Club On The Defensive When Discriminatory Do's and Don'ts List Leaks Onto Social Media.

Color us not shocked at all. Another club/event/group in the LGBT community likes pretty people only.  Apparently when you take no fats, no fems, no Asians and flip it down under to Australia, it becomes no skinny, no females, no Indi. 

POOF DOOF -  a gay club for homos (386 Chapel St, South Yarra / Melbourne, Australia) is coming under fire for a "Brief for Photographers" that was shared/leaked onto social media. POOF DOOF representatives have said the document is from 2011, does not reflect their current policies and practices, and was shared by a photographer that no longer works POOF DOOF events (bad blood? revenge?).  

So what does the "Brief" say?  The full document is at end of article, but in a nut shell, it directs photographers of POOF DOOF events to focus on certain people. Abbreviated we see that:

  • pics should be just taken of hot boys with muscles and drag queens, but only the best drag queens
  • pics should NOT be taken of skinny, messy, basic boys with bad skin, no girls (no one is here to see girls) and no Indi boys (we're hoping they meant boys from Indi, a region in Northeastern Victoria and not Indian boys, either is bad). 

So they want pics of pretty people, desirable people, people you'd want to lick. They said no to the skinny, pimpled, banal, girls (apparently girls are not homos?), and no people they have shot before. POOF DOOF was scrambling to do damage control and even was chatting with people personally on Facebook as seen here. 

So the Brief was real and they admit it. Nic Holland (Facebook says he is PR & Media Manager at Eleven: A Music Company & John Watson Management and HBIC at POOF DOOF) spoke to the validity of the document ina  Facebook post. The quality of the screen capture is a little rough (sent from an Australian reader to us) but it states that the brief was from 2011, but was "very lazily used as recently as 2015... there's no excuse, the brief is trash... I can only say as a club we evolved over time."

Apologies don't go far in this day an age, no matter how hard we try. They don't resonate well or as far as negative news does. 

Stepping up from personal chats, POOF DOOF posted their response about the leak and how wrong it was.  Many called them out for not simply using the word "SORRY", but they did say "we would like to apologise."


The post just before the apology on POOF DOOF's Facebook page was promoting an ALL INCLUSIVE event. It reads:

INTRODUCING All Sorts w/ Seth Troxler at Riva 


People saw the Facebook apology and were pissed and rightfully so! One Facebook comment was posted with a picture of the "Brief" and reads:

Wow POOF DOOF, personally I find this absolutely disgraceful, especially for a “Queer” venue, supporter, event etc. It’s all well and good to say that this I s 7+ years old and that you don’t stand by these virtues, but 7+ years ago Australia LGBTQ+ people were still fighting for equality, and you have the nerve to create this memo(even if it was internal, I wonder what else was for internal eyes only) that literally classes certain genders, identities and personal images as unworthy, subpar and “boring & repetitive” which in turn divides the very people you claim to support and identify as. Shame on you. Damage done.

and another reads:

You know how when you transition you become afraid that you might no longer be welcome at places you used to go run by the most toxic of the gays?

Well, that fear would be well founded.

I mean, theres just so much that is fucked in this by POOF DOOF I dont even know where to start. It's GOLD STAR GAYTRIARCHY.

"No one would be there to see me" now if I went, but luckily I wouldn't ever go again when I'm in Melb.

Melbourne sisters, cancel this bitch.

Are we raking them over the coals? Should we be? Our mouths should not drop that far for we know this kind of chat had to exist and at least we know it is practiced.  We now business like the pretty.  We know they like to associate themselves with the "more desirable, more lickable" people. How many big gay event advertisements in your country have you seen with "average looking" people on them?  Living in Southern Florida, all we see are beach body boys for White Party this and that and the other, which underwear model is going to be showing his goods at the next party, and which gay men's guest house has the prettiest model in their ads. And it if is a bear party, bring on the former twinks and aberzombies that have now let the hair trimming routine go and have found a new home under the labels of muscle bears and otters. all us bears definitely do not look like nor want that, but that is what is shoved up onto the posters because, hey, they have muscles, they must be desirable for everyone. 

