Keegan Whicker Puts on a Super Hot Striptease For His Boyfriend

Remember Keegan Whicker? The absurdly hot model whose nudes were "leaked" earlier this year? Well his banging body is back again in the form of a striptease that he did for his boyfriend recently. Yum.

The very popular Instagram model, who has developed a following of almost 500,000 users, put on a playful yet very seductive dance for his man named Ryan. He appeared in a shower of sorts, where the studly dude got very, very wet.

Thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for these clips... seriously.


Who are the 10 Most Influential Gay Porn Stars of the 2010 Decade?

The 2010 decade is almost over. Over the course of the past eight years, the gay porn industry has produced several iconic stars that have become quite influential for their work in and out of it. Question is… who has done the best at making a name for themselves and why?

We polled a ton of people this question: who is the most influential gay porn star of the 2010 decade? Influence can mean so many things: big personality on social media, mainstream attention, winning awards, looks… etc. Which men have been able to combine those things and become the force that they are today?

Take a look at our picks for the 10 most influential men in gay porn from the past decade.



On set of @mattshortfilm lets dewwwwww disssss

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Colby Jansen. What makes Colby such an influential star is that his kinks really know no limits. Sure, he does scenes that feature him with another dude (or dudes), but he also goes beyond that by entering himself into categories like bisexual, trans and so much more which really makes him such a versatile and award-winning performer.


Rocco Steele. The daddy of all daddies. For so many years, the norm in the gay porn industry veered towards the younger, muscular and hairless type. Rocco was one of the pivotal dudes to flip the switch on that by showcasing just how incredible men of a certain age can be on camera. This has led him to win a ton of awards for his work as well as creating a successful underwear line and launching one of the most followed OnlyFans account on the web today. Not too shabby.



Boomer Banks. Finding success out of the porn industry can be tough for many, but this New York City resident has proven he can do that and then some. He’s done some big (a pun that can easily be used on him indeed) things in the mainstream world like walking the runway for iconic designer Marco Marco and developing a close friendship with RPDR season 10 finalist Kameron Michaels (fashion line in the works soon?) He’s proof that you don’t need to be a one trick pony in life to become the star you deserve to be.



Sean Zevran. Shaved or not, Sean is one sexy dude. He started his career with Randy Blue before transitioning into multiple films with Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion. Along the way, he’s picked up Performer of the Year at the XBiz Awards and has become outspoken about many issues going on in the world today, most notably racism in and out of the adult industry.



3 years ago today

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Blake Mitchell. If Spiderman had a gay porn counterpart, Blake would be it. His influence primarily comes from being one of the most followed stars on Twitter and Instagram as well as his copious amounts of award-winning scenes with Helix Studios. His humor is also very bold and brash, like his hypothesis that SNL star Pete Davidson is packing. The latter later somewhat backed that up, so Blake may have been onto something (insert eggplant emoji).



Francois Sagat. He is considered by many to be somewhat of a “god” in the world of gay porn. The longevity that Francois has created for himself is truly remarkable, in that he entered the industry way back in the early 2000’s and is still very relevant to this day. He made his return to it recently, performing in scenes for Men.com (including a gay porn Justice League parody with RPDR legend Manila Luzon), and is still incredibly hot all this time later. Werk.  



#krisEvans #GayPornstar #Model

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Kris Evans. The walking Ken Doll. Kris is a superbly dreamy dude who happens to be one of Bel Ami’s biggest success stories over the past decade. He retired last year but made quite the impact as one of the most classically handsome dudes the industry has ever seen (according to many people).



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Dirk Caber. Dirk sort of rings true to what Rocco was described as earlier: a smoking hot daddy who plays that role to perfection. He has capitalized on that notion in many of his scenes, while also creating a versatility about himself that goes beyond sexual positioning. This includes his kink side, which can be seen at several different events like MAL (Mr. Atlantic Leather) and in certain scenes you can click on while perusing the internet. Woof.  



Sun in burning waiting for @chuchomartinx and then #timtales

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Tim Kruger. To go from being a simple star to running one of the most popular gay porn companies on the web is quite the accomplishment. Tim created TimTales many years ago, which he both performs and directs in. The website features tons of incredibly handsome men who perform quite well in an amateur type setting. All of his hard work has paid off, as Tim reportedly has a net worth of $14 million dollars. Not bad.  



