Timothée Chalamet Updates Adam Rippon's Harness Look With An Embroidered Bib

From Billy Porter’s caped crusader realness to Timothée Chalamet’s Harness 2.0, there were a lot of fashion statements to talk about at this year’s Golden Globes.

Possibly the most talked about fashion choice was Chalamet’s black sequined bib. The reason? It looks like something we've seen before.

At last year’s Oscars, openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon wore a tuxedo outfitted to include an authentic harness. The outfit was praised across the internet for it’s uniqueness and brave statement.

But now, Chalamet has taken a twist on that original outfit in an attempt to make it his own. 

According to People Magazine:

 “The actor hit the red carpet wearing a custom, sequin harness from Louis Vuitton with an embroidered bib, paired with a shirt, pants and boots from the designer, the team behind the look told People. The harness has black iridescent and purple beads, plus seven different shades of sequins — and a hidden pocket for Chalamet’s phone!”

Despite many people claiming Chalamet's outfit looks like a harness, he insists in the video below that he's actually rocking a bib.

But if you’re wondering what Rippon thinks of the outfit, the now retired athlete shared on Twitter that he loves the look.

In addition, Timothée Chalamet attended the Golden Globes with his mother, a trend that has been going on for the past year now. Before this, Chalamet brought his mother to the Oscars and the SAG Awards.

But back to the Golden Globes, Chalamet was in attendance due to being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his work on Beautiful Boy. Unfortunately for him, Chalamet didn’t win the award. He lost to Mahershala Ali for his performance in Green Book.

Gus Kenworthy, Viral Videos, & Butts--Instinct's Best Nine of 2018

As December comes to an end, and we bid 2018 farewell, you may have noticed your Instagram feeds flooding with people’s Best Nine of 2018. This is each profile’s top liked images of the year that are posted as a retrospective of what has transpired in 2018.

Visit 2018 Best Nine to create your collage of memorable moments and trending pics.

As we look back on 2018, we can see that Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine includes a lot of our top stories and images that created buzz on social media and beyond.

Here’s a look at Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine of 2018 and the topics that you all liked the most! #2018bestnine

#1 - Today is Election Day, Go Hard to the Polls

The Midterm elections brought shattering numbers of people to the polls to exercise their right to vote. After the 2016 presidential election, American citizens have been advocating for voting to create change and this created a shift that won the House of Representatives for the Democrats and got record-breaking women and minority groups into public office.

It’s no wonder that this post with one of our favorites at Instinct, Gus Kenworthy, made the top post of 2018.

#2 - Gus Kenworthy Shares Historic Kiss With Boyfriend on TV

It’s no shocker that Gus Kenworthy’s kiss with boyfriend Matt Wilkas on national television made Instinct’s Best Nine. In February, Kenworthy planted a kiss on Wilkas on NBC making it a huge moment for the LGBTQ community. Kenworthy competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics as the first ever out Olympian.



@GusKenworthy Shares Historic Kiss with Boyfriend on live TV https://buff.ly/2EBr2a1 #lgbtnews @NBCOlympics

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#3 - All the Tea and Shade from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 ‘Meet the Queens’ Event

The Instinct writers have been on top of all things RuPaul’s Drag Race over the last few years, but 2018 was an especially exciting year as we featured DragCon LA and DragCon NY, finales of All Stars 3, and Season 10.

At the Season 10 ‘Meet the Queens’ event, we were excited to get to know all the Season 10 queens and other drag race fans like cuties Gus Kenworthy and beau Matt Wilkas.

#4 - Pietro Boselli Models an Exquisitely Tailored Birthday Suit For His 30th Birthday

Another popular topic of 2018 with Instinct readers has been Pietro Boselli. The sexy math teacher turned Instagram model turned 30 this year and posted a steamy series of photos to celebrate--including some in his birthday suit! In typical Pietro fashion, he gave his 2.7 million followers something to troll on Instagram.