Every time I see one of those posters, I think, yep, seen him on the ad for the event in 2015, 2009, and 2001, but I've never seen him actually at an event.  Bars look to put their best foot forward. The look to sell the fantasy.  What we need to let them know is our fantasy is often just a fun reality.  We know we are not going to see that model you are airbrushing onto your ad at the party.  Show us someone that will be there!

When we added more contributing writers to the pool here at Instinct, I was excite to have a variety of age, race, geographic, flamboyancy, masculinity, body sizes, likes, dislikes, and so on.  What was interesting was, I didn't go searching for it.  We just put an ad out for writers that wanted to contribute and a nice healthy mix of applicants rose to the surface.  It just worked out that we have variety.  

POOF DOOF just posted on January 5th new pictures to their POOF DOOF POWER POOFS album and have referenced to it after the "Brief" scandal hit. They all still look beautiful and cream of the crop to me, no?

Well, the second picture.  Who is that? 

Hi everyone,

If you didn’t know, I’m Dawn Lee and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. For some insight, let me tell you all about who I am. I first started working in the Melbourne queer scene in February 2017. I am a 23 year old trans WOC. 

Dawn does a great Facebook post about the situation.  It's lengthy and spot on.  She tells us a little about our history and her being hired to work at POOF DOOF in June of 2018. The whole post is a good read (and at the end of this post), but what I want to draw you to is her last paragraph. She basically says, yes, there is a problem, an internal one, let's talk about it, remedy it, stop being the victims, and then fight the bigger fights.

I’m sick of this community waiting for a Knight in Shining Armour to be our saviour to rescue us, instead of being our own saviours and doing it ourselves. What I have taken away from this all isn’t about just the dated criteria, or that everyone’s so self absorbed in trying to be the victim that the wrong people are being punished. It’s that there is really no hope for this community. We have a chance now to come together as a community to educate, continually grow and help each other like the adults we claim to be- not tear each other down at any and every opportunity like we’re back in high school again. There are bigger demons for us to be killing together as a community, instead of revisiting something that is dead. You all make statuses needing help or wanting someone to stand up for the community, when are you going to stop viewing yourselves as the victims and help the few of us fighting for the community alone?

I think we needed that Dawn. I think I needed that.  I had my pitchfork at the ready!

We drop our mouths, point the fingers, take to social media to vilify and detest, degrade others with a tweet and a text, and move on. And here I thought it was just the 'Merikan't way of doing things, but it seems that it is worldwide. 

Here's a scenario ... My friend Christian decided to not go home for Christmas this past December and he will never talk to his parents again. Why? Even though he had a healthy relationship with them in November and has had one for a good 12 years, because they said some anti-gay things over a decade ago, before he came out, he decided to bring their comments back up and put it between him and his family. Is that the right thing to do?  Hell no! How many of your parents said negative things about LGBT people before you came out and how many need a little help or correcting when it comes to transgender topics?

The scenario mentioned above is fake, of course, but is it not too far from the truth and how we have acted recently? Doesn't it seem that we have a huge hair across our asses and we love it!  We woke up on the wrong side of the bed and we're waiting for someone to poke the sleeping bear. Okay, enough of that.  We already have issues affecting us, but it seems that we are ready to jump the gun for the next scandal, to see how we can be the victim, how we can put our hurt into a scenario a half a world away, LITERALLY! I am in no way saying the practices mentioned in the "Brief" are acceptable, but we react before we try to learn more. 

Let me repeat something from the very beginning of this post:

POOF DOOF representatives have said the document is from 2011, does not reflect their current policies and practices, and was shared by a photographer that no longer works POOF DOOF events.  

