Barry Manilow Cancelled Las Vegas Opening Tonight Due To Pneumonia

Las Vegas audiences will be disappointed to hear that Grammy/Emmy Award-winning pop star Barry Manilow has been forced to cancel his opening night tonight in Las Vegas.

Just hours before the debut of "Manilow Las Vegas - The Hits Come Home" at the Westgate Las Vegas, the singer fell ill and was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Tonight's opening as well as the Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances have been cancelled.

Here’s the full announcement:

On the eve of a sold-out opening weekend at Westgate Las Vegas, singer Barry Manilow has hospitalized and diagnosed with a bronchial infection.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Manilow said. “Our new show is ready, we’re all ready, and we were all looking forward to tonight.”

Manilow is under the care of the best doctors and being closely monitored and supervised. He is expected to be released in a few days and make a speedy recovery.

“The entire Westgate family wishes Barry a speedy recovery and we know that he will dazzle audiences when. His show resumes on June 21st,” said David Siegel, Westgate Resorts’ Founder & CEO.

Full refunds for show tickets or ticket exchanges for future dates will be issued and all Manilow ticket holders can bring their tickets to attend a free Soundtrack show tonight (Thursday), Friday and Saturday.

“Manilow Las Vegas - The Hits Come Home” will resume its regular schedule on June 21 - 22 - 23.

Manilow’s opening performances this weekend were specifically planned to coincide with his 75th birthday, which is Sunday.

For more information about Manilow's upcoming performances, click here.

Out Artist Davis Mallory Brings The Sexy In "Sun & Moon"

Out musician Davis Mallory, who initially found reality TV fame on MTV’s The Real World: Denver and then The Challenge, drops his latest single, “Sun & Moon.”

After putting reality TV behind him and spending time in Chicago and New York City in various jobs in the entertainment industry, Davis made the decision five years ago to move to Nashville and devote his full attention to songwriting and recording.

During his early years in Nashville, Davis chose to collaborate with successful writers to understand the songwriting process.

“I was writing songs with really accomplished people who had #1 hit radio songs and Grammys, and I would respectfully often allow them to lead the session which I learned a lot from,” Davis recently told music blog Songtrust. “It was a goal of mine though to eventually write music all by myself, to show the world what a Davis Mallory song sounds like.”

“Today I pride myself in writing much of my music alone,” the 34-year-old added. “I still often do co-writes, but I found that that when I define the vocal melodies, that they suit my voice better than when another singer creates the melody.”

Decked out in a sexy pink tux for the music video, Davis’s vocals are smooth and sure. The handsome crooner describes “Sun & Moon” as a retro-sounding pop song in the vein of Prince and Michael Jackson, with lyrics that focus on the end of a relationship based on a real-life moment for Davis. 


Ooh, baby, my walls fall down when you’re around

The sun and moon move, baby, 

It all falls down when you’re around

And if they all fall down will you stick around

I put them oh so high I’m so good at that

That whenever you move, baby,

My walls fall down whenever you’re around


Check out the new bop below. You can find more info about Davis at DavisMallory.com.



Lance Bass On Being A Closeted Gay In The World's Biggest Boy Band

Twenty years after N’SYNC became the biggest boy band in the world, band member Lance Bass says it was “torture” being closeted during the time of such success.

In an interview with HuffPost  Bass recalls the release of N’SYNC’s first album in the spring of 1998 and his fears of being discovered as gay.

“It was torture,” Bass shared with HuffPost. “Onstage, I felt like I was just playing a character, but offstage, unfortunately, I didn’t get to have my real life.”

Being gay was a different experience for young men in the late 1990s. Our military had “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in place; marriage equality was just a dream; prominent politicians didn’t get out front at Pride Parades; and the music industry didn’t give you a pat on the back for coming out even if you made your label lots of money.

All of that, plus a Southern Baptist upbringing in deeply conservative Mississippi, kept Bass quiet and in the closet.

Bass explained how it was disconcerting to play the part of pop star onstage, but life offstage felt very different.

“It was definitely a depression,” said Bass. “Ironically a depression: to be in one of the biggest bands in the world and have the best time of my life. But when I was home, I felt really horrible about myself. So yeah, it was sad.”

It would be decades before we’d see young artists like Troye Sivan and Sam Smith embraced by the music industry. 

Bass didn’t feel safe to come out not only out of concern for his own career, but he had a band to think about.

“The ’90s were a different time. If you came out, if anyone knew you were gay, it was a disaster and people really flipped out,” he said. “I felt like if anyone found out that I was gay, the record label would immediately drop us and the fans would hate us ― these were all the crazy things that went through my head as a teenager.” 

For the entire six year run of N’SYNC, Bass didn’t even tell his band mates his secret. “I knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep their mouths shut,” he says.

“I just thought if I even told just one single person it would get out, which it would have. So that secret stayed with me and me only.” 

It wasn’t until 2006 that Bass come out to the world in an interview with People.

