Panic Ensues When One of the Four Go Missing On W&G

Season 2, episode 2 of Will & Grace feels like it should’ve been the premiere instead based on the subject matter that happened within it.

The show starts with Jack and Karen cackling delightfully after Will’s mother Marilyn marries Grace’s father Martin. Of course, Will & Grace are devastated by all of this, but then the rest of the episode focuses on something much different and pushes this subject matter to this side. It’s quite confusing that the reality of W&G becoming related isn’t the total focus, nor do we get to see the actual wedding happen. All we get is their misery mixed with Jack and Karen’s delight… and Smitty the Bartender (which is never a problem).

Will, Grace and Jack’s characters do have their own storyline happen after that scene fades to black, but it becomes part of a bigger issues when a “detective” call each of them. They all convene at W&G’s apartment to find out that Karen has gone missing. It was there where they each recall where they saw her last (she visited Will when he was dying his beard hair, showed up to work at Grace’s studio and chatted with Jack when he was in the shower with Estefan).

The other storylines are a tad menial compared to Karen going missing. Will’s has to do with him dying his beard but claiming it’s “good genes” when other people compliment him on it, Grace panics that she has no social media followers amid her running for President of the New York Society of Interior Designers and Jack freaking out about the whole “forever” thing with Estefan. Each have their funny moments, but it wasn’t about them this time around.

Karen is eventually found taking a tour at Universal Studios as her alter ego Anastasia Beaverhausen. She talks with a woman from the Midwest about why she went missing, which she thinks has to do with her husband Stan finding out about her affair with Malcolm.

Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) eventually shows up to reveal that it was he who told Stan about the affair. Karen comes back at the end of the episode to slap Malcolm and find out that she’s been served with divorce papers from the woman who claimed she was a “detective” (she’s wasn’t, she’s a process server). They all happily hug her and wish her support before the episode ended.

Notes from the Episode:

  • Can the writers please give Will a better storyline? A relationship, another friend… something? Having this episode be about him dying his beard really fell flat and he’s a much better actor than what they are giving.
  • No “West Side Curmudgeon” this week AKA David Schwimmer who appeared on the season opener. He’ll be back at some point, I just still wonder as to why his episode was the premiere and not this one as it seemed a tad backwards.
  • Jack and Estefan won’t last. Maybe I’m wrong, but Jack doesn’t have the ability to be a one-man kind of… man. He even said during this episode that he’s a “Jack of all Gays,” so I wonder if Esetefan’s time is numbered on the show.
  • I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Malcolm either.
  • Here’s hoping that there’s some flashbacks to Marilyn and Martin’s wedding, as it would’ve been great to see how Will and Grace acted during it.

Thoughts on last night’s show, Instinct Magazine readers?

It was Comedy Gold During the Will & Grace Season Premiere

Will & Grace’s 2nd season of its revival began last night on a somewhat different path compared to its 1st season finale.

They switched gears from Will & Grace’s mother and father (respectively) announcing that they were getting married on the finale to the latter meeting a guy that appears to be someone of interest for the interior designer.

For Jack and Karen, it’s comedy as usual with their own hilarious issues in life and Will’s storyline goes nowhere besides him mocking them both in the process. Let’s look at some of the highlights from the 2nd season premiere.

David Schwimmer, who famously played Ross for 10 years on another NBC sitcom, Friends, appears as Noah Broader, otherwise known as “The West Side Curmudgeon”, which happens to be the title of the season 2 premiere. The two are very similar in their approaches in life in that they both complain about pretty much everything that’s going on around them in NYC, yet he’s more known about being like that in a public/social media kind of way.

After having an accidental run-in in the lobby of Grace’s building, she hands him a flyer for a position she’s vying for in hopes that he will share it on his social media due to the number of followers he has. He then made a mean tweet about it which brings Grace to confront him several different times inside a local diner. It is here where she eventually breaks him down and the two of them end on a promising high note (possible relationship?). David did sign on for a bunch of episodes this season, so expect to see him a lot more as the show goes on.

As for Karen, she finds out that there’s a plastic surgery procedure known as the “Karen Walker” which has to do with someone requesting a breast job to look like hers. She runs into Will’s apartment and asks him to help protect the intellectual property in this matter, even though he left his lawyer job last season. Still, her opening line of “Grace, where’s Will?”, when Will is sitting right there is comedy gold and why we’ve loved her character for 20 years now.

Sean Hayes’ portrayal of Jack has always excelled when it comes to the physical comedy he puts into his character. That could not have been truer during last night’s episode, where he panics before meeting Estefan’s family via FaceTime as he wants to look younger than he already does. He overly applies a numbing cream to his face and lips that renders both useless and hilarity ensues from there. He can barely use his hands as well, as he used them to slather the cream. Will is there to simply mock him and falsely tell him that a banana will relieve him from all the numbing, which only makes the scene that much funnier.

What did you think of last night’s premiere?

Britney Spears Gets Woken Up by Her Hot Dancers with Something Yummy

Pop icon Britney Spears showed off her silly and super adorable side in a video that was posted on her Instagram Wednesday.