I'm mad too that the document existed in the first place. I'm mad too that it took so long to have people support marriage equality in the United States. I'm mad too that Hillary Clinton didn't support marriage equality from the beginning. Is it time to bring that last one up so we can vilify her and make sure she doesn't run for President again? She didn't believe we were equal then so she can't now! Here! Here! 

If POOF DOOF is no longer practicing what is in the "Brief for Photographers", we wish them the best of luck in getting out from under the avalanche of hate coming their way.

If you have not changed POOF DOOF, now is the time to do so. Use this as a call from your people for inclusion. Look for the people that have their hand out.  Some will come to you and say, how can we help.  Others will be still standing there with pitchforks and picket signs. And maybe the sharing of this "Brief" will affect other businesses in the community and a call for sharing pics of every day people and not just the supposed elite. 

And those that feel people cannot change ... are you going home for Christmas next year?




Full Brief


This piece is the opinion of one contributing writer and not that of Instinct Magazine or other contributing writers. 

Mike Pence's Wife Accepted Position at School That Bans LGBTQ People

Judging by who her husband is, it's no surprise that Karen Pence would share similarly misguided theological with Mike Pence. So it's not particularly surprising that she will be geocaching in a school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ people from working there, according to LGBTQ Nation.

The school mentioned above is Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia. To be eligible to work there, one must state and prove that they are a "born again" Christian. Applicants have to answer questions such as “Explain when and how you came to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and describe your relationship with Christ today” and “Explain your view of the creation/evolution debate.” I'm assuming anyone who wants to work there will have to denounce evolution.

Additionally, applicants must initial next to the school's "standards of behavior," in which it mentions that they must recognize that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. They also warn people not to engage in activity that deviates from scripture, such as heterosexual premarital sex, homosexual or lesbian activity, or simply existing as a transgender person, among others. Watching porn is also prohibited. 

Parents are also subjected to the school's stipulations, with the Parent Agreement saying that parents have to refrain from "participating in, supporting, or condoning sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bi-sexual activity, promoting such practices, or being unable to support the moral principles of the school.” 

Look, we all know how anti-LGBTQ Mike Pence is and logically he would want to marry someone with the same views of LGBTQ people as he does. However, by teaching at a school that is legally allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals, and whose guidelines have such homophobic language Karen is showing the country that the Pence family only cares about people who hold the same views.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation


Pastor Forced to Resign After Backlash Over Homophobic Sign

I've recently written about how a bigoted sign sparked protests outside of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in California. Because the backlash for the sign was so severe, Justin Hoke, the creator of the sign and pastor at the church, was forced to resign, according to The LA Times.

Hoke said in a Facebook post that he " was informed that essentially all but one couple in membership would leave the church if I continued as pastor of TBPC.” Another member of the church agreed to take over pastoral responsibilities. 

The sign created a lot of grief for the church, to which Hoke responded with he put the sign up too late because "a conservative mountain farming community is no longer a safe place to call sin, sin" and that he feels that there is no safe place for "real" Christians in the United States.

Despite Christians being probably one of the most protected classes in this country. 

Amelia Mallory, a resident of Lake Shastina where the church is located, said that she was shocked by the sign and said that Hoke was not open to the idea of removing the sign. She also said, “Even acknowledging that we live in a more rural, and generally a more conservative area — the fact that somebody thought that that would be accepted by our community was definitely surprising.” She also organized the Shastina Love Rally mentioned in my previous post. 

The rally organizers praised the congregation for being “willing to stand on their convictions.” I also praise the congregation, as I am aware of how difficult it might be to deliberate defy someone whom they trust.

It is nice to know that a small conservative community supports LGBTQ people, or at least won't tolerate homophobic language within their town or anywhere. Perhaps the congregation threatening to leave the church unless the homophobic pastor leaves is a good sign that people are realizing that homosexuality harms no one and should not be met with such hate. 

h/t: The LA Times

Popular Bar and Grill Shuts Down, Owner Suspects Homophobia is the Culprit

A Tampa, Florida Hamburger Mary's, a popular chain with a predominantly gay clientele, has been shut down permanently, ostensibly because of a hepatitis A+ employee at the chain' Ybor City location. The owner of Hamburger Mary's thinks that the Hillsborough Health Department deliberately and nefariously targeted the restaurant because of its LGBTQ staff and clientele, reports South Florida Gay News.

