New Hampshire Teen Arrested In Connection To Gun Violence Threat On Two Boston Gay Bars

A teen has been accused of making threatening phone calls to two Boston gay bars.

Earlier this month, the dbar and the Alley Bar in Boston both received threats of gun violence. Both bars received anonymous calls around 7:30 p.m. on consecutive nights. Afterwards, Boston police were notified and subsequently increased patrols around both establishments.

Police Commissioner William G. Gross commented at the time that he and his officers were taking the threats seriously.

“We don't take any threats lightly,” he said. “Everybody should be able to enjoy any establishment that they wish to go into in the City of Boston. Whether it’s the Alley or the dbar, you should be able to enjoy yourself peacefully.”

The police were able to trace the phone calls to a landline number, but were still seeking out a suspect. Now it appears that they found one.

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A 16-year-old from Hampton, New Hampshire, whose identity is being withheld due to his age, has been arrested by Seabrook, New Hampshire police. 

We may not know his identity, but we do know he is a repeat offender. The suspect has outstanding warrants for Threats with Serious Public Alarm, Civil Rights Violations, and more from other jurisdictions.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Rocco LaMonica, who manages the Alley Bar, says he hopes to change the teenager for the better.

“Nobody wants to prosecute someone and ruin someone’s life,” LaMonica said. “Hopefully maybe this way, of talking to them, seeing we’re not the enemy, they’ll see it’s okay to be who you are.”

Due to fleeing from earlier charges, the suspect is now being held as a fugitive from justice. It’s currently unclear when he will appear for a court hearing.

h/t: The Boston Herald

Police And Two Boston Gay Bars Are On Guard After Receiving Threatening Phone Calls

Two Boston gay bars are on high alert after they received threatening phone calls on consecutive nights.

According to the Boston Herald, the dbar, a full-service restaurant and nightclub on Dorchester Avenue, received an anonymous phone call around 7:30 p.m. this past Friday night. Meanwhile, the Alley Bar, a nightclub in Boston’s downtown area, received a similar call around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

As Rocco LaMonica, the manager of the Alley Bar, told the Boston Globe, it was the club’s doorman who picked up the phone call. He says the call “was threatening enough that we needed to call the police.”

While LaMonica initially wouldn’t share the contents of the phone call, CBS Boston reports that it threatened gun violence.

Police took the threat very seriously, given the short time span since the California bar shooting, and six Boston police officers were sent to the Alley Bar that very night. Afterwards, Boston Police increased patrols around both locations over the weekend.

“We don't take any threats lightly,” Police Commissioner William G. Gross told the Herald . “Everybody should be able to enjoy any establishment that they wish to go into in the City of Boston. Whether it’s the Alley or the dbar, you should be able to enjoy yourself peacefully.”

“If we receive calls for threats, we’re going to investigate it, we’re going to investigate it to the fullest potential and hope we get the individual making those threats,” Gross added. “Captain (Steven) McLaughlin, area C-11 and Captain (Kenneth) Fong have been notified, as well as Captain (Steven) Sweeney.

He then closed with, “We like to be cognizant of any threat. Any threat is always concerning, but we’re here for the folks.”

Business at the bars has continued without problem despite staff being on high alert. That said, both staff and club owners refuse to blink while under pressure.

“We stand united. We don’t believe in intolerance. When we get a bigoted, intolerant phone call – we’re going to send that to the police department and hope they do their best to make sure they find this person,” said dbar owner Brian Piccini.

As for the police, they are continuing with an investigation alongside upping security around the two locations. So far, they have been able to trace back the phone calls to a landline, and are looking into who could have been on the other end.

Hateful Reviewer Criticized A Boston Restaurant For Hanging A Pride Flag

A Massachusetts restaurant owner received a negative review after he hung a small pride flag on the outside window of his establishment.

According to Boston25News, Italian-born Nino Barbalace moved to the U.S. with the dream of opening a restaurant and eventually made that dream a reality by opening Zia Gianna last year.

Sadly, a blemish has appeared on that realized dream in the form of a one-star Yelp review.

"I saw one star and I said, 'wow, what happened?'" said Barbalace. 

It turns out, the review didn’t have anything to do with the restaurant itself, but the small flag that hung on its front window.

"It was personal," said Barbalace. "If you go to a place and you’re not happy with the food or the service, I understand that if I made a mistake because we all make mistakes. This is a restaurant, not politics."

But what did the review say?

"Well, that flag says all when you delve deeper and see the real customer base here,” started the review.

“It's clearly geared and catered only to those who rally behind the rainbow flag,” the reviewer later added.

Thankfully, this small moment of homophobia and hate was met with a stream of acceptance and love from repeat customers.

For instance, a costumer named Andrade visited the Zia Ginna this past Friday, August 17, and spoke with Boston 25 News to share words of love for the establishment.

"Luckily we live in the land of the free and people are entitled to their own opinion, but I do think it’s something to understand that we are an open community and there are people who come from all different countries and all different backgrounds and we should be welcoming of everyone," said Andrade. 

Since then, the Yelp review has been taken down by its creator and the pride flag has remained up and out in the open.

Love won this day.

h/t: Boston 25 News

Some Angry Boston Fans Demand a Straight Pride Night After Red Sox Paint Pitcher's Mound Rainbow

For June 7th’s home game against the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox admirably painted their pitcher’s mound rainbow for LGBTQ+ Pride Night.

Some [reasonable] people were thrilled, others not so much. In fact, a horde of angry fans took to Twitter expressing their dismay.

Among the tweets are several pleas for a "Straight Pride" week, or even month. 

Some anti-LGBTQ+ drama queens even went as far as to claim this signals the end of baseball. 

Fortunately, some clever and funny fans were fast to clap back: 

For more of the angry tweets, as well as some clever Twitter rebuttals, check out the link below.

h/t: https://www.advocate.com/sports/2018/6/11/red-sox-fans-triggered-over-lgbt-pride-call-straight-night