The "Sometimes" songstress is currently finishing up the European leg of her Piece of Me tour, where she performed for a second time in Paris, France last night. Her last concert overseas will be in Blackpool, England this Saturday (where "Britishney" might return). 

She decided to have a little fun with her extraordinarily hot backup dancers by doing a short clip of her sleeping right before her show is set to begin. In case you didn't know, this is what the guys look like:

The muscle-bound dudes frantically look for Britney, with one saying "WE HAVE A SHOW!" over and over again. They find her fast asleep, but know the one thing that works to wake the pop legend up: ice cream.


Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!! #PieceOfMe

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

She quickly emerges after getting a whiff of the delicious dessert, and gets up totally ready with hair, makeup and her outfit done. "Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!!", she captioned the clip. Aww. 

Britney please let me know when we can have our own adorable ice cream date. 

Jackée Harry Slams Eureka O'Hara with One Simple Tweet

This came from out of left field, but here we go! 

Legendary actress Jackée Harry, who is known for her roles on several hit shows including 227 and Sister, Sister, issued an inspirational tweet yesterday that read as the following:

"Real not only recognizes real, it also respects it. Love yourself. Be yourself. Everything else will fall into place."

In comes season 10 RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Eureka O'Hara with what appeared to be a simple tweet supporting what she wrote:

"I live for this," she wrote. This apparently didn't sit well with the Emmy-winner, who shot back with the following:

"Wasn't nobody talking to you." Oh snap! This of course made social media implode, with other Drag Race queens like Phi Phi O'Hara (who has an ongoing feud with Eureka currently) chiming in with her own response:

Jackée followed up that original remark with another statement, after a fan tweeted "I am here for the Jackée vs. Eureka" beef. Here's what she had to say:

"There is no Jackée vs. Eureka. It’s Eureka vs. The People. And we aren’t waiting on Omarosa - these tapes have already been released."

This made Eureka's enemy The Vixen gleefully put her two cents in:

It went further. Another fan tweeted "Lol Jackee it really amazes me how you really be knowing wtf be going on," to her. Here's what she said: 

"The tea is.. I wouldn’t even know that lady exists if it weren’t for Twitter exposing her." This may have to do with a video of Eureka that was unearthed last year where she repeatedly used the n-word, but nevertheless... Jackée isn't a fan of hers. 


Sarah Jessica Parker Figures Out What Her Stripper Name Is

Sarah Jessica Parker has come up with quite the clever stripper name for herself... in case this whole Emmy-winning, legendary acting career suddenly stops.

The famed Sex and the City star responded to a formula posed by artist Ashley Longshore on social mediawhich dealt with figuring out what your stripper name would be. There have been several of these types of conundrums brought up in the past, the most common one was the name of your first pet plus the street you currently live on.

Ashley's was a tad different from that: "Your stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate," she wrote.  

Sounds simple enough. Sarah boldly answered this question, which started out sexy but ended completely differently. 

"Nude lentil soup," was her response. She then shortened it to just "nude lentil." Not sure if Carrie Bradshaw would approve of this as her alter ego.

A variety of stripper names came up on social media when asked this hard-hitting question, some of which were by gay men who took it to another level with their responses.

The following were all shared by our fellow gay brethren: 

  • "Commando Nuts"
  • "Naked Weiner"
  • "Naked Gordita"
  • "Nude Cookie"
  • "Lavender Lace Grilled Cheese"
  • "Skin Doughnut"
  •  "Nude Steak & Eggs"
  •  "Pink Butt**le"

Wow. Just wow. So what would your answer be to this riveting question? 


Kathy Griffin Flaunts Her Cutie Boyfriend And Takes it All Off

In a span of 48 hours, legendary comedian Kathy Griffin flaunted her hot as f**k boyfriend for the masses to enjoy and got totally naked outside of her pool... all on social media. In her world, as far as we see it, that's a pretty tame couple of days.

One of our favorite gay icons has made a sizable turnaround since the whole Trump mask fiasco that happened to her last May. Her Laugh Your Head Off World Tour has been a major hit for the 57-year old, as she's sold out iconic spaces over the past couple of months like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

A simple photo of Kathy with her much younger marketing executive beau Randy Bick caused a ton of commotion for her when she posted it on her Instagram Wednesday.



‪Deal With It ‬

A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on


The caption from the post simply read "Deal With It," next to a nail-painting emoji. Her followers showered her with compliments about her amazing bikini bod and the hot dude standing next to her. Anyone who trolled what she was doing was pretty much shut down immediately.

As if that wasn't enough, Kathy took it all off in an effort to promote her upcoming shows. She playfully posed outside her pool while showcasing a bit of her backside, 



Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk Kathy. 


Andy Cohen Gets Asked Just How BIG it Is

The thirst is real for someone who clearly has a thing for Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen

Instagram, which has slowly become the thirstiest of all social media platforms, has developed a new function in the stories portion of their app that allows people to ask random questions to whomever they follow.

Andy, who has been a king of sorts when it comes to asking celebrities awkward and very uncomfortable questions, had the tables turned on him when he answered a variety of Q's while waiting at an airport on Monday.

