If the Glove Doesn't Fit, You Must Call it Quits: The Importance of Proper Condom Use

We've all been there: getting hot and bothered and oh-so-turned on and can't wait to just go for it. Hopefully you reach for the box of condoms before you do anything. Using protection greatly reduces the chance of contracting STDs, and there are some nasty ones out there. But are you using the right size condom? Unfortunately, many sex-ed classes are severely lacking in teaching proper condom use which can lead to a whole slew of unpleasant things.

For many people, they will just grab the standard box of Trojans and call it a day. However, there is a variety of different sized condoms available to purchase, each with their own fit. Unlike some clothing, condoms aren't a one-size-fits-all thing and it's very important that people use the right size for their little (or big) man. 

Aly Walansky from Greatist writes about the benefits and necessities of using the right size condom. Using a condom that is too small may result in it breaking and wearing one too big carries the risk of it falling off in the middle of your intimate encounters. But wearing one that fits just right can not only increase pleasure for both parties, but it can also decrease chances of pregnancy (although I'm not too sure how applicable that is on here...) and contracting STDs

Anyone who has used a condom knows that they're rather elastic and some may think that that means that because it fits it's the right size. However, if it's very snug it most definitely not the right size. All penises were not created equally (for better or for worse) so one condom may work for one person and not for others, which is why it's important that you know your size. What better way to figure out your size than by measuring? Urologic surgeon Jamin Brahmbhatt offers some tips: measure your erect penis by starting at the pubic bone all the way to the tip and wrap a cloth measuring tape around the thickest part of your penis to determine your girth. This will give you a good indicator of what condoms to buy.  Most condoms have a length of seven inches and come in a standard width. If the standard width doesn't work for you, condoms come in slim, snug, wide, large, and extra large for the lucky ones out there. 

In addition to different sizes, condoms also come in different materials other than latex. Polyisoprene condoms like the ones Skyn sells are a good alternative for people who either have a latex allergy or dislike the smell of latex. Plus, trying new material can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life.

One last piece of advice: LUBE! Lubrication is extremely important when having sex as it helps the condom roll easier as well as allowing for smoother access and more conformability and reduces the chance of the condom breaking because of decreased friction. No one wants dry sex! Just make sure to select either silicone or water-based lubes, as oil-based ones can degrade the condom. 

Sex can and most of the time is a great experience for both parties involved but with great fun comes great responsibility. So, measure length and girth, shop around for the right protection, wrap that thing, lube up, and get busy.

h/t: Greatist

Venezuela Is Experiencing A Mass Exodus As Medicine Disappears

Latin America is currently experiencing the biggest modern exodus of people in that area.

More than a million Venezuelans have left the country after a recent economic collapse has led to food shortages and lack of access to medicine.

“The doctors would say, ‘Nothing this month, try next month,’” said Danielis Diaz, a transgender hairdresser who had to move from Venezula to Colombia in order to seek HIV medicine, told Reuters.

“Doctors told me to take vitamins and eat lentils while waiting for the drugs. While you wait, you’re waiting to go to the cemetery,”

Prior to moving to Colombia, Diaz once received free HIV medication for 12 years from the government. Unfortunately, that once celebrated national program has dried up along with the rest of Venezula’s public health field.

The lack of funds and medicine first led to a pause in regular check-ups before causing the end of antiretroviral drugs released in the country and then the departure of specialist doctors.

“We have now reached a crisis point in Venezuela,” said experts, according to Relief Web. “Access to healthcare, a fundamental responsibility of the State, is in a serious state of decay. It is shocking that hospitals themselves have become a place where people’s lives are being put at risk.”

Perhaps the two groups of people that have been hit the hardest are children and LGBTQ people. These shortages in antiretroviral drugs have obviously hit people living with HIV like Diaz.

In addition, several children are dying from causes that could have been prevented by better health care, according to the Organization of American States. So far, 16 children at one hospital have died due to poor hygiene and an undocumented number of deaths from other minors were caused by conditions such as malnutrition.

The UN has called on the Venezuela government to act and properly mobilize resources to the remaining citizens.

h/t: Reuters, Relief Web, The OAS

Mark Wahlberg Details His Insane Daily Routine That Includes 'Cryo Chamber Recovery'

Mark Wahlberg's daily routine looks complicated, crazy, hectic and so much more. 