#5 - LOVELOUD 2018 - When In Utah, Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High

This year Instinct was at the LOVELOUD Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah where guests from Kalen Allen, Vincint X Parsons, Tyler Glenn, Jussie Smollett, Mike Shinoda, Mary Lambert, Zedd, Gus Kenworthy, and Imagine Dragons all graced the stage spreading the message of love for everyone and raising money for LGBTQ youth.

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons was instrumental in the LOVELOUD becoming a reality. Reynolds took to the stage with a hot performance, but not before sharing a message of empowerment that has been one of the highlights of the year.



@danreynolds and @imaginedragons at #loveloud. We’ll have many more clips of this man and his message soon

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#6 - Russell Tovey Engagement

Russell Tovey from HBO’s Looking and Quantico was a hot button for Instinct in 2018 on numerous occasions. First when he announced that he was engaged to his fiance Steve Brockman and, sadly, months later when the two called it quits only four months after their public engagement. Later in the year we discovered that Tovey plans to be a single dad through surrogacy. There’s no doubt that Russell Tovey has had a year of ups and downs...let’s see what 2019 has in store for him.

#7 - Adam Rippon & Gus Kenworthy

I told you Gus Kenworthy was one of our hottest topics of 2018 at Instinct, but so was Adam Rippon. The openly gay Olympians flooded the internet this year with their empowering representation on the USA team as well as their continued cameos and interviews being a voice for the LGBTQ community.

When their spots on the USA Olympic team was announced, we were just as excited as the rest of the world and knew theirs would be a positive story of perseverance and commitment.



Adam Rippon Just Scored A HUGE Gig! https://buff.ly/2ofI8n5 @Adaripp , @NBCOlympics

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#8 - Two High School Students Shatter Barriers With Adorable Homecoming Proposal

One of our favorite moments in 2018 was this story of two high school friends, one gay and one straight, who melted the internet’s heart with their adorable homecoming dance proposal. Instinct wrote the original story and interview that went viral and got these boys national attention.

17-year-old Alexander Duarte asked his friend and schoolmate Erick Pineda to the dance on October 11th (National Coming Out Day). The entire school witnessed the two boys obliterate stereotypes and sent a message of inclusion and acceptance.

Their video was one of our Best Nine of 2018.

#9 - The Best Butts of Instagram

Instinct readers love a good sneaky peek at the hottest guys out there--and we try to deliver whenever possible. Aside from coverage of politics, popular culture, entertainment, hard news, and opinion pieces, some good skin will come through and keep the readers engage...but careful it might be NSFW.

It’s not shocker that the last of our Best Nine posts for 2018 was our feature of the Best Butts of Instagram. So nice...we wrote it twice!

We love featuring Instagram models on our Insta Hotties of the Week or our Tag Us Tuesdays so it is highly likely that you will continue to get your daily dose of D...in the new year!

As 2018 comes to an end, at Instinct Magazine we are eternally grateful for our readers. You all are the reason for sharing these LGBTQ narratives and without the dialogue with all of you, it wouldn’t be the same. We look forward to what 2019 has in store—and look forward to bringing you the best and up-to-date from the LGBTQ world! Check us out on Instagram to make it happen!

Happy New Year!


Out Olympian & 'America's Sweetheart' Adam Rippon Is Outsports Person Of The Year

LGBTQ sports news site Outsports has named out Olympian Adam Rippon as their “Person of the Year,” and we couldn’t agree more.

While Rippon has been a fixture on the U.S. figure skating scene for years (two second place finishes in the U.S. championships plus taking the title in 2016), it wasn’t until this year’s Winter Olympic Games in South Korea that he captured the world's full attention (and hearts) as he became the first openly gay man to qualify for the US in the Winter Olympics.

An immediate sensation in Pyeongchang (and self-dubbed “America’s sweetheart”), Rippon brought not only his considerable athletic prowess to bear, helping our American skaters bring home a bronze medal in the team skating event, but his ebullient and winning personality has now made him a household name.

From Outsports:

In addition to wowing America with his medal-winning free skate in the team competition at the Winter Olympics, this year Rippon won Dancing With The Stars, stirred political conversation around LGBTQ rights and the White House, worked the red carpet at the Oscars, acted in an episode of Will & Grace, was a guest on seemingly countless news and talk shows, and most recently returned to the ice for a Christmas TV special. He’s been on numerous “best-of” lists recapping the year. Oh, and did we mention he danced with Elmo and sang his own rendition of a Rihanna hit before skating to it?




A post shared by Adam Rippon (@adaripp) on

In their article, Outsports recounts how a straight editor from SB Nation sent this message back to the states during the Games in South Korea after meeting the then-28-year-old skater: “I think I love Adam Rippon.”

Rippon told Outsports this week that he looks back on 2018 with an immense sense of pride.

“Winning is a huge part of sports, and medaling is incredible, it’s amazing,” the effusive skater told the sports site. “But the point of sports is to go into the gym or onto the ice every day and better yourself. That’s the whole point of life. I’m able to look at my sports career and be proud of it, because I got the real point of it all.”

And after 20 years chasing one goal - gold on the ice, Rippon says this year will stand out for him for a long time for “leaping into the unknown.”



Shots from @espn Body 10

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“I’ve had the chance to try so many different things, and I’ve never done this stuff before, so it’s been a little scary,” he shares.

Scary, perhaps, but Rippon has faced down many fears and challenges in his life. 

From coming out in 2015 to working through an injury that kept him from defending his national title to embracing the Olympic Games as his authentic self both on and off the ice.

That authenticity has led to some of his most memorable moments in 2018.



Having a leather moment at #oscars2018

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He shares with Outsports the aftermath of a chat he had with a young girl who ran up to him as he was finishing an appearance. She was wearing a rainbow pin.

After speaking with her for a few minutes, she headed off. But, her mother soon stepped up to Rippon with tears in her eyes.

The mother shared that the girl had recently come out, and in doing so said seeing Rippon compete at the Olympics in Pyeongchang was “the first time she saw herself in someone else, and it completely changed her world.”

Outsports’ ‘Person of the Year’ explained, ”I get emotional talking about it now because I can’t believe something I feel like I did for myself was able to help somebody else so much.”

Whether it was courage to conquer the ice, the red carpet or the dance floor, Rippon has inspired many of us with charm and self-deprecating wit.

Having announced his retirement from competitive skating last month, Rippon has several projects in the works including a book deal.

“I’ll always be an athlete at heart, but I’ve also always felt I was an entertainer,” says Rippon. “I love making people laugh. So being able to do something that’s always been a dream of mine, I feel like that’s my true calling.”



It slipped

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(h/t Outsports)

Adam Rippon Announces Retirement From Skating With Uplifting Letter To His Younger Self

Out Olympic figure skater and self-proclaimed “America’s sweetheart,” Adam Rippon, has announced his retirement from competitive figure skating.

The 29-year-old skated into our hearts as he competed at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea becoming one of the first openly gay U.S. athletes to compete at an Olympic Games.

His athleticism and artistry on the ice was a huge factor in Team USA taking home a bronze medal in the team event.





A post shared by Adam Rippon (@adaripp) on


But it has been his winning personality that has made him a fixture in pop culture. His fabulosity translated easily to the dance floor as he dominated and won this year’s Dancing with the Stars competition.

Rippon announced his departure from competitive skating in a letter shared with CBS’ Note To Self.

Addressing ‘younger Adam’ in 2014 when he had failed to qualify for the Olympic team, he acknowledges the rough road ahead.

“You are going through a really tough time right now. You’ve just missed qualifying for the Olympic team for the second time in a row. You feel confused and you feel like a failure. It might not make sense right now, but this is truly one of the most important moments in your life,” writes Rippon.

But the next paragraph contains just one sentence: “Take a moment and be proud of yourself.”

He goes on to list the many hardships that training for figure skating held for him. From traveling away from his home and living with different families to having to decide during difficult times whether to pay for ice time or groceries.

Acknowledging all those outside factors, Rippon comes back to the internal, writing, “You work so hard, but you are even harder on yourself.”




Forgot my shirt AGAIN ugh @aaronjayyoung

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Then, it’s time for a little personal intervention. 

