Noah Centineo's 'Squirt' Video is Driving Social Media Crazy

Actor Noah Centineo, who is known for his role as Jesus Adams Foster on The Fosters, has made social media go nuts over a naughty question he asked.

The super handsome Miami native, who appears to have done quite a lot of modeling outside of his acting gigs, had a video leaked online which showed him walking around with a cute pink hat on. The hat really isn't the focus of the clip though.

He flat out asked the following: "Soooo... are you going to show me how you squirt or what?" Jaws have officially dropped. 



Wow. Just wow. Of course, social media went wild over the clip after it was posted. The top comment on a particular thread read as something many of us would like to know.




Colton Haynes Gets His Sun On - And On, And On, And On

Colton Haynes has been a sun-bunny for years. His Instagram often features the hottie-with-a-body frolicking outdoors at a beach, or pool or lake.

It appears the Arrow/Teen Wolf star forgot his sunscreen this weekend, though, as he posted a scorching (and not in a good way) selfie showing him seriously sunburned with the caption, “Omg don’t you guys just love Winter?” 



Omg don't you guys just love Winter?

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But trust and believe, if the 29-year-old’s Instagram is any indication, he’ll be back out in the elements soon. 

Let’s take a stroll through some of handsome Haynes’ sun-strewn pics.

For instance, Haynes says he likes to "Drink. Beach. Sleep. Repeat." That could lead to some ouch-y results...



Drink. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

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So you can tell he really, really likes his ‘fun in the sun’ days.



Look at that! Colton found some shade as he enjoyed some river time fun. #ThereYouGo



Getting lost in the woods

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Sometimes, he even wears clothes and a sensible hat when outdoors. #smartguy



@Gucci Gang

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Most of the time, though, Colton likes to get his rays on (and on and on and on…)



Which is probably how this happens…



Burnt to a crisp! Sunny days ahead

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Parker Matthews' Soulful Sounds Has Us "Feelin' Right"

Out indie pop artist Parker Matthews is currently “Feelin’ Right” and he wants you to be right there feeling it with him in this exclusive Instinct premiere.

The Pittsburgh native has displayed notable versatility with previous singles “Lost With You” and “Hit and Run,” which we featured on Instinct back in May.

For this new release, the soulful singer switches up the beats - this time taking the listener on an intimate, private flirtation.

Instinct caught up with the handsome indie artist to chat on his new, sexy groove.

Instinct: Your last single, "Hit and Run,” was an upbeat, bouncy bop. Your new track, "Feelin’ Right," is like liquid sex. What was the inspiration for the song?

Parker Matthews: For this record, I want to take things a little bit deeper and show you a side of me thats more sexual. The song is about becoming obsessed and almost addicted to the way  someone can make you feel when you’re in that moment.   It’s when you find that person to get you through the night and keep you feelin’ right.  

Instinct: What’s your favorite part of the creative process? Writing? Recording? Production?

PM: I really do love it all, but recording is my favorite part by far.  I get to be in the booth, in that moment, with just the mic and me.  

When I was recording this record, I had all the lights in the studio turned off and some candles lit to really set the tone.  When you record material like this, it’s about giving the perfect delivery right up close and personal to that mic.  Recording is when you can truly make the song your own.  

Writing is a close second though.  Lyrics mean the world to me, and when my team and I have writing sessions, I like to go off into a different room, lock myself away, and let the words speak for themselves. 

Instinct: Who’s currently at the top of your list of ‘dream collaborators?’ And why?

PM: There are so many amazing artists out there right now, and I am always open to collaboration, but in the rap game, I’d be down for a collab with Nicki Minaj because I love her tone.  

In the pop world, Jessie J, Ariana, or my hometown girl, Christina Aguilera, all have a such amazing voices. And that’s something I have the ultimate respect for. 

For “Feelin’ Right,” Matthews’ silky smooth, sensual vocals sit right in the pocket for the bulk of the low-key song. The bridge introduces an accelerated heartbeat (you know where this is going) that leads to the climax of the song, leaving just enough time for some post-romantic after-glow.

The entire track oozes a confident sexual vibe that borders on intoxicating without crossing the line into being heavy-handed.

This enthralling follow-up proves he is definitely more than a 'hit and run.' We expect to hear much more from Matthews.

You can check out this interview with The Randy Report podcast where the Pittsburgh native shares how his own personal experiences influence his approach to making music.

You can follow Matthews on Instagram here, Facebook here, Spotify here, and check out his official website here.

"Feelin' Right" is currently available on all digital download sites including iTunes.

Check out the lyric video below.

Australian Dancer Michael Dameski Has Definitely Got The Goods

Watching the new season of World of Dance last night, it was impossible to ignore the amazing talent of dancer/actor Michael Dameski.

The 22-year-old from Sydney, Australia wowed the audience (and judges) with his spectacular, high-flying performance to Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy.”

At one point, the judges literally gasped as Dameski’s tight, lithe body leaped, twirled and flipped across the stage.

This isn’t Dameski’s first trip to the TV competition rodeo. In 2014, he competed and won the Australian edition of So You Think You Can Dance

Professionally, he’s also starred in the title role of the Australian and Broadway productions of Billy Elliot the Musical and appeared in the national touring company of Newsies as well as Travis Wall's acclaimed dance company Shaping Sound.

Dameski definitely has the goods - technique, passion, line, looks - to take home the $1 million prize on World of Dance.

Check out his amazing performance below.


By the way - did we mention he's a serious hottie?



Dear selfie, It's been a minute. Happy Friday

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