Inevitably, the questions were going to get dirty (as they have been for many other people who use Instagram), and one follower dared to ask the question that many have wondered: "Have you measured it?"

For this answer, he didn't have to say a word. His face said it all:

Not sure if that gives a clue about what his package is really like, as he's truthfully giving a response that many celebs usually give him after he asks some jaw-dropping questions (cue the "lady pond" one he asked to Oprah Winfrey many years back).

Enjoy the taste of your medicine, Andy... wink wink. 


Trinity Taylor Plays a Hysterical Trick on Straight Men Everywhere

RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 finalist Trinity Taylor has come up with a hilarious game that she is calling the 'Str8 Guy Challenge.'

The concept of this is very simple: "Str8 guy challenge... I want u guys to show this pic to ur dads, brothers, uncles , cousins who are truly str8.. tweet me their response!!!"

Here's the photo:




A post shared by Trinity "The Tuck" Taylor (@trinitythetuck) on


The responses she got from her fans who actually went out of their way to test their heterosexual friends and family members is amusing the say the least.











So in the end, some figured it out, some definitely didn't, and in the end Trinity got what she wanted... except for the season 9 crown (no tea, no shade)! 

Ummm... No Thanks! 3 Foods to Avoid Before Bottoming

Let's face it: bottoming isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to accomplish.

Sure, they made it look super easy to do when we were watching those "special films" prior to actually doing the act, but it was a completely different story once s**t was going down in real life. I would equate it to thinking you would be enjoying a bread and butter pickle chip but instead they present to you a Big Papa Dill Pickle (yes, it exists, I googled it), that you have to swallow whole in order to really feel like you are "doing the deed."

As time goes by for many of us, the act of bottoming gets easier. There are some that either don't like it or would simply prefer to top in many circumstances (both are fine), but preparing for this sort of Titanic-esque situation (the iceberg always hits, if you know what I mean), has a lot of factors to it.

One of those include what sort of food to avoid prior to. After all, you want this to be a fun situation with the guy(s) you are about to go to town on, not one that requires you to head to Bed, Bath & Beyond shortly after. 

So, in a very funny sort of way, here are three  different types of foods that you should avoid prior to your feet going higher than Britney Spears' voice in her latest Instagram upload (see here).


This is a bit of a no brainer here. If enjoying a massive burrito already gives you the runs 0.3 seconds into your first bite, do you think it will be any different from when the guy you are with slides it in like a pencil into a sharpener? 

No Meat. No Meat. No Meat.

This is sort of a continuum from the burritos post. Here's a fun story. I took two separate friends to a steakhouse of sorts last year. I knew that the amount of meat they were going to give me was gonna be a lot, so I ate what they provided in moderation. Those two, on the other hand, slobbered all over that meat like a piggy-type dude on the 2nd floor of the Eagle, and I got texts from both of them after I left, saying that they had to run into the Uniqlo bathroom (right next door) as their bodies couldn't even make it to the subway. Once again, you're welcome.

Junk Food 

Do you want your bed to end up looking like a bag of Cheetos exploded all on it? Linens are hella expensive, and junk food's salt and fat content will only exacerbate that nightmare happening if you shove a big bag of some sort of chip prior to playing "My Neck, My Back" by Khia and getting your freak on. 

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.  Also you should consult a specialist about this sort of thing... not my bad taste in humor. 


Why You Should Date a Dude with a Belly

As the gay community continues to become bigger and bigger, so does some of our waistlines. Many of us (myself included) enjoy having a belly for several different reasons that go beyond us shading the f**k out of guys with six packs (this has nothing to do with you, so go back to slurping down your "brotein" shake during your fifth hour at the gym, muscle studs). 

Something that has really taken shape (no pun intended) since the millennium is how the bear community has sort of become the normal body type that is not only liked... but desired. Bear comes in many different forms, however this one deals strictly for guys with size. The ones who have that extra spare tire when you need it. The guys who actually want to go to dinner and not complain about having to work out afterwards.

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have thought about dating a husky dude: why not, we are awesome! So in case any of you are teeter-tottering on enjoying a fistful of tater tots with a sexy, thick guy and need a couple of reasons to push you over that judgmental edge... fear not, because we got five of them!

Check out the five reasons why you should date a dude with size:

  1. We keep you warm all year round. Why cuddle up to a skeleton singing "Kitty Girl" when you can snuggle up next to a big, beefy bear whose body temperature will insulate your body in the coldest of months? Yas, please.
  2. Dinner is always a fun experience. It's going to be an appetizer-entree-dessert kind of situation no matter what kind of bone you shake at us (tee hee).
  3. We can be your bodyguard in case s**t goes down at a gay bar. Trying to cut in line for that half-priced martini, missy? I think not!
  4. Many of us put that extra effort in the bedroom. Eating isn't always for the dinner table, if you get my gist.
  5. We are freaking adorable, cute, sexy and amazing. Just look at us!

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. Also, don't be offended by anything in this article. It's for fun. I'm enjoying my burrito as I'm typing this, you should be experiencing the same joy as well. Fin. 

Also- totally me in both photos. Anyone interested please inquire within.