“Stand up, walk to a mirror, look yourself straight in the eye and tell yourself: you are a winner,” he writes. “You won’t see one looking back at you yet, but do this every day and you’ll really start to learn what being a winner is.”

“Being a winner is a mindset.”

Rippon also shares the coming out process with his younger self saying, “It made you feel so free, like you’ve grown wings.”

“When you publicly come out in the next year, you will let go of what other people think of you,” he continued. “You will hope to give someone else what you didn't feel growing up: permission to be themselves.” 

And then he adds those oh-so-important words: "You are worthy."

But our Adam wouldn’t be ‘Adam’ without a bit of sass, so grooming comes into the mix as he advises, “Oh, and when you wax your eyebrows, start talking about how great they look. It'll be a hit.”

He shares how the upcoming years will see him in the best mental and physical shape of his life after shifting his perspective from ‘changing’ himself to ‘perfecting’ himself.




Hello from Korea

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He continues as he recounts winning the national figure skating championship, the accident where he would break his foot making his journey to the 2018 Olympics that much harder, and then the goal of a lifetime as he makes Team USA and participates in the 2018 Winter Games.

“It'll be crazy, wild, emotional and very exciting,” pens the now-world famous athlete. “The world will see your character and they will embrace you for just being yourself.”

He saves the most important message for last, as he concludes, “You are a man now. You've challenged yourself and taken risks.” 

“You've become the role model that you wished you'd had as a kid,” Rippon shares with obvious pride. “You will look in the mirror and you will see someone you like. You will look in the mirror and finally see a winner looking back at you.”

Our Olympic hero signs off with a simple encouragement: “Now go out and conquer the world.”



(h/t CBS)

Gus Kenworthy Wins Halloween With Awesome "Adam Rippoff" Costume


Out Olympians Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy have been entertaining their fans with their awesome bromance since the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Since then, the dynamic duo have exchanged lots of clever and sly repartee in interviews and photo shoots, all to our delight.

This past weekend, though, Kenworthy took things to a new level as he debuted his Halloween costume which he labeled, “Adam Rippoff,” riffing on Rippon’s now-famous Academy Awards outfit complete with leather harness.


In concocting the photo, you may notice Kenworthy also replaced the Oscar statue in the background for something a bit more comical for effect.

Rippon, never at a loss for a quick retort, replied in his own inimitable manner tweeting, “We finally did each other [eggplant]”


Kenworthy continued the exchange with his own “admission” that he’s “wanted to do” Rippon since they met:


Rippon, forever comfortable with a quip, replied with a simple, “Feels right:”



All kinds of awesomeness. Boys, please don't ever stop being you.

(h/t Gay Star News)

Adam Rippon Gives A Whole Lot Of Pumpkin Spice Products The Taste Test

Ah, October.

When most of the U.S. finally falls into autumn and a whole bunch of folks do a happy dance for all things 'pumpkin spice' flavored.

In fact, the venerable Pumpkin Spice Latte is already back in residency at Starbucks marking the 15th consecutive year of the concoction, which the coffee giant says is its most popular seasonal beverage.

With that in mind, Cosmopolitan asked Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon to sample several different pumpkin spice flavored products as part of their ongoing “Adam Rippon Riffs On” series.

Of course, you have to begin with the aforementioned PSL from Starbucks, which Rippon deems worthy of a “4 pumpkins” rating.

Pumpkin spiced Kahlua takes center stage and clearly takes awesome Adam by surprise.

“Shut the video down, this is f**king amazing,” raves Rippon.

He then pours the liquer into the latte, and bam! We have a 5-pumpkin winner!

 Rippon moves on to food next tasting a pumpkin spice bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese. Who wants to guess how that works out?

Annnnd, back to the Kahlua latte.

Next up is pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes with pumpkin spice almond beverage? #seriously?

The cereal acquits itself well, but the almond beverage is apparently some serious version of nasty.

In fact, there’s only one way to salvage this breakfast. Want to take a guess?

Take a four minute brain break and watch our favorite self-declared “America’s sweetheart” take on pumpkin spice below.