The Health Department sent out a public warning last October and the owner, Kurt King, announced that he will be permanently closing the Ybor City location despite gaining approval to reopen. He also commented that Hamburger Mary's has been in the media constantly, which is hurting his other business investments. 

The Health Department didn't issue a warning about four other restaurants in the area in which someone tested positive for hepatitis A.

Kurt also said that he's struggling to keep the two other locations open, as well as struggling to fight for payroll and to pay the bills that are being accrued. He feels that his establishment was singled out, citing the fact that over four-hundred people in Florida live with hepatitis A and the places where the work haven't been on the news or shut down. He said "I think they targeted us because we're a gay restaurant, gay-owned, popular gay restaurant." King also says that the employee being referred to has been tested negative to all strains of the disease and he has the lab results to prove it.

The head of the Health Department, Douglas Holt dismissed the claims that the Department targeted Hamburger Mary's because of its gay staff and clientele, but mentioned that that's where people would expect hepatitis to be prevalent, as he said that "the classic category is men having sex with men" is the category most susceptible to contracting hepatitis. 

If, in fact, the employee in question is negative for hepatitis, the Hillsborough County Health Department can land themselves in very hot water, as they would have no reason to spread such misinformation and close down a restaurant. Hopefully King gets the justice he deserves and that other gay-owned business are not unfairly targeted.

h/t: South Florida Gay News

Pro-LGBT Polish Mayor in Dies Following Stabbing at Charity Concert

Poland has long been ruled and a right wing government and does not recognize same-sex marriage or other LGBT rights. Despite such things not being formally recognized, there are people at the local level who do support LGBT rights. One such person was Paweł Adamowicz, who served as the mayor of Gdańsk for over twenty years. He has unfortunately passed after succumbing to wounds that he suffered after a stabbing at a charity concert that was held on Sunday, according to CNN.

Adamowicz was born and raised in Gdańsk and became involved in local politics as a councilor in 1990 before becoming the mayor. With his position, he advocated for LGBT rights and supported immigrants and other minority groups.

On Sunday, January 13th, a charity concert titled the Great Orchestra of Christmas, was being held at a children's hospital. During the finale of the concert, Adamowicz entered the stage and began thanking the people who donated money to the charity event. While in the middle of thanking people, a man jumped on stage and stabbed Adamowicz repeatedly. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent a five hour surgery and a great deal of blood transfusions. Unfortunately, the injuries were too severe and Adamowicz died today, January 14th.

The alleged assailant is a 27-year-old Gdańsk resident who was recently convicted of bank robbery and spent some time in prison. He started yelling and blaming Adamowicz and his administration for his conviction and subsequent imprisonment. 

From what I've read, Adamowicz was very well-liked in Gdańsk and was a positive figure and progressive voice for the people of Poland. On his Facebook page, he wrote "In my heart, Gdańsk occupies the first place. I want a modern, fair, friendly and open Gdańsk. Gdańsk, where everyone lives well, works, develops and brings up children." He seemed to enjoy being the mayor and helping the citizens of Gdańsk to live comfortable lives. It's disheartening to know that there are people who are willing to kill because of anger, but Adamowicz won't soon be forgotten. 

Just moments before the attack, Adamowicz shared a photo on Instagram showing a crowd of people holding white lights during "Lights to Heaven" fundraiser, organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Hundreds of people have since commented on the post with messages of remembrance.
"In my heart, Gdańsk occupies the first place. I want a modern, fair, friendly and open Gdańsk. Gdańsk, where everyone lives well, works, develops and brings up children," Adamowicz wrote of himself on his Facebook account. - CNN.com



h/t: CNN

Another Study On The Size Of Men? This One Tells Us Who Is Lying About It.

