Watch Richard Madden React To Aggressively Thirsty Fan Tweets

Prince Charming himself is reading thirst tweets.

Richard Madden, who’s known for playing Prince Kit in Disney’s Cinderella  and Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is the latest celebrity to read the desires of his fans.

Recently, we shared with you the video of singer/actor Troye Sivan reading the crazy thirst tweets of his fans, and now it’s Madden’s turn.

“I  wanna bend Richard Madden over, pull his hair, make him arch [his] back and wreck him like an iron fist going through a wet sheet of paper,” wrote one very aggressive and imaginative fan on twitter.

As… creative as that tweet is, there are a bunch of other surprising posts in the video.

Want to see poor Richard Madden’s reaction to all the love and lust? Then check out the video below.

Michael C. Hall Talks Sexuality And Gay Roles (But Others Think He's Coming Out)

Don’t get confused by this latest story which has been reported wrongly by other sites.

Michael C. Hall, who played gay character David in Six Feet Under and a trans character in Hedwig And The Angry Itch, recently spoke with The Daily Beast about playing gay and his own sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, some sites are reporting on this interview as “Michael C. Hall Comes Out As Sexually Fluid.” But that is not true at all.

In the interview, Hall talks about what it meant to play such a dynamic gay role in Six Feet Under.

“I suppose I was aware of the time we were in. I was also aware that David was a new kind of gay character on TV, film, or stage. He was a fantastic character and as rich and well-drawn as the larger world he existed within. I never lobbied to audition for any other part.

He then added, “Any role that you are in can pigeonhole you, but to be associated with a role as multi-dimensional as David was a relatively good thing.”

Afterwards, the conversation turned to Hall’s own sexuality and he mentioned how he sees himself on a spectrum… but still identifies definitively as straight.

“I think there’s a spectrum. I am on it. I’m heterosexual. But if there was a percentage, I would say I was not all the way heterosexual. I think playing the emcee required me to fling a bunch of doors wide open because that character I imagined as pansexual.”

Hall then says that he grew up with a desire to be close with a man. But no homo, he means intimacy on an emotional and non-physical level.

“I’ve never had an intimate relationship with a man. I think, maybe because of an absent father, there has definitely been a craving for an emotional intimacy with a man. I don’t mean to suggest that an emotional relationship between a father and son is any way homoerotic. I mean an emotional intimacy or connection that at least in the milieu I grew up in was considered fey. I had an appetite to have emotional connections with men beyond beer, sports, and fist pumping that were considered ‘gay.’”

Keep in mind that Hall’s feelings are valid. Society often restricts intimacy between men as an indicator of homosexuality, which isn’t fair. Men should be able to love and be open with other men without it turning sexual.

That said, this interview with Hall seems to be awkwardly walking the line of celebrating gay representation and distancing the actor from homosexuality.

Part of that can be blamed on the interviewer who constantly asks questions from Hall, a straight man married to Morgan MacGregor, like, “Has he ever had sex with another man?” or “Was he ever attracted to other men?”

If a straight man is constantly being asked questions like that, he may turn on the defensive.

But again, Hall also acts wishy washy as he answers the attraction question with, “No. I mean, I was attracted to John Cameron Mitchell when I saw Hedwig. But no, as a rule I am heterosexual.”

Honestly, this is just a weird interview and situation over all that simultaneously celebrates a gay role, tries to badger an adamantly straight men with questions over his sexual orientation, and shows him trying not to be labeled as gay.

Ultimately, this is a long and messy article that was then picked up on by other sites and misconstrued by them. Michael C. Hall is NOT coming out as sexually fluid and we shouldn’t confuse it as such.

h/t: The Daily Beast

Instinct Exclusive with Burgeoning Actor Brock Yurich

Brock Yurich has a lot going for him. He’s a promising actor, talented writer and a competitive bodybuilder to boot.

He currently stars on OWN’s wildly popular series The Haves and the Have Nots while building up an acting resume that has included him starring alongside major names in Hollywood like Jane Krakowski and Victoria Justice just to name a few.

The New York City resident has also expertly homed in his writing skills with the release of his drama called 49: A Tribute to Pulse Night Club. It centers around four strangers who reel from a large-scale attack who come together to help heal one another. He is also raising funds for his first gay bodybuilding feature film called Test, so its safe to say that Brock is one busy guy.

Amid all his chaos, Brock was nice enough to sit down with me to discuss all of that and then some. Take a look.

First of all, let's just get this out of the way: you're so freaking handsome! Who do you credit your good looks to?

Haha well thank you! Well my mom and dad are a pretty attractive couple of people. So, I can thank them for this mug.

I want to know more about your film 49 that's premiering in Chicago at the Reeling Film Festival. Can you tell us more about it?

Absolutely. 49 is a short film I wrote and directed after the tragedy at Pulse Night Club. I worked at Pulse during college when I attended UCF in Orlando. Pulse truly was a place of love and acceptance. It was a home for so many young people, gay and straight, it didn't matter. After the tragedy, I went down to be with my friends who had survived the shooting. We mourned the ones we lost and celebrated their lives. But I was still harboring a lot of anger and rage. I was inspired to write, and so 49 flew out of me and onto paper. The film is 10 minutes and takes place in an apartment down the street from Pulse. Basically, 4 strangers have escaped and are trying to figure out what to do and how to process what was happening and learn to support each other. It's about coming together during times of crisis and the strength of the human spirit. I also made it a point to make sure each actor had been to Pulse and had a connection to it somehow. That meant a lot to me.

Your acting credits includes appearances on some pretty big shows. Which one has been your favorite and why?

My favorite? That's tough. Working with Titus Burgess on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a pretty serious bucket list moment for me.

I know you also scored a recurring role on The Haves and The Have Nots. How did this come about and what can fans expect from your character?

Working on The Haves and Have Nots will be one of the highlights of my life. I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I think of how amazing that experience was. Tyler Perry actually saw my acting and filmmaking content on social media and contacted me personally to discuss a role he was creating. He told me he was considering me and so I sent him my first short film, T-COUNTY, which I wrote, directed and starred in. He liked my performance so much that he offered me 5 episodes. I couldn't believe it. And then he surprised me again when he offered me a spot as a series regular. So "Nurse Madison" becomes more and more entangled in the drama of the show. I guess you can expect what Tyler always delivers: heart-felt characters, explosive drama and insane cliff hangers.

You are also into bodybuilding and have made a film around that. What's it about?

My project, TEST, is a feature film script that i've been writing for about 3 and a half years now. TEST is about a young amateur bodybuilder in small town Ohio struggling with his sexuality. The movie deals with family issues, sexuality, religion, body image issues, and drug addiction, specifically toward LGBT youth. heavily inspired by films like Black Swan, The Wrestler and Moonlight.  We will hopefully start production in January. You can learn more about on Instagram at @testthefilm and you can donate to the project through the link in the bio. It's 100% tax deductible! *wink wink

What's it like being openly gay in both the bodybuilding and acting arenas?

Well there's ups and downs. Of course, there will always be those who make comments or have something to say. But I was talking to an actor the other day who asked how I managed to be out as an actor. And I told him it's great. It sets me apart from the crowd, and when you are honest with someone about something like that, they usually feel a connection to you because of your openness. It brings you closer to people. And in my opinion, you do your best acting work when you can be totally free, open and honest about who you are as a human. We throw all of ourselves, who we truly are, into our roles, and if there's a huge piece of you that you're hiding or ignoring, you're missing out on bringing your true self to a character you're playing. Does that make sense? It may not haha but it makes sense to me.

Are you dating anyone and if not do you have a type?

I am in a relationship with my work :)

What else is going on in the world of Brock Yurich?

Getting TEST up off the ground is my main focus. I'm playing an amateur competitive bodybuilder in the film, so I train with my coach three times a week. I've put on twenty pounds of muscle in 6 months, and I'm only getting bigger! And on top of that, I'm trying to raise money so we can begin production. Producing a film is not easy. AT ALL. But I wouldn't do anything else in the world. It's so fulfilling to create work and not wait around for auditions and roles. Make your own! That was the best advice I've ever received as an actor.

You can find out more about Brock's film TEST by clicking here and follow him on Instagram here

Heartthrob Garrett Clayton Came Out And Says He Has A Lover


Gay men have turned their heads for actor Garrett Clayton many times in the past few years.

The Teen Beach Movie, King Cobra, and Hairspray Live actor has made a name for himself by being a young and handsome man. He’s literally done so by taking on roles that mirror gay porn legend Brent Corrigan and 1960s heartthrob archetypes.

Now, the star is getting ready for the release of a new film titled Reach, and has honored it with a news worthy post. Clayton wanted to touch on the topics of suicide/school shootings and how it has affected him. In order to do it, Clayton wrote an intimate Instagram post.

“With the release of my new movie REACH coming up, I thought it was important to explain why I took on this project in the first place,” Garrett wrote, “REACH deals with some very serious and timely topics that have affected me personally, and have likely influenced many of your lives as well. (I also prefer to share things that are particularly important for me here on my IG) instead of in some random magazine or online article – because you are the ones that have been rooting for me and following me on my professional and personal journey in life.”

On top of that, he coincidentally came out at the same time by nonchalantly name dropping tv writer Blake Knight as his longtime boyfriend:

“When I read the script for REACH, I immediately knew it was a film I had to be a part of. I have personally dealt with suicide within my own family, intense bullying in high school, and – on top of it all – myself and the man I’ve been in a relationship with for a long time (@hrhblakeknight) have both experienced shootings within our hometown school systems, and have witnessed the heartache that takes place in affected communities after such tragic events. These topics – not always easy to discuss- are all close to my heart, and, knowing how serious they are, I wanted to share this with you all. This film has come from the perspectives of people who care deeply about these issues, and if watching it helps even one person… then it was all worth it.”


A post shared by Garrett Clayton (@garrettclayton1) on

We’re happy to see that Garrett Clayton is not only sharing the fact that he’s in a gay relationship, but doing it in such a natural way. It reminds us of Kevin McHale during his saga of relaxed coming out posts.

While this probably doubled as a publicity stunt for Reach, Garrett Clayton had to know that blatantly mentioning his male romance in the post would get the project publicity, it ultimately doesn't matter to us. It was a cool and smart move, so we’ve got nothing but props for Clayton.

Congrats on the upcoming project and the relationship!

Instinct Exclusive with Burgeoning Actor & In-Demand Life Coach Frank Vignola

If you enjoy the looks and acting skills of Chris Meloni mixed with a side of helping people reach their best lives that they can, then you will probably end up with the super talented and handsome Frank Vignola.

Frank, who is based in the heart of New York City on the Upper East Side, has developed quite the name for himself in the acting world by landing key roles including The Blacklist: Redemption and The Six Degrees of Murder. Don't worry, his acting isn't always on the super dark side as he is able to bring out his comedy angle (which he honed his craft in at the William Esper Studio, T. Schreiber Studio and Upright Citizens Brigade) in roles like the short film Seeking: Jack Tripper.

He also finds himself as a part-time life coach, which works wonders especially in the world of New York City where people can last either a day or a lifetime here depending on how focused you can truly be. 

I sat down with Frank to see why acting is his passion, how Meryl can truly do no wrong (obviously), and how his acting and life coach skills have a way with intertwining with one another. 

So on your Instagram you call yourself an actor and a life coach. Have you ever thought of combining those for an Oscar-winning performance?

Coincidentally, these two roles in my life run parallel with one another. I have implemented so many acting techniques in my coaching, and I have even taught them to clients. Being a great actor means understanding yourself and others on a deeper level, which is such a big part of life...and coaching. And coaching has given me such an insight into character study and character development. It’s hard for me to imagine doing one without the other. They constantly aid and inspire one another.

 What started your love of acting, and who was your biggest inspiration in all of it?

My love for acting probably started as a kid, because I loved movies and often felt very connected to characters. A few affected me so deeply that I formed friendships with them in my head, drew pictures of them and even wrote about them. I want to be able to affect someone that deeply with my work. I want to inspire people, I want to make them laugh, cry...I want to make them think...question themselves. I want to disturb them. 

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve lived a crazy 36 years and that my journey to self-discovery has been all over the place. I’ve yet to be given a role where I haven’t been able to find myself in it...even the darker ones. In fact, the darker ones I often connect to the easiest!