Years past those pressures, today the former teen pop star is has now been married for almost four years to actor/artist, Michael Turchin.

The couple recently shared that they are in the early stages of planning a family. He told ET that he and hubby Michael have begun interviewing surrogates.

And looking back, the 39-year-old clearly expresses his gratitude for the ride that was N'SYNC.

“I had one of the best experiences that you could give anyone on this planet. I’m lucky,” he said. “The rest of my life I get to just enjoy with my family and creative family.” 

Music Video: Pop Singer Parker Matthews Is No "Hit And Run"

Out pop artist Parker Matthews was touched by the power of music at a very early age when he saw Whitney Houston sing “I Will Always Love You” on the 1994 Grammy Awards.

From focusing on creativity and music in school to staying up nights writing songs, he knew music would be a driving force in his life.

Parker's latest single, “Hit and Run,” combines top-shelf production, pop-synth goodness and a hooky chorus with smooth vocal delivery. 



With musical inspirations that include Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Adele, Jennifer Hudson and Jessie J, Parker says his music is about the message of human connection.

And speaking of connections, he was one of Music Connection Magazine’s “2017's Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands.”

Others in the media like what they hear as well:

“An infectious slice of pop music.” - Music Is My Radar

"Pop music just might have found its next star in Parker Matthews." - The Musical Hype

“’Hit and Run,’ decorated with sticky drum loops and fluorescent synth makeup, embodies classic dance music but dispatches a crucial, heart-pounding message.” - PopDust

In a recent interview with The Randy Report podcast, the Pittsburgh native shared that everything in his music comes from his own personal experience and he finds the process of writing to be therapeutic.

He also found his music to be a safe place for him as his younger years were impacted by bullying and depression.

“I realized if I ended things, I was just going to let ‘them’ win, and that wasn’t allowed to happen,” Parker told Music Is My Radar. “I picked myself back up, and truly moved forward with my life. It’s not about being sorry for me, or trying to find pity, but realizing your past is what constructs you into the person you are today.”

Instead of letting the bullies win, he pulled himself up and uses those dark times as an inspiration to advocate for LGBTQ youth by supporting The National Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

You can follow Parker on Instagram here, Facebook here and check out his official website here.

"Hit and Run" is now available on iTunes and all digital download sites.


‘I never wanted to be normal. I wanted to be me’ @kellyelainephoto .

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Queen + Adam Lambert To Rock "The Crown Jewels" In Las Vegas Residency

Iconic British rockers Queen and out frontman Adam Lambert have announced the band’s first Sin City residency, titled "The Crown Jewels," at Park Theater at Park MGM, in September 2018. The band first shared the news with the Twitterverse Monday morning on social media:

You can be sure to expect thunderbolts and lightning, disco balls and all the massive Queen hits including "Another One Bites The Dust," "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "Somebody To Love," "Radio Ga Ga" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

The musical alchemy between Lambert and Queen has been a magical ride since first sharing a stage for the American Idol finale in May 2009. Years later now, with 150 shows in their pocket, the potent power players are filling stadiums and festivals with an awe-inspiring show drawing across-the-board rave reviews.

When Queen and Lambert debuted the show last year, Billboard Magazine raved called the production, "a seamlessly executed Vegas assault -- a just-right balance of kitsch, classic rock and ‘70s excess. It's all there; the bombast, melodrama, the drum solos, the glitter, the great songs, a crazy light show, big power chords." 



Cloak designed by @Jeffreywork Thank you Glasgow! @officialqueenmusic #qal

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More from the praise from the press:

“A master class in design, lighting and supreme musicianship. Long may Lambert and the Queen of now reign.” - News Corp Australia Network

"With fantastic players, a dazzling stage design, an almost unparalleled catalogue of classic songs, and an outstanding frontman, Queen still offer one of the most entertaining nights of rock and roll to be seen and heard anywhere.” - Daily Telegraph

Announcing this specially-crafted “The Crown Jewels” show, Queen’s Brian May said: “We’re ready to take on the ultimate challenge … to dazzle Vegas!!”

Band mate Roger Taylor concurred saying, “Looking forward to rocking the Strip,” singing the praises of “the audaciously and phenomenally talented Adam Lambert.”

Lambert gushed back: “I’m so excited to help share ‘The Crown Jewels’ with the Strip. You’ll be humming them all night!”

The royal rockers will hold court in the City of Entertainment for 10 performances from September 1 - 22 (September 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 19, 21 and 22 at 8PM).

Members of both Queen and Adam Lambert's Fan Clubs will be able to purchase tickets before the general public beginning Tuesday, May 8 at 10AM PT. QueenOnline.com subscribers will be sent pre-sale links and passwords.

Tickets on sale to the public Friday, May 11 at 10AM PT at www.ticketmaster.com (link not live until Friday).

Check out Queen + Adam Lambert below rocking out to "Somebody To Love" from an appearance on X-Factor in 2014.