Headed to San Diego.

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Brent Corrigan. Quite possibly one of the most mainstream gay porn stars ever… so much so that a movie was made about him. Brent started his career in a very controversial way while with Cobra Video, but was able to get out of that situation and become a big star in the industry back in the early 2000’s. After taking a long hiatus from it, he returned recently to much fanfare and adoration. His interview with the web series Hey Qween earlier this year was one of their most popular, further proving that a little break can go a long way.

Who would you put on this list? Anyone on here that you disagree with?

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Josh Duhamel Gets Shirtless While Doing Outdoor Activities

Any excuse to see Josh Duhamel shirtless is a good one right?

The Love, Simon actor enjoyed some quality time with his son Axl and several family members at a lake over the weekend. Axl's mother Fergie, nor his most recent ex-girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez, were not present for the outdoor activities. 

What was present, however, was Josh's absurdly hot body that he displayed multiple times on Instagram. The board shorts that he wore for one particular photo rode very, very low... which we have no complaints about at this present time. 

There was also that time he stripped down to his tighty whities for his film Spaceman a couple of years back. Josh continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.


Nothing better than time at the lake with my sisters and the kids. #Family #MissYouKass

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Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Leave Little to the Imagination at the Beach

We were jealous of the beach that Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef were on yesterday.

The absurdly handsome couple were in an Italian seaside resort called Porto Cervo on Saturday. They spent the night beforehand at a UNICEF Gala alongside Heidi Klum and several other celebrities.

They enjoyed a very sunny day out by relaxing, eating, swimming and showing off their impeccably perfect bodies for the masses to enjoy. Need an example? Look what Ricky posted yesterday:


Suns out Tongues out

A post shared by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

Holy moly. Ricky donned a speedo of sorts before changing into a pair of blue trunks, while Jwan opted for a pair of baby blue and red ones. The hotness from said photos is almost too much to handle. 

Check out the photo recap on OK! Magazine here. Happy Sunday all. 



Sean Zevran's 5 Hottest Instagram Pics in Honor of His 30th Birthday

Sean Zevran, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most talented gay porn stars to come out of the 2010 decade, hit a major milestone on Friday.

The Shreveport, Louisiana native officially joined the "Dirty 30" club, as he celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday.

The multiple-award winning performer has made a name for himself as not only a talented stud on camera, but someone who speaks his mind about issues going on in and out of the industry.

This included his bold and brazen response to the NFL Stand For Your Flag decision as well as his thoughts regarding the controversy surrounding the GAYVN category for Best Ethnic Scene

He's also done what many others haven't been able to do: create longevity in an industry that can be a flash in the pan for many. Sean got his start many years ago doing scenes for Randy Blue before his work with other studios including Falcon and HotHouse.

In celebration of his 30th birthday, let's take a peek at what is (quite possibly) his five hottest Instagram posts. Happy birthday, Sean!



A post shared by Sean Zevran (Josiah Jennings) (@seanzevran) on


#hiking #hikingadventures #anniescanyontrail

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Awestruck's "Guys Build Stuff" Series Has Us Learning From Sexy Shirtless men

Earlier today, we shared with Instinct followers on our Facebook page the video of a shirtless man teaching us how to change a tire.

While most of us may already know all the steps for replacing a tire of our car, almost all of us watched the video anyway (you can guess why).

After watching that video to completion, we had to find out if there were any more videos. Thankfully, there were several.

Online content creator Awestruck is primarily focused on delivering videos to female viewers, but they might just be getting a lot of gay fans with this new series.

The “Guys Build Stuff” series sees a different guy in each video tackling some sort of physical work like changing a headlight or assembling a bed frame.

Not only does each video educate the audience with helpful step-by-step directions on how to complete the task, but they also entertain the viewers too with plenty of eye candy.

But don’t just take our word for it, get your notebooks out and get ready to learn.

Tyson Beckford Strips Down Big Time on Social Media

Tyson Beckford has done a pretty good job at keeping millions of people thirsty for him over his illustrious career.

The internationally-known male model has kept our taste buds flowing on social media in recent years, where the 47-year-old has posted so many unbelievably hot photos that we may just need to check into the emergency room at some point for dehydration.

Well, Tyson may have just shared his sexiest photo yet. 