Adam Rippon's Olympic Costumes Are Going To The Smithsonian

Adam Rippon will now officially go down in U.S. History with the help of the Smithsonian.

Yesterday, Rippon shared on Instagram that he will be donating his Olympic outfit to the Smithsonian Institute.



The Smithsonian Institute and the American History Museum are government run organizations that archive over 150 million items. With that said, will Rippon’s outfit be up for display and next to the iconic ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz like Rippon suggests? Probably not on the latter and maybe not for the former.

Again, the Smithsonian has millions of items in their possession, but only have a few thousand on display for the public to see, the rest are locked away somewhere for safe keeping.

Maybe Rippon’s costume will be placed out in the open sometime in the future? If it gets shown or not may depend on how much of a social impact Rippon continues to have from here on out.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Adam Rippon 'Moonlights' as Danny Amendola's Body Shaving Coach

Adam Rippon: Olympic Bronze Medalist, Dancing with the Stars champ, future Dancing with the Stars: Junior judge... and now body shaving coach?

At least for the company Nivea he is, and the lucky 28-year-old got to practice on Miami Dolphins stud Danny Amendola.



Lock it up #whatsthecombo

A post shared by Danny Amendola (@dannyamendola) on


The commercial that they both posted on their Instagram reads as a softcore porno you would see on Cinemax late at night or just a really weirdly (yet hilariously) acted sketch between two world-class athletes. Either way, they are both half-naked and look wonderful while doing so.

Take a look at the clips below or here


Will & Grace Released A First Look Of Matt Bomer, Adam Rippon, and Minnie Driver On The Set

The 10th season of Will & Grace is almost here, and we’re getting a first look at the main cast and some big name guest stars on the set.

Earlier, we shared with you that the new season of Will & Grace will have some big talent joining the classic foursome.

Matt Bomer and David Schwimmer will both play love interests for Will & Grace respectively, Minnie Driver will be returning as Karen’s (Megan Mullally) stepdaughter and rival Lorraine Finster, and Adam Rippon will make a cameo appearance as himself.

In order to promote the new season even more, Will & Grace’s marketing team recently uploaded a picture of the group (sans Schwimmer and Mullally).

Both Bomer and Rippon shared some info about their time on the set.

Bomer reposted the above picture and added: “They are the warmest, kindest people you could hope to work with. @driverminnie and @adaripp Are both fantastic as well.”

Meanwhile, Rippon shared that he enjoyed his time on set as well as he wrote:

“Been working on the @nbcwillandgrace set all week and in other news 2018 is still wild. The whole cast and everyone on set is so beautiful and great. Also, how can you not love @mattbomer and @driverminnie.”

Just seeing everyone having fun on set gets us even more excited for the premiere of season 10, which will be on NBC on October 4.

Adam Rippon Goes Shirtless With His Man While Playing Basketball

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has had quite a lot to be proud of over the past year. He took home the bronze medal for the United States in the sport that made him famous at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea back in February.

Not only that, but he triumphantly won the latest season of Dancing with the Stars alongside his partner Jenna Johnson, besting other sports-related celebs (that was the theme this go around) like Tonya Harding and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Could basketball be the next kind of activity that he's trying to accomplish? If anything, he looks damn good doing it with the big ball in his hand. Adam (who has gotten noticeably furrier) shared a shirtless photo of him playing the iconic sport a couple of days back, and made a pretty hilarious caption to go along with.



A post shared by Adam Rippon (@adaripp) on

"Touchdown." Oh Adam. Not to be outdone, his equally as hot boyfriend Jussi-Pekka Kajaala also posed shirtless for the basketball-related pic.

Yum. Could this be an epic "Who would you rather?" Because we would have a very tough time choosing. 

Could we also be seeing Adam on an upcoming episode of RuPaul's Drag Race? He looks to be helping the show campaign for an Emmy (they are up for 12 this year) with a twist on his last name that easily resonates with the show's fan base.

'Adam Rip-I'd-Like-To-Keep-It-On' is a reference to when season 9 contestant Valentina did not want to take her mask off during the lip sync that ultimately sent her home. Clever.