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What’s The Best Way To Reject A Man?

What’s The Best Way To Reject A Man?

Awkward Valentine’s Dates Must Be Kept At Bay!

How are you preparing for Valentine’s Day 2018? Are you dreaming of your next date, in a happy relationship, or simply dodging advances to hang out with your friends? You could also choose to stay inside with Netflix as many various GIFs are suggesting, but listen- no one should be spending any Holiday alone! I’m actually trying something new this year and going on a large group date to a local corporate place where we can rip up photos of our exes and devour sloppy food with one another. It sounds perfect, right?! Something more platonic where we can show off our personalities – and essentially nothing to worry about regarding gifts, reservations, or even forced conversations around a bunch of couples. You just know someone, somewhere, doesn’t want to be on their Valentine’s date, but why did they even say yes in the first place?! Is it that hard to reject someone?

I’ve found rejection to be a little damaging. Yes, it obviously stings my ego to not have the affection of someone I’m into- which luckily extends as far as a direct message on social media nowadays, so no one can see me cower in shame. However, I also tend to get a little awkward rejecting someone myself. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve received three offers to spend Valentine’s Day with a guy that- I’m just not into. Okay, three may not be a lot- but for someone who is much of a homebody who’d rather spend his time surrounded by my girlfriends, I can’t help but pat myself on the back! These three gentlemen, however, have been acquaintances who I regularly see around town. I don’t want that rejection to loom around me – or my reputation – so what’s the best way to reject them!?

I won’t lie, I’ve been doing probably the worst form of rejection ever: Ghosting. If you aren’t familiar with Ghosting, it’s essentially straight up ignoring someone and acting like you’ve never seen their message, smoke signal, or plethora of heart-eyed Emojis. I realize with each passing post on my social media, these men are becoming more and more aware of the fact that I’m ignoring them. Am I the worst person ever because I cannot reject someone peacefully?!

This begs the question: What is the best way to reject someone?! There has to be someone out there who is more brave than I. Is a direct answer the best method? Or would does ignoring someone prevent hurt feelings? I mean, I do want to see these people again in person and be able to share a laugh and a cocktail. How are we able to reject someone but still remain friends in a society with such sensitive egos?