feel lesser than because of what demographic they were born into.  We as a gay community want to be accepted for something we were born with, so why can't that ring true for all races who coexist in our very own rainbow family?  

This article was created by one of Instinct Magazine's writers and doesn't reflect the publication as a whole.

Black Men Share Video of 'Humiliating' Encounter and Being Kicked Out of L.A. Fitness

Where do we begin ... where do we end?  We know where we would like to end when discussing bigotry, hatred, racism, stupidity.  We would like to end where it all doesn't exist any more. But until that time, we will be presented with incidences like this one in a New Jersey L.A. Fitness.



None of us were there.  None of us saw what happened before or after the video was shot, but do we need to?

Which variable do you want to point at for the racial tension in the United States. It doesn't matter which one you choose, they all add up to a feeling of discord. There is no easy solution when individuals are involved.  You can blame a company for not having enough training, you can blame parents for not educating their children correctly, you can blame the school systems for babysitting instead of teaching, you can politicians for ... and on and on and on. Whomever is wearing that LA Fitness shirt at the time, it is not LA Fitness that is making those backwards/wrong choices, but it's those synapses in that person's brain that are just not connecting correctly.

Why mention this on our page?  We all need to stand up when someone else is treated inferior, may it be a black person, a woman, a fellow LGBTQ citizen, a non-citizen.  The only way we all will get better, the only way we as America will be great again (yuck, I just used that phrase), the only way we can all win is together.

Now if these men were misusing the facilities, this case would have been a different matter.  That was never stated by L.A. Fitness.  Goodness, I was thrown out of two parties this past weekend in Nashville, Tennessee and I know I should have.  I owned up to it and I know I was at fault.  But these men were thrown out for nonpayment and one membership was terminated.

The video clip showing what reason the membership was suspended had nothing to do with pay.

Number 14 reads:

L.A. Fitness may suspend or terminate Member's right to use the Club facilities and services if Member or Member's guests violate this Agreement or engage in other misconduct in or about the L.A. Fitness facility. Member shall not be entitled to any refund, credit or abatement if such a breach of the Agreement occurs.
People know when they are in the wrong and the truth will come out, but when you put on your ignorance hat, well, you'll be the one being asked to leave the building.

h/t: nbcnewyork.com

This is all pretty much news, but the opinions shared in here are those of the contributing writer and not those of Instinct Magazine, but we all hate racism and stupidity, so, yeah.