Rugby Player Simon Dunn Kisses Homophobia Goodbye


Homophobia, you're Dunn for! We're no stranger to bobsledder-turned-Aussie rugby player Simon Dunn - who frequently shows off his hard work at the gym on Instagram - but now he's bringing on the social media sexiness for a cause, and we are here, for, it! 




According to Gay Times, the drama started back in April when Rugby player Israel Folau delivered some choice words about homosexuality to Instagram. In response to the question:

What was God's plan for gay people?

Folau responded:

HELL... unless they repent their sins and turn to God.

Charmer. This bigoted language is in violation of Rugby Australia's inclusion polity, which states:

Rugby has and must continue to be a sport where players, officials, volunteers, supporters and administrators have the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion.



Nonetheless, Folau was allowed to continue to play rugby for the league, which is where Dunn's tongue comes in. The London Kings Cross Steelers' player originally posted this smooch with his partner as a simple victory photo in April, but now he's asking people to retweet it specifically to show Folau that love will not be defined by his bigotry. Dunn had this to say to Gay Times about the epic photo:

Unfortunately the sporting world is still a place where kissing my partner after our team’s victory is still seen as an act of defiance or rebellion. It’s an environment where someone’s homophobic comments can be defended as ‘just his opinion’ and that truly is worrying.

I’ve devoted my life to sport, and as an out and proud athlete I’ll continue to do what is natural for me, and hopefully break down stereotypes in the process.

If Folau doesn't like gay people, then he definