Blake Mitchell Goes Shirtless at American Apparel Party

Blake Mitchell, who we recently named one of the 10 Most Influential Gay Porn Stars of the 2010's, wants you to know two things: he's "coming for you" and he likes to attend events without his shirt on.

The multi-talented performer, who has been busy promoting his first book called His Own Way Out (he's currently doing a signing tonight in Kentucky), also stopped by a party for clothing line American Apparel the other night. It happened at Hollywood hotspot No Vacancy.


Thanks so much for having me @americanapparelusa !!

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Sure, him posing with his shirt on is always cute (I mean... look at him), but he took it an extra step further by taking his top off during the party.


I’m coming for you...

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The caption read as "I'm coming for you." Wonderful, splendid, neato. All of those words work for that particular statement. Does this mean a career in fashion could be added to everything else he is already doing?

Something we also hope to see him shirtless at is the 2nd Annual 2018 Str8UpGayPorn Awards, taking place on October 21st. He was one of the big winners last year, but sadly isn't nominated this time around. Regardless, his sexy brain and body should definitely be there, as the studio he has worked primarily with, Helix, is up for a bunch of awards. Cheers. 



Super Cutie Blake MItchell's 5 Hottest Instagram Pics

Facts are facts: Blake Mitchell is a straight up studmuffin (SP?)

The lovable porn star has gone completely outside the lines of the stereotypes that men like him face in the industry, as he's proven to be so much more than just a hot body. 

For one: he is now a published author, as his book His Own Way Out was officially released on Thursday. He describes it as a "fictionalized account of true events." You can buy it here on Amazon.

"Blake Mitchell knows a bit about enough things and a lot about a few," the books description reads. "While the teenager is unsure of which direction to take in life, he's aware the road he's on is a direct route to desolation. Being outed as bisexual in the bluegrass state is alienating, and the events to follow are worse. Still, Blake is driven--by any means necessary--to make something more of himself. Identifying an opening, Blake paves a path and finds His Own Way Out."

Not only that, but he's a diehard Ariana Grande fan (and an expert at guessing her fiance Pete Davidson's package size), and has also gotten quite real about the pressures a porn career has on dating in the real world. 

Oh, and to reiterate... he's adorable, cute, and looks like an expert cuddler (sure, I've watched some of his Helix Studio scenes. So what?)

Let's break down what his five hottest Instagram photos are as a way to get a good jumpstart (pun intended) into the weekend.



Texas mirror selfie feat Bandit Body by @benfitness360 / @ben_mf15

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Pride season is always pimple season for me

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Never stop glowing up. Body by @benfitness360 New frames by @warbyparker #WBxTO

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This is so low qual, probably deleting later

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Follow me on Twitter ;) @ MrBlakeMitchell

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Blake Mitchell Laments The Pressures A Porn Career Has On Dating

Helix Studios porn star Blake Mitchell wants you to know that, yes, it is possible to be lonely with over 200K followers on social media.

In a new video posted to his YouTube channel, Mitchell laments the pressures his career has on his personal life.

First of all, the handsome adult performer finds there are a lot of folks who may appear to have dating potential, but then it turns out his celebrity is what they’re after.

“I have had situations where I have been interested in someone, and we have been hanging out for a while, when they suddenly start asking me for a shout-out, or for me to promote this or that,” he shares.

And even if he finds someone genuine, his porn celebrity comes into play again when out and about on a date.

“I’ve been out to the bars before and people will say things to me that, because I am a sex worker, they think it is acceptable to say to a total stranger: complimenting my… size, or my body, making sexual remarks to me,” says Mitchell. “Besides making me uncomfortable, if I am with someone who I am interested in, this can be a little embarrassing.”

And then there's the fact a busy porn career involves lots of travel which can have an impact on relationships.

“My significant other has to sit at home while I make frequent trips across the country,” says the 20-year-old. “While they are left home alone, I am having sex with other people, sometimes several other people. 

“And on top of all that, it is all being filmed and uploaded to the internet, where they are very likely to see it. This has made it very hard to find someone who will put up with me filming porn, let alone be happy and supportive about it.”

All that said, Mitchell makes it clear he has no intention of giving up a career he’s passionate about and enjoys. He sums up his thoughts by thanking his fans for their support and positivity.

“I appreciate and am deeply grateful to be in the position that I am, to have so many of you want to follow along and engage in my personal journey. But that doesn’t change the fact that all of that support and positivity, it’s all confined to my cell phone, to a 3x6” piece of plastic, metal, and glass. When I’m laying in bed at night, and I turn my phone off to get ready for bed, I’m alone. At that point, it doesn’t matter if I have 1 million or 100 subscribes, when I turn my phone off for the night, I have none.”

Watch the handsome Mr. Mitchell explain below.



What do you think, readers? Would you find dating a handsome porn star challenging? Or would you enjoy the fact that they're hot, fun and know what they're doing?