The Boogie Nights actor shared what he does on a daily basis on his Instagram stories earlier this week, where his day actually starts at 2:30 AM and ends at 7:30 PM. 

So it's basically like this: wake up, pray, eat, workout, eat, shower (yum), golf, eat, freezing yourself, family time, work time, eat, work, pick up the kids, eat, workout, shower (yum again), eat, family stuff, bed.

Wow. The Cryo Chamber Therapy part is the most interesting tidbit from Mark's daily life, as its something that has actually become very popular with some of the top athletes across the world. When he steps into the cryotherapy chambers, the ambient temperature is lowered to a number minus 110 Celsius or minus 166 Fahrenheit. It's designed to help people recover from strenous workouts at a faster pace.


That schedule and all his hard work looks to be paying off for him 30 years into his muscle-bound career, so... keep at it? 

Hostile Fights With Your Partner Could Make You Sick, Says New Survey

A new study says that fighting with our partners can cause repercussions to our health.

The study was conducted by Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center and led by Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, the director of the center’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research. Helping her was Michael Bailey, who works for the institute and The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Together, the two had the study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, according to Eureka Alert.

The study was conducted on 42 married couples, whether there were any same-sex couples included in that group was not detailed so we're guessing not.

Each couple was asked to privately discuss and hopefully resolve a conflict while being recorded for 20-minutes. These conflicts touched on topics such as money, in-laws, and more.

After each discussion, the couple’s video was watched to categorize their verbal and non-verbal behavior. Plus, the researchers tested the blood levels of participants before and after the fight.

The results showed that partners who were more hostile in behavior also had higher levels of a biomarker caused by leaky gut. This condition weakens the intestines and allows bacteria to enter the blood stream.

“Men and women who demonstrated more hostile behaviors during the observed discussions had higher levels of one biomarker for leaky gut — LPS-binding protein — than their mellower peers. Evidence of leaky gut was even greater in study participants who had particularly hostile interactions with their spouse and a history of depression or another mood disorder,” explains Eureka Alert.

“Marital stress is a particularly potent stress, because your partner is typically your primary support and in a troubled marriage your partner becomes your major source of stress,” Kiecolt-Glaser wrote.

It seems that more intense and hostile fighting between couples can cause wound healing to slow down and increase the risk of inflammation-related disease such as depression, heart disease, and diabetes.

While researchers are still investigating this link, they also gave tips on how to live healthier lives. They suggested healthier eating, probiotics, and calmer conversations with your partner.

h/t: Eureka Alert

Less UK Gay Men Have Been Diagnosed With HIV In Two Years

UK gay men are less frequently contracting HIV, according to the AIDS Map.

Public Health England recently released numbers on the amount of gay and bisexual men who have been diagnosed with HIV in the past few years.

Their records show that the number has been dropping in the past two years. While it reached 2290 in 2015, it then hit 2820 in 2016 and 2330 in 2017. That’s a 31% drop between 2015 and 2017.

On top of that, the biggest fall happened in London with diagnoses dropping to 41% whereas outside of London it was down 30%.

It wasn’t just gay men who saw this drop in diagnoses however as the total of 4363 people who were diagnosed with HIV in 2017 was lower than the 6043 in 2015 and the 5280 in 2016.

Current guesses are that the increase of HIV testing could have caused this general drop in diagnoses, but experts can’t confirm that idea just yet.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news though as the percentage of people diagnosed late did not get better.

As the AIDS Map reports;

“42% of all diagnoses were made with a CD4 cell count below 350/mm3. The highest rates are in heterosexual men (58% and 72% in black African heterosexual men) but also of great concern in heterosexual women (50%) and injecting drug users (47%). The rates are lower in gay and bisexual men (32%).”

While all of this information has just been released, there’s even more waiting to be published through a full analysis that will drop in November.

h/t: AIDS Map

Italian Doctors Invented A New Device To Pull A 23-Inch Dildo Out A Man's Butt

Doctors used a lasso to pull out a 23-inch dildo from an Italian man’s butt.

According to a published British Medical Journal Case report, an unnamed man appeared at an Italian hospital with a 23-inch dildo stuck inside of him. After trying to get the dildo out of himself for 24 hours, the man decided to seek professional help at ASST Great Metropolitan Hospital in Niguarda, Italy.