I have so many inspirations, I’ll rattle off a few - I was a huge Bruce Willis fan. I wanted to be Bruce Willis. I collected all of his movies. I used to steal VHS tapes from the rental place and return blank tapes instead. Heath Ledger...man. I get upset when I talk about him. I wanted so much more, and he had so much more to give. Meryl Streep… she still can do no wrong to me. Anthony Hopkins, Bryan Cranston, Jared Leto, Julianne Moore, Emily Blunt, Javier Bardem, Charlize Theron, Daniel Day Lewis, just to name a few. 

Do you find it’s hard for gay men to be taken seriously still in the world of acting, especially when the ones who come out get relegated to roles that often don’t involve romance?

Love is love. I can fall in love with anyone, regardless of gender. Anyone who knows anything about acting should know that. If you’re cast based on your sexual preference, that’s bullshit. Is it hard for gay men? I don’t know honestly. And my career is still a baby. Right now, my guess is I’m going to be cast in plenty of romantic roles with women. And I’m confident that there will never be a fucking nanosecond that someone watching thinks “he’s not really into her” because I will be. Because that’s my job as an actor. Gay men need to be true to themselves and keep breaking these bullshit stereotypes. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment acting wise to date and why has that touched you more than others?

Every time I let myself go deeper than I did the last time, it feels like an accomplishment. As roles go, I once played a husband and father of three who was brutally murdered in his own home by his wife. I was fucked up over it for a few weeks after. I don’t know if it would happen that same way today, because I’ve learned how to dive deep into darkness all the while wearing a harness attached to a rope. 

Do you have a dream actor/actress, director or writer you are dying to work with?

I’m dying to work with hungry, passionate, creative people, and there’s a lot of them out there. Any of the ones I mentioned earlier would be amazing to work with. As far as writers and directors: Tarantino, Fincher, Scorsese, Fede Alvarez, James Wan, Eli Roth... Andres Muschietti did an amazing job in the 2017 It. There’s lots more. 

Tell us about your life coach angle and how you got involved in that.

I was a teen who used to cut himself and do drugs. I was on virtually every antidepressant and anxiety pill you can name. I had no self worth. I was bullied. After years of getting expelled from multiple schools, incarceration, group homes, rehabs, shelters, institutions and a few near-death experiences, I found my worth. That was a really long story condensed into like three dramatic sentences. But that’s it in a nutshell. I found my worth and fell in love with life. And now I help others do the same. It’s a part of me. I’m coach in many of my relationships in life, not just work. It’s who I am. 

What projects do you have that are currently in the works?

I’m getting some stubborn fat sucked out of my belly in a few weeks. I can’t wait. How’s that for vanity? Oh, and I’m working on an amazing fart compilation. The rest... stay tuned!

Ultimately, what is your biggest life goal that you have yet to achieve?

I’m achieving it. I just need a bigger platform to reach more people.

For more information on Frank Vignola, you can follow him on Instagram here or check out his official website here

We're Falling In Love With Henry Golding In The New "Crazy Rich Asians" Trailer

The first trailer for the much anticipated film Crazy Rich Asians dropped earlier today, and its left us very interested in its male lead.

The film, based off of an acclaimed book series with the same name, centers around an Asian-American girl named Rachel Chu who goes to a wedding with her boyfriend Nicholas Young.

What Nick forgot to tell Rachel was that he belonged to an elite class of extremely rich families in Singapore. Rachel then falls head first into a world of the super (or crazy) rich elite in a gossipy, funny, and romantic tale.

The film adaption for the movie has been hotly anticipated for its fully Asian cast. Some say it’ll be the Asian version of Black Panther (for its focus on Asian talent and not so much for its box office returns).

Thankfully, the first look trailer is out for the film, and you can watch it below.

While the movie probably needs a few more trailers to convince non-Asian and non-agenda supporting audiences to buy tickets, this first trailer gave us a good look at actor Henry Golding.

When he was announced for the part, many worried about Golding being half Malaysian and half-White. That said, many of the target demographic of the film will surely quiet down once they see a few of the tasty shots of Golding in the trailer.

Also, it looks like Ellen knows just what we want to see.

We hope to see more of Henry Golding in the future, and we hope that Crazy Rich Asians does well in theaters.