Should Celebrities Support Kanye West's Trump Endorsement?


Kanye West recently returned from a Twitter hiatus with a vengeance - making up for lost time with rapid-fire tweets creating a straight-up mind meld with his followers, sharing everything from details regarding his shoe line Yeezy, his management shakeup, his life in The Sunken Place with wife Kim Kardashian, and, most notably, the "dragon energy" he shares with Donald Trump. 



This was proceeded by multiple posts feverishly aligning Kanye with Trump, and now West's fans - including his Hillary-supporting wife Kim, are having to mitigate West's political tweets in this polarizing climate. Is he simply shaking up the status quo? Boldly exercising his First Amendment Rights? Or is he normalizing the bigotry and hate that Trump has expressed through moves such as the trans military ban? 

Depending on which of Kanye's celeb pals you talk to, the answer could be any of the above. His wife defended Kanye, stating

He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America? Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card?

Chance the Rapper initially seemed to support Kanye as well, tweeting:

Black people don’t have to be democrats.

But he later expanded on his statement after the president called out Chance as an ally:



Outspoken Democrat John Legend texted Kanye urging West to think twice before he supported the president, but days later was caught partying with West. Now Kanye has released the pro-Trump (and possibly pro-trolling his critics) song "Lift Yourself" featuring the rapper T.I. While T.I. is not a Trump supporter, he is on the track, and by proxy is supporting Kayne's message (even if he offers a counterpoint in the song.)

Does coming for Kayne simply add up to a modern-day witch hunt, or should his famous friends hold him accountable for molding impressionable young minds? Whatever the case, West will always have one very famous supporter...





They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. While I don't get it, many people think Kanye is a genius...perhaps he has crossed that fine line.

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