Céline Dion Collaborates On New Gender Neutral Fashions For Kids

Céline Dion has collaborated with fashion brand NUNUNU to develop a new gender neutral line of children’s clothing.

The concept is to allow children to find their own personal style rather than be boxed into a traditional pink vs blue mindset.

Asserting that “fashion builds concepts deep within our minds,” the company says the new line (titled CELINUNUNU) “aims to free the forces of creativity and imagination in children, nurturing equality and flexibility of thought that enable kids to fully embrace who they are.”

And speaking of ‘embracing who they are,’ the new ad spot for the fashion line casts Céline as a badass binary-busting ninja.

In the video, we see the “My Heart Will Go On” singer enter what appears to be a gender-segregated maternity ward.

Celine provides voiceover narration for the spot: 

“Our children. They are not really our children. as we are all just links in a never-ending chain that is life. For us, they are everything. But in reality, we are only a fraction of their universe. We miss the past. They dream of tomorrow. We may thrust them forward into the future. But the course will always be theirs to choose.”

Reaching into her bag, she finds black glitter confetti (of course) and blows it across the room transforming the ward into a gender-neutral space. The children are suddenly decked out in bold black and white, non-gendered fashions.

Céline explained to PEOPLE that the new line “lets children choose outside stereotypes and norms so they can bring from within their own tastes and preferences.” 

“We help them feel free, creative, inspired, respectful of one another and happy in the world,” she adds.

With that in mind, the line offers ‘fashion-forward’ looks utilizing bold prints (alphabets, stars, plus signs) in a palette of black, white, yellow and denim. The plus sign is meant as a symbol of equality.

Most of the clothing is priced between $50 and $100, although there is a $290 leather jacket available for your 3-year-old to grow out of in a few months.

Back in the maternity ward, though, security has shown up and our heroine attempts to escape. But, curses, she’s felled by a flying tackle.

In a last ditch effort, she attempts to play the celeb card as she’s cuffed and being taken away: “Guys, relax, easy - I’m Céline Dion.”

But, alas, to no avail. The cop replies, “Yeah, girl, and I’m Beyonce.”

Watch the ad spot below. You can check out the new non-binary children’s line on celinununu.com.



(h/t People)

Lisa Ling Dives Into the Exciting Movement Known as Gender Fluidity

Over the past four years, Lisa Ling has dived head first into several niche topics that are going on within our world on her CNN series This is Life.

For the episode airing on October 7th, Lisa meets individuals across the spectrum in the midst of their own gender revolution -- from those taking their first steps out of the shadows to young kids embracing a gender-nonconforming lexicon. It also includes an in-depth conversation with EJ Johnson and his parents Magic and Cookie.

I spoke with Lisa exclusively about the need to explore this topic and why she feels it’s an “exciting movement” for those who are in the world of gender fluidity, as well as her take on gender-neutral pronouns and why she thinks the audience that will be watching should put their judgment aside for at least the hour that its on. Take a look.

What made you want to explore this topic for the 5th season of your show?

I have been wanting to do this episode for a long time, but CNN didn’t greenlight it until this season. I think because if you’re not in high school or college or have people in your life who are in either, the idea of gender fluidity and not feeling like you adhere to male or female entirely seems strange. We’ve been indoctrinated into believing that we have to fit one or the other, even if you’re transgender you are either a trans man or a trans woman.

I think that we got approved to explore the issue this season, and in a way I’m glad because increasingly more people are becoming aware of this revolution. One of the reasons why we chose to profile a 42-year-old man is because this revolution is a fairly young one, and he has lived most of his life, or all of his life, kind of feeling like something was not quite right but never having the vocabulary or never having an outlet to express what he is going through. So, it’s exciting for him but also really scary at the same time.

Gender fluidity has become a major topic in and out of the LGBTQ community. Did you find that a lot of the people you spoke with talked more at ease about who they identify as due to our acceptance in society becoming that much greater?

I definitely think that one of the reasons why young people feel more confident about being able to express where they are is because they now have this outlet: they can see other people online and that there is a huge community of people that are sharing their stories so they no longer have to feel so alone. Certainly they are still afraid because it goes against societal norms but have less fear than people who are a little bit older who didn’t have those kinds of outlets when they were young.

What was your take on the new gender-neutral pronouns?

What I always say is, ‘I’m probably going to screw this up a lot because I’m learning everything that you’ve spent your life knowing’. I think that if that’s important to them, identifying themselves in a certain way, hopefully we will all get to the point where it all rolls off our tongues and we don’t have to think too much about it.

What did you take away from your conversation with EJ Johnson and his mother and father the most?

One of the cool things about EJ is that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He is probably the most high-profile gender fluid person out there, and I really admire that he just has put himself out there. And in doing so he has made himself vulnerable to criticism. But what’s really awesome about his parents is that they are not only accepting of him but are kind of in awe of him.

I really appreciate Magic and Cookie for being so sincere and honest about how it hard it was for them in the beginning. EJ had so much expectation on him from the moment he was born, and I really admire that Magic said, ‘at a certain point I had to realize now I’m the one who has to change how I think because my child is not going to change who he is.’ I just loved my interaction with Magic and Cookie and think they are the coolest parents and I want them to adopt me!

What are you hopeful that the audience who watches grasps the most about gender fluidity?

This is going to be a challenging one for people to wrap their heads around, because we’ve been so accustomed to thinking we are either male or female. So, what I’m going to ask of our audience is they just suspend their judgment, put your judgment on the couch for an hour and just allow these people to tell their stories. Allow the parents, allow Steve’s spouse, allow them to talk about how they overcame their challenges and love their loved one. Also, to decide for yourself how you come out on it but it’s not going away, it’s here to stay, our language is going to start changing with time and I think it’s a really exciting movement.

This particular episode airs Sunday, October 7th on CNN. Check your local listings.  

Hooray for Maine Becoming Gender Non-Binary!

In June 2017, a complaint was filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission by Equality Maine President Zack Paakkonen on behalf of Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey after they requested a driver’s license that was listed them as gender non-conforming. When they were denied the request because of computer limitations, Dehne Lindsey they brought it to the attention of Paakkonen.

Now a year later, the State of Maine has issued an announcement that beginning July 2018 the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be offering a non-binary gender designation sticker that can be affixed to current driver’s licenses and identifications. Upon request, individuals can complete a gender designation form and that BMV will provide a sticker that reads “Gender has been changed to X – Non-binary”. Those with current licenses and IDs can request a gender designation sticker by completing the form and affixing it to their card themselves. Gender designation forms will be available at any BMV branch office.

Beginning in July 2019 a system upgrade will be in place and a new design for licenses and IDs will allow for cads to display “M”, “F”, or “X” for gender and stickers will no longer be used.

Maine is the fourth state to adopt this type of policy, following Oregon, California, and Washington. Washington D.C. has also adopted this.

Dehne Lindsey has said to Maine Public:

It’s just a daily challenge and you’re always concerned and there’s that little bit of apprehension and fear of like, ‘OK, I have to show my ID, how is this person going to react based on my gender expression, my gender presentation?’ and how that’s not reflected in my ID at all.

But at the same time it feels really, really amazing to have actual documentation from my state that reflects and represents who I am and that validates my existence.

h/t: Maine Public