Are you not telling the truth about your manhood? Do you not even mention what it is or isn't? Or are you the one with the ruler / shampoo bottle / thimble / shaving cream / remote control in the pic your DM'ing everyone even if they don't want to see it?

Now before you say, UGH! another study on penis length (believe me, I said it, too), there's a little more to this one (pun intended). 

A new study asked men about the length of their penis AS WELL AS what length they tell potential partners, significant others, dates, etc.

Let's get the initial measurement out of the way.

The self-reported data is from men by men and is for length at full erection.

The 5 states with the largest reported average penis sizes (in inches):

  • Alabama (7.44)
  • Louisiana (7.15)
  • West Virginia (7.00)
  • Vermont (6.98)
  • Utah (6.97)

The 5 states with the smallest reported average penis sizes (in inches):

  • Delaware (5.22)
  • New Mexico (5.36)
  • Maryland (5.50)
  • Georgia (5.69)
  • Rhode Island 5.83)

When you get a guy home and disrobe, the truth is going to come out. But in what states do men exaggerate either bigger or smaller about their appendage?

WTF Louisiana?!?  You apparently have some of the biggest and you lie about it as well?  This is why we can't have nice things. 

  • Overall, 38% of men tell others a size that’s different from their actual size.
  • 26% exaggerate their size
  • 12% understate it. 

Honesty is the best policy, no? Or do most of you liars think that, well, once I get there, he's not going to send me home if I am an inch away and an inch off, right?

What do you do with someone who lies about size?  Is it really important?  Do you send them packing or let them do the packing?

Banana image by  Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Eggplant nd cucumber pics by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

h/t: https://www.bespokesurgical.com/

Male Style Influencers We Should Be Following

Style influencer Kanye West once said, “I want to stop using the word fashion…I will help people follow the law in style.”

When Kanye West expressed this, he pointed out the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is external. It focuses on one’s outer appearance. A person wearing Balenciaga sneakers or a Gucci sweater has a high sense of fashion.

Fashion also involves trends. For instance, back in the 1990s, the Air Max 95 sneaker was very popular within urban communities. Over time, hype over the footwear faded away. But recently, the footwear regained its popularity.

Whereas fashion is external, style is both internal and external. Style is more about swag than clothing and footwear. It incorporates both personality and physical appearance. A person wearing a Fendi sweater may look less appealing than someone wearing a plain top from H&M. And so, style is more about the person rather than what he or she is wearing. Fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren even said, “Fashions fade, style is internal”

Many fashion icons prefer style over fashion. Kanye West is a prime example. He wore Brian Dead x Gustavo Sweats more than once in the same week. The media blasted him for doing that. Despite the criticism he still appealed to consumers. By matching the sweats with customized clothing he showcased his expressive and unique sense of style.

Like Kanye West, other style influencers create their own fashion trends and adapt to their clothing styles. They come from all walks of life. Here are some style influencers:



Keith Carlos definitely exudes style. Growing up in the tough city of Bridgeport, CT he was able to overcome many boundaries and make a name for himself. He has had major career accomplishments while working in sports and fashion. He is the first male to win the America’s Next Top Model.




#MetHeavenlyBodies #MetGala

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Daniel Day, also known as Dapper Dan, is a fashion mogul. Originally from Harlem, NY he opened a luxury boutique named after himself in his hometown. The Dapper Dan’s boutique was so popular that people from different cities would travel to Harlem just to shop there. Just recently Daniel Day partnered with Gucci.


Irvin Handle aka Mr. Steal Your Grandma, is a true example of aging with grace. He’s an influencer, educator, and model. He has his own website, irvinrandleonline.com, where he provides tips on fashion and grooming.