When he got there, he only shared that he had mild abdominal paid. Of course, the truth came out quickly after X-rays were taken.

But then came the problem of trying to get the dildo out of the man.

“Medics in Milan were unable to get the rubber dildo out using standard methods, complaining it was too big and smooth,” wrote The Daily Mail.

Because of this, the doctors decided they needed to build a new device for this specific task. And that device was… a lasso.

“We finally succeeded in the endoscopic extraction of the device, catching the distal edge of the dildo with this guidewire lasso.”

“This device showed a technical advantage as compared with ordinary polypectomy snares, due to its much higher stiffness.”

The report added:

"Our new ‘handmade’ device proved to be harder than an ordinary snare used for polypectomy [a procedure normally used to remove polyps] and allowed us to grab the foreign body," Dr Lorenzo Dioscoridi wrote in the BMJ case report.

"The choice of a relatively large diameter of the catheter (2.8mm) allowed us to avoid an excessive kinking of the loop inside the catheter that could limit a correct opening of this snare-like device.”

"In our opinion, this new technique is easy and reproducible in most endoscopy rooms, and we suggest it as a valid option to remove large foreign bodies from the colon and rectum when standard endoscopic devices fail in foreign body extraction."

As for the patient, he walked away from the hospital on the very same day as the procedure. He later wrote a note of thanks to the doctors for getting him out of that situation (and getting it out of him).

This is yet another story of someone shoving something random up their backside. The other most recent case being when a man high on GHB shoved 15 eggs up his butt.

h/t: BMJ case report, The Daily Mail, GayPopBuzz

Kevin McHale Reveals Ab-tastic Transformation After Committing To Fix His Health

Kevin McHale is showing off the results of his new exercise routine.

While talking to Us Weekly, the former Glee star shared that he’s been on a 12-week weight loss journey.

But don’t think that this change was because of vanity, McHale shares that he’s had to do it for health reasons.

“I had been working through an intestine and digestion issue that was eluding diagnosis and that really took a toll on me,” the 30-year-old told Us Weekly. “I was constantly in pain. I had tried so many different elimination diets—nothing was working. It got to the point where I was already feeling miserable because of the intestinal issues, plus the self-added guilt of not getting myself to the gym or eating as healthy as possible. It was a recipe for disaster.”

McHale shares that the workout routine was excruciatingly hard, but he kept at it with the help of his fitness trainer Eddie.

“Eddie pushed me to the point of failure, conditioning me to be comfortable with that, knowing that I could push myself harder than I thought I could. And when I couldn’t, he would be there to quite literally take the weight from me.”

As for his meals, McHale said that he began meal prepping on Sundays and always stayed strictly within the confines of his diet plan.

“I was intimidated by the prospect of having to completely relearn everything I knew about food and learn to make elaborate meals,” he said.


A post shared by Kevin McHale (@kevinmchale) on

While Kevin McHale certainly looks impressive in his after photos, his before photos looked wonderful as well. What’s really makes us happy as third parties in this story is that McHale seems so happy about his transformation. Even better, it’s not because of how he looks, but because of how he feels.

McHale shared with Us Weekly that his exercise routine and his new eating plan/rules have forced him to rethink his way of living. This transformation was more about his way of life and not about his body, and that’s why it’s so uplifting.

“When you’re investing your time and energy into yourself in this way, it changes so much of your life.”

h/t: Us Weekly

Dutch Doctors Say A Man High On GHB Stuffed 15 Eggs Up His Rectum

A Dutch man decided to stuff 15 hard-boiled eggs up his rectum. Turns out, it didn’t go well for him.

According to the Dutch Magazine for Healthcare and the Mirror, a 29-year-old from the Netherlands was under the influence of date rape/chemsex drug GHB.

While high, he and his partner, both unidentified in the report, decided to stuff peeled hard-boiled eggs up their butts.

Later that night, the man, who kept the eggs inside him, started to feel pains in his stomach. He then went to the hospital.

As one of the doctors in the report shared:

“Upon arrival the patient had tachycardia [high heart rate] and tachypnoea [rapid breathing]. Physical examinations showed abdominal guarding over the entire stomach.”