Blake Mitchell Discusses A Scary Incident He Experienced After New York City Pride

Blake Mitchell's weekend at New York City Pride took a major turn for the worse after he left.

He was heading eastbound on a highway when he saw two semi-trucks nearly collide with one another on the opposite side of the road. In their effort to avoid a collision, one of the semi’s slammed into a passenger van in front of it. As a result, the van flipped on its side and proceeded to skid down the highway.

Blake went into action and, with the help of some strangers, pulled a father and his two daughters from the van. It was good timing, as the van had begun to leak gasoline and they were lucky to be able to pull them to safety without the wreckage igniting.

He talked about how this experience resonated with signs that are seeing all over NYC, primarily with the MTA: “If you see something, say something.” He breaks down how we should help each other out in situations like these, regardless of our social or political backgrounds, and how a little more kindness in the world can go a long way.

Way to go Blake. Watch the clip below:



Ariana Grande Confirms The Rumors About Fiancé Pete Davidson

After much speculation on the interwebs, because enquiring minds want to know, Ariana Grande has confirmed that yes, her fiancé (and SNL cast member) Pete Davidson is packing some serious heat downstairs.

According to Perez Hilton, Ariana responded to a fan with a private account on Twitter where 24-year-old got a bit confused and spilled the tea:


Fan: “How long is Pete??? OH AS IN THE INTERLUDE NOT AS IN…..ANYWAY”

Ariana: “like 10 inches? … oh fuck … I mean … like a lil over a minute”


The question of Davidson’s size has been a trending topic ever since gay porn star Blake Mitchell confidently suggested on Twitter that Davidson has 9 inches downstairs.

Pretty soon, the paparazzi were on the hunt in New York City trying to get a shot of Davidson’s junk.

The happy couple recently announced their engagement after only a few weeks of dating. 

It looks like Ariana know a good thing, or at least a big one, when she sees it.

Happy Friday!

BOING! What's Going On in the Front of Pete Davidson's Shorts?

Blake Mitchell... you might be in the right here (and for good reason).

The lovable gay porn star shared a major thought in regards to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson's "junk" recently, where he suggested that he's packing about 9 inches downstairs

That thought process is potentially true, as Pete was spotted walking around New York City on Tuesday with his fiancee Ariana Grande

This could just be a James Van Der Beek situation, where there's accidental "fluffage" (that's a made up word but it works here), but it looks fairly realistic in Pete's shorts.

If it is real, then wow. Seriously wow. You be the judge. We'd post the pic here, but since it looks like a paparazzi pic and we don't want to get sued, use the link here

Blake Mitchell Thinks 'SNL' Star Pete Davidson is Packing

Popular gay porn star Blake Mitchell suggested quite a "massive" thought on Twitter yesterday when it came ot SNL star Pete Davidson and the alleged size of his member.



A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on

Pete has been the name on everyone's lips (not his supple ones, unfortunately) over the past two weeks as he is now officially the boyfriend of pop star Ariana Grande. The two have been showing their love for one another on social media since word got out that they were an item. Awe. 

Blake, who has quite the hilarious Twitter account to begin with (follow him here), decided to first chime in on a question that Ariana asked yesterday.

The question was a simple one:

Here's his response:

His followers were quick to confirm that his answer was right shortly after he posted it.

One follower in particular started the conversation around Pete's supposed "size", saying:

Then, Blake placed a bet on how big he really thinks Pete is:

Blake might be on to something, as Pete revealed that he can't wear normal boxers during a segment with Queer Eye star Tan France back in March. You be the judge.



Blake Mitchell's Releasing New Self-Help Video

Blake Mitchell is propped in front of the camera and filming Gay Porn new content, but with a little twist this time.

In 2017, Blake Mitchell was Str8UpGayPorn’s most searched adult film star of the year.

“For the first time in over a year, there is obviously a new number one: Blake Mitchell,” said the site, “He’s the most-searched performer of 2017 so far, and he’s made the largest leap of any performer, having skyrocketed from #29 on the previous list to #1 today.”

But despite being Googled so many times, some people think that it's tragic that Mitchell has been missing from the gay porn world for six months.  Wait, is that a long time in porn years?

Apparently fans of the bisexual porn star were worried that he had hung (pun intended?) up his ... um ... hat, but it looks like that’s not the case.

Not only is Blake Mitchell poised in front of the camera to keep filming gay porn, but he’s premiering his newest content on YouTube star Davey Wavey’s gay porn web site.

It'll be an “instructional video” along side Davey Wavey, which will be a video add-on to Davey Wavey’s sexual self-help audio program "Unlocking Your Erotic Body".

It's a project that Mitchell is 100% ... um ... behind.

One raving quote on the site is penned by a Blake M. (subtle) and says,

“This is incredible. Everyone needs to try this. It changes everything.”

Will we be sold on the product? Time will tell, but it looks like Blake Mitchell is. It's enough to get him back on the YouTube and we're sure that's making his fans happy.

h/t: GayPopBuzz