You see me! I see you @picsbyzeph

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Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 28, also known as Mr. Tinder was born in London, England. He began his modeling career at the young age of 18. He has appeared in multiple publications including Vogue and GQ. Stefan is a supermodel, tv presenter, and entrepreneur.



You might know this star from the hit Bet television show, Hustle. Randy Bowden Jr., originally from Birmingham, Alabama graduated from The University of Alabama. He pursued a successful career in modeling and acting working along side Safaree, Nick and Joe Jonas, and other celebrities. He appeared in several magazines including Complex Magazine, Vice Magazine, and Nylon Magazine.



Travis is an Austin, TX native and has been working as a style blogger, model, & photographer for the past 5 years.

He’s been a published model in GQ Magazine (June 2017 issue), has contributed guest articles to GQ & AskMen, and has built a personal brand (121,000+) on Instagram (@trav_white_). Travis is an Austin, TX Native & has been working as a style blogger, model, & photographer for the past 5 years.



This native of Bronx, NY is considered a lifestyle futurist. At the age of 15 Jerome worked alongside Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons for their clothing line, Baby Phat. Jerome continued to achieve many accomplishments in the fashion industry. He’s been featured in many publications including Essence, The New York Times, and Lucky Magazine.



Blogger Salomon Dubois Thiombiano is native of France. He’s been featured at Milan’s Men Fashion Week and is easily recognizable through his visually appealing instagram account.



Jamison Harris forms one half of the duo behind the fashion & lifestyle brand “Official Harris Twins” currently based in Los Angeles, CA. This 27-year old from North Carolina juggles roles of content creator, wardrobe stylist, student, and model alongside with his twin & business partner @JontaOht.




Pisces so lit.

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Born and raised in Thomasville, Georgie Demariyon Futch has always had a unique hand and the desire to be a creative. Starting off as a stylist and creative director for many major fashion shows while studying journalism in college, he soon made his mark into designing menswear in 2012. In 2016 he founded Eleve XII, a luxury streetcar for the modern, eclectic guy with a street flair. Now thanks to social media his company has been one of the most sought after small men’s brand, featured on celebrities such as Young Thug, Lil Uzi to Jazmine Sullivan.



International supermodel Rontez Valentine is a native of Queens, NY. His modeling career jump started in 2016 after he was discovered by his manager on Facebook. He’s been featured in British GQ and At Large Magazine.



Mike Smith is a freelance fashion stylist/ image & brand consultant. Originally from Greenville, Ms he graduated from the University of Southern Miss with a degree in Communication Studies with a double minor in fashion merchandising & Hotel Tourism Management. He has been studying fashion since he could read and has worked as a fashion stylist for 6 years. He quotes, “Not where I used to be. I’m working towards my goal everyday, and I want stop until I reach it.”



Darvell Sampson is a published model/published stylist. Born and raised in Trinidad, he came to the US and has created his legacy. He’s the co-owner of the band called Stylish Rebelz . His fashion career started when a friend of his grabbed him into doing a local college fashion show at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. From that moment on he knew that it was his time to create that billboard vision he always wanted since he was young. He has created different unique looks to portray style patterns that speaks volumes of himself and influences people to go beyond the way they dress and feel.



Patrick Dossanto Saviero, 27, is a blogger based in Germany. His passion for fashion, lifestyle, and traveling inspired him to start his instagram account.

About the Author: A native of Brooklyn, New York, Prince Martinez is the founder of Men Who Brunch (MWB), a lifestyle website and event blog. The concept of MWB primarily started from his own internal struggles as a gay man. Having hid in the closet for many years he finally decided to live in his own truth. His desire to bring LGBT persons together and love of brunch motivated him to start Men Who Brunch. His vision for MWB is to build an international community for LGBTQ persons who enjoy brunch and other social activities.  

Prince enjoys happy hours, martial arts, and of course brunch!  He also likes giving backing to the community and dreams to build a new community center back in his old neighborhood. 