In order to help him, the doctors had to cut into his abdomen and remove the eggs from there. Unfortunately, a rupture was caused during the procedure, but it was repaired without much issue.

“The eggs were removed as well as we could and the abdominal cavity was thoroughly rinsed,” added the doctor. “After the operation, the patient was monitored in intensive care for a short time. After several days he could leave the hospital in a clinically good condition.”

Unfortunately, there is no real message to the story other than the obvious don’t stick eggs up your butt and don’t do GHB.

h/t: the Dutch Magazine for Healthcare, the Mirror

Health Experts Say Your Penis Gets Bigger In The Warmer Months

We’re in the last full month of Summer and but many are still just discovering summer penis! If don't know what that means, don’t worry. We’ll fill you in.

What people call “summer penis” is the idea that men’s junk gets bigger when it’s hot outside.

MEL Magazine’s Tracy Moore and Dudley Danoff brought this phenomenon to light last month, and the idea quickly made its way to social media where several people fought over whether it’s real or not.

To Danoff, the phenomenon is a simple reaction of the blood thanks to the warmer weather.

“The non-erect penis is so variable in size from day to night, that it’s probably more of an optical illusion than real if we’re talking about flaccid,” Danoff explained.

He added: “But there is an anatomical and physiological explanation for the summer months, and warmer weather versus, say, the Klondike.”

“The warmer the ambient environment, the more the blood vessels dilate, and the warmth allowing vasodilation increases blood flow.

“So if we think of the penis as these two sausage casings that fill with blood, and the one channel that carries the urine, then the sausage casing will swell and expand to its genetic limit depending on the volume of blood.”

He went on to say: “The increased blood flow will increase, and the corpora [the erectile tissue] will be expanded, and the penis will be ‘larger.’ But I don’t think it holds true in the flaccid state. There would be no explanation for that.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every man walking around is swinging a dino-dick in his pants. Instead, its more just that you might occasionally see that your penis is an extra inch or half an inch more thanks to the increased blood flow.

Even with that science used to back the idea, there are plenty who say its all fake news.

What do you think? Do you think Summer Penis is real? Do you think it’s all a hoax? Let’s us know.

h/t: MEL Magazine

Sam Asghari Speaks Out On How He Lost 100 Pounds

Britney Spears' chiseled beau Sam Asghari wasn't always the muscle stud that he is right now, as he recently revealed how he was able to lose 100 pounds.

The 24-year-old said that his weight started to propel when he was cut from his college football team. In doing so, he eventually made his way up to 290 pounds.

“I was eating Doritos for breakfast, fast food, sugar, candy, no protein, a lot of carbs, and drinking sugary sodas,”he told Men’s Health. “My nutrition was extremely horrible. The stress and the fear of not going anywhere [in life] combined gave me my depression.”



Eventually he figured out that these habits were no good for him and he made a drastic change six months after leaving the team.

“I could either continue going through the same thing or I could give it another 100 percent,” he said. “I didn’t want to have to deal with that depression and disappointment anymore. I had to restart.”

Before he became known as Britney's other half, Sam worked three jobs: two of which he quit in order to make fitness his full-time job. That parlayed into him developing his body into what it is right now, which then led to many other exciting aspects of his life.

It was a tricky process, however, to get to this point. He became too obsessive with his new regime: measuring his body fat percentage daily and limiting his calorie intake to 1,500, but he was eventually able to find a good balance. In six months, he lost nearly 100 pounds, and was down to 9 percent body fat.



In doing so, he became a fitness model and booked gigs with several high-profile artists including his appearance in the Fifth Harmony video for "Work". Then he appeared in Britney's video for "Slumber Party", which led to the two of them becoming the couple they are today, and the rest is history.

Both Britney and Sam have posted videos of them working out on Instagram quite frequently, and well, they are just too adorable.



Stronger together @samasghari

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“The exercises, I come up with them, but the videos are because of my better half. She’s the video director,” he said. “It’s a very fun thing, and I look back at them and smile. Working out together is always nice and we try to do it a couple times. It’s super healthy, mentally and physically. It takes your mind off of everything else.”

He also admitted to working out to one of Britney's classic hits: "Stronger." Aww. 

Keep up the good work, handsome.