The pic is a seflie of sorts, where Tyson is wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein underwear (a brand that helped make him famous in the 90's) and some stunner shades to go along with. The underwear in question is riding dangerously low, however, where you pretty much get a peek at almost everything he's got. Yay.



Becky got a tan fast#tysonbeckford #beard #blackexcellence #teamtyson #tan #darkness

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"Becky got a tan fast," he captioned. LOL. Notice how the comments are disabled from the post as we are sure he didn't feel like getting a zillion notifications on his phone about how everyone wants to get in his undies and more.

He posted something similar back in December that showed him holding onto his massive package, as if he was giving us a present of sort. We accept and will continue to do so.

Nick Jonas' Bulge on Clear Display at the Airport

Oh Nick Jonas... you are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The "Close" singer has been enjoying a good amount of time with his girlfriend Priyanka Chopra lately, as the two have been spotted all over the world together including a joint JFK outing recently.

Speaking of airports, Nick was spotted at one this past week and wore an outfit that definitely showcased his wonderful bulge. The clingy tracksuit clung to his desirable area in a way that makes us very thankful for whomever made this ensemble (like they knew it would be on him).

Anyways, thirst away folks... link here.

h/t: cocktailsandcocktalk.com

Imagine Dragons Lead Singer Dan Reynolds Shows The Goods on Instagram

Dan Reynolds, who fronts the Grammy-award winning band Imagine Dragons, has become one of the LGBTQ community's biggest advocates this past year. 



He starred in a documentary called Believer, which shares the same name as his band's number one hit song. The film follows Dan, who was raised Mormon, on a new mission to explore how the church treats its LGBTQ members.

The movie centers on the rising suicide rate among teens in the state of Utah, where the Mormon religion is very prevalent. It showcases his concern with the Church's policies that sends him on an unexpected for acceptance and change. 

As if that wasn't enough to like this dude, Dan has been showing off his body progress on his social media. And we are definitely liking the results from it indeed.  The Instagram post reads:

just a few months of reworking my entire lifestyle/diet/exercise w/ @thor345622 and I have zero inflammation now. These before and after pictures say it all. Sorry for the corny exercise post but truly changed my life and healed years of pain. Unbelievably grateful for health.

The results of his hard work are great to look at on the outside, but it iw what was going on inside that pushed Dan to take control of his fitness.

Reynolds first opened up about his battle with ankylosing spondylitis, or A.S., during an Imagine Dragons concert in November 2015. The autoimmune disease is a type of arthritis that causes severe inflammation of joints in the spine, pelvis, and hips. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can cause some of the vertebrae in the spine to fuse.

Reynolds also has ulcerative colitis, a chronic disease of the large intestine. - menshealth.com

Keep up the good work Dan, both for our community and that, um... bod.



Instinct's Hottie of the Week is the Multi-Talented Charlie Harding!

Charlie Harding is undeniably hot without a question. Anyone who disagrees clearly needs to get their eyes checked.

He is also our pick for Instinct's Hottie of the Week, as Charlie encompasses the word "versatility" in what he's been able to accomplish in his life, similar to what his positions were during his glory days in the gay porn world. 

Charlie popped onto the scene and our computer screens about five years ago when he entered the adult industry. He wound up doing over 30 scenes during his time within it, and won several awards in the process. I like to think that Charlie, alongside many other men in the industry like Dirk Caber and Rocco Steele, were the ones who really popularized the "daddy" category in the 2010 decade to the point where their likability exceeded ones of men who were pretty much half their age.

He has since left the industry and has gone onto literally mainstream himself in the world of acting. He had a starring role in director Brandon Deyette's critically-acclaimed feature Proxy back in 2015 while earning his SAG-AFTRA credits and scoring a ton of television hosting and commentator gigs. This includes the  HERE! TV travel series called Underground and a role in the seventh season of Where the Bears AreWerk.

He's also produced a ton of art that he has displayed all over his social media, further proving that you can find talent in more than one industry and be fantastic at it on top of it. 

Here are some other fun facts about this cutie:

  • His favorite movie is David Lynch's DUNE
  • Favorite television show is the reimagined Battestar Galactica on the SyFy network.
  • His favorite snack to grub down on his pizza and pretzels with pub cheese. Yum. 
  • He enjoys science fiction, tattoos and nude beaches as well as spending time with his pups and his very woofy husband Scotty Rage

For more information Charlie and all his endeavors, check out his official website here.