Backpedaling Ensues After National Outrage Over Evangelical Position on LGBTQ Protections

I've recently written about Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel wanting to get LGBT protections removed from the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act and how their wishes most likely will not be granted. Luckily, Mat Staver and the Evangelical crew have now backpedaled on their position following outrage, according to LGBTQ Nation

Staver was opposed to the anti-lynching bill because he felt that because it mentions protections for LGBT people, that the bill included special rights for LGBT people themselves. He also claimed that this is the first time a federal law mentioned sexuality and gender identity, which is not true. Staver and the Liberty Counsel spoke to lawmakers to persuade them to remove mention of sexuality and gender orientation from the bill, effectively removing all protections for LGBT people.

But Staver has claimed fake news on this and said that these accusations (read: factual statements) are false reporting. Staver even says that the Liberty Counsel opposes "lynching across the board for any person. Period!” and said that his real issue with the law is that it limits the application of the law. 

He said that "Lynching should be prohibited no matter the person’s reason for committing this violent crime.” By saying that, he is showing that he doesn't understand the purpose for the bill. Lynching is already illegal (since murder has been illegal for a significant period of time) but its illegal status didn't discourage governments from promoting it. Just look at the Jim Crow era, which, relatively speaking was, somewhat recent. Black Americans were frequently lynched during that time and the US government let it slide mostly. 

Back to the topic at hand - adding protective language to the bill, whether it be protective of someone's sexuality and/or gender identity, race, or, yes, religion, will give the government incentive to persecute racist and homophobic people on the basis of them being racist or homophobic instead of continuing to ignore the fact that hate crimes exist.

Mat Staver is now changing his story by saying that he opposes the lynching of all people to really just save face because knowing his homophobic history and the group that he founded, I doubt he would mind if fewer LGBTQ people existed.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation, Justice.gov

Openly Gay Musician Kevin Fret Killed in Puerto Rico

Singer, rapper, and self-proclaimed first openly gay trap artist, Kevin Fret, was shot and killed in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico at the age of one 24 on the morning of January 10, according to People.

The singer was riding his motorcycle in the early morning when the attack happen. He later died after succumbing to his wounds in the Medical Center of Río Piedras. 

Currently, the reason behind the attack is unknown as his death is still under investigation.

Fret's tragic death has affected many people in Puerto Rico, such as his manager, Eduardo Rodriguez who referred to Fret as "artistic soul, a dreamer with a big heart” and said that "his passion was music, and he still had a lot left to do." He also called for a unification in these difficult times and asked for love and peace in Puerro Rico.

One fan said this in response to Fret's death:



It's always sad when people die, and it's especially sad when someone so young and with so much talent passes away. Regardless of whether or not Fret was targeted because he was gay or he died from a random attack, Kevin Fret should be remembered for being such an integral part of the LGBTQ community for not being ashamed to be who he was.



h/t: People

Oxford Students Want Professor Fired For Writing Homophobic Papers

Over 400 students at Oxford University signed a petition to get John Finnis removed from his position as a law professor due to “a long record of extremely discriminatory views against many groups of disadvantaged people," according to The Guardian. 

A collection of Finnis' essays was published in 2011 which included a claim from a paper written in 1994 that said that homosexuality “never a valid, humanly acceptable choice and form of life” and that it is “destructive of human character and relationships" because "it treats human sexual capacities in a way which is deeply hostile to the self-understanding of those members who are willing to commit themselves to real marriage.” 

The petition calls for Finnis' removal because they feel that because a university is an institution of learning, not a place to fight against or be taught by a person who promotes hate. Finnis does not see his writing as containing any homophobic language. Instead, he says that "the 1994 essay promotes a classical and strictly philosophical moral critique of all non-marital sex acts and has been republished many times.” 

Alex Benn, one of the authors of the petition, said that Finnis' arguments are incorrect and have been discredited and that he wants Oxford University to be firm in their dedication to providing a safe space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. 

h/t: The Guardian