Let's Celebrate 'The Affair' Star Dominic West's Birthday With Some of His Nude Scenes

Today, English actor, director and musician Dominic West turns 49. What’s more, the classy stud was awarded CanneSeries Excellence Award today at MIPCOM as well.

West is the star of Showtime’s acclaimed drama The Affair, a role that made him something of a sex symbol, and the Golden Globe nominee appears in the BBC’s upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables (like, the 4,539th adaptation of Les Mis probably). 

West has taken off his kit multiple times on screen. In fact, he’s told the press that he's happy to be objectified

Here's a preview. Look at that bum. 

For the NSFW nude goods, head over to AZNude.

Happy B-day, Dominic! Keep taking it off! 

h/t: THR, Evening Standard, AZNude

Nude Man Swims in Shark Tank in Canada

Who here has a thing for daredevils? How about nude ones?

In some attention-grabbing amateur footage that’s been making the rounds today, a man is seen backflipping into a shark tank completely naked.

The events transpired at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.

The footage ends with the man being escorted away from the tank by Ripley’s employees, surrounded by stunned onlookers. One shouts, “Way to go, dumbf*ck!”

According to City News, this man (unnamed) is wanted by authorities for this "indecent act," and also for assaulting someone at a Medieval Times. Yikes. Watch their blurred-out, safe-for-work report on the indecent incident below. 

To see the NSFW footage from a couple different angles, head over to OMG Blog.

What is your take on this guy? Are you impressed/intrigued, or do you think he needs help? Let us know in the comments.

h/t: City News , OMG Blog

Call a 'Good Doctor': This Classic Nude Photo of Nicholas Gonzalez Gave Us a Fever

Call a Good Doctor, because our body temperature is getting dangerously high. We're sweating.

Cocktails and Cocktalk have brought our attention to a classic black-and-white snap of TV star Nicholas Gonzalez from 2000. A mega-fit Gonzalez posed nude for photographer Greg Gorman.

Gonzalez, 42, currently plays Dr. Neil Melendez on ABC’s drama The Good Doctor. He is also known for playing Alex Santiago in Resurrection Blvd.. He is of Mexican descent but was born in Texas. He is a supporter of animal rights and PETA.

It’s more than worth mentioning that Gonzalez looks almost identical now to his 2000 self. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s working.

For the NSFW full-frontal gold, head over to Cocktails and Cocktalk.


Hottie 'Real World' Star Dylan Moore Goes Full-Frontal in Delightful XXX Nude Snaps

It’s like they always say: another day, another full-frontal XXX pic leak from a former MTV reality star.

Not that we’re complaining. Thanks to OMG Blog, the latest sexy snaps are selfies from Dylan Moore, star of The Real World: Go Big Or Go Home.

From the look of his pics, he doesn’t have to go home. Get it? Because he’s really big. I was making a joke about how well-endowed he is, and then tying it back to the title of the reality show, which is called Go Big Or Go Home. I hope you followed my smart, ingenious wordplay.

Moore used to be a male stripper. He’s certainly got the whole package you need to succeed in that industry; emphasis on the word package. Get it? I was making another joke about his substantial size.

Here’s a preview:

For the full-frontal gold, head over to OMG Blog.

Literally Hot: 'Ex on the Beach' Star and Social Media Influencer Joss Mooney Shares Full-Frontal Tanning Bed Snap

Ex on the Beach star and social media influencer Joss Mooney has revealed himself in all his glory— and it’s something to see!

Cocktails and Cocktalk brought the latest snaps to our attention. The mega-muscular, 31-year-old model and fitness instructor took a full-frontal of himself in a tanning booth. Everything from head to toe is on-point. Thumbs up!

Is anyone else reminded of that naked tanning bed scene starring mega-muscular Christian Bale in American Psycho? Did anyone else pause that a lot as a teen male adolescent discovering things about themselves? Am I making this too personal and intimate?!

Anyway, here’s a preview of Mooney’s killer bod and his mooney.

For the NSFW full-frontal, head here.

h/t: Cocktails and Cocktalk

Here's a Double Dose of Muscular Full-Frontal to Perk You Up: Hotties Ryan Mertz and Kaelan Strouse in 'Neighborhood Food Drive'

Howdy. Hopefully your week's going well so far. We've found something that should make it even better--in fact, we've found two of them.

Thanks to OMG Blog, we have great full-frontal snaps of actors Ryan Mertz and Kaelan Strouse from a movie called Neighborhood Food Drive.

In the pics, the gorgeous and muscular boys appear to be posing nude for a painting or sketch, giving us a clear, fantastic view.

The official synopsis for the absurdist comedy Neighborhood Food Drive reads: “Awful idiots fail at throwing a party over and over.”

That sounds fun, but clearly the scene that’s the most fun is this one featuring two fully nude studs. The only complaint is that we don’t get a rear view, too.

For the NSFW glory, go to OMG Blog.

Let's Take a Moment to Appreciate All the Times Ralph Fiennes Got Fully Nude

Happy Friday, readers. Let’s top off the weekend with some classic nudity from a classic, classy stud.

Thanks to Mr. Man, we have a steamy montage of all the times Academy Award-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes took all his clothes off. Note: he’s done it a lot.

Surely you recognize the 55-year-old English star? Under some admittedly not-so-sexy, noseless makeup, he played the Big Bad, Voldemort, in the Harry Potter franchise, the third highest-grossing series in movie history. He was snubbed for a Best Actor Academy Award nod for The Grand Budapest Hotel. He’s been nominated for two Oscars, for Schindler’s List and The English Patient.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, he also starred in the God-awful, misguided from the ground-up 1999 flop The Avengers (an adaptation of the 1960s TV show; no relation to Marvel). That movie features Uma Thurman and Sean Connery in brightly-colored teddy bear costumes. Not a comedy, it’s one of the funniest movies ever made.

For right now, in this moment, we’re just savoring all the times Fiennes showed us full-frontal and rear nudity on-screen. From to most recently in A Bigger Splash opposite Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenaerts, a big muscular hottie who also gets naked a lot.

I’m 28, and I can tell you that growing up I paused many, many a Ralph Fiennes-starrer on VHS. That’s all I’ll say here without divulging TMI.

Check out several minutes of this elegant stud in all his NSFW glory at Mr. Man via Gay Fleshbot.

Happy weekend!


Let's All Take a Moment to Admire Pietro Boselli's Naked Butt, Shall We?

“The world’s sexiest math teacher” got naked again, and we’re here for it.

Thanks to OMG Blog, we have more high-quality, glossy snaps of 29-year-old Italian-born model and educator Pietro Boselli in the buff from behind. Here’s a preview:

Boselli has been modeling since he was 6. His name broke out into the mainstream in 2014, when an undergraduate student noticed his physique and discovered his modeling portfolio online.

Like—how do you NOT notice that physique, though?

Boselli has a PhD in Engineering from University College London. He also has a master's in making us sweat and drool.

For more pics (and more butt), head over to OMG Blog

Facebook Removes Page For Queer Arts Organization 'Naked Boys Reading'

I’m almost completely opposed to censorship, except when it comes to outright lies or dangerous hate speech. Otherwise, I’m far more in favor of simply labeling and classifying. I’m definitely opposed to the alleged censorship of a Facebook group dedicated to naked men reading books.

According to Pink News, the Facebook page of "international literary salon" Naked Boys Reading (NBR), a live show where performers read aloud from books other texts completely nude, has been completely deleted.

Justin Hunt, founder of NBR, says that on Tuesday he was logging in and discovered the page was erased.

Speaking to Pink News, Hunt said that the page was used primarily as a space to promote upcoming events,” while also featuring non-explicit photos from their events. He says the removal of it has left him “enraged for the way in which a closed platform continues to police and censor queer aspects of our culture.”

“I see this as part of a queer erasure by Facebook over the past year if not two. The queer erasure arises through at least the policing of sex positive and queer signifiers and removal of queer as a possible event tag.”

“Facebook is a business tool and we all want to use it in that way; but we want diversity in how these tools can be employed.”

Since news of the page’s deletion broke, other queer arts, news and entertainment organizations have come forward with similar experiences.

For more on this story, head over to Pink News.

For more on NBR:


Naked Boys Reading official website

What do you make of this? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

'America's Next Top Model' Fan-Favorite Dustin McNeer Just Got All Kinds of Naked on the Internet

North Carolina-born mega-hottie Dustin McNeer was a contestant on Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model. He went pretty far—but ultimately Nyle DiMarco won.

Well, McNeer seems to be doing just fine post-ANTM. He’s modeling quite a bit, he got extremely swole, and he got tatted up.

Also, the blonde-haired blue-eyed hunk has kept quite an online presence, pleasing female and male fans alike with suggestive to straight-up XXX snaps on the reg.

Thanks to OMG Blog, we have a nice collection of McNeer’s latest and nudest. Here’s a preview.

For all the super-NSFW pics, head over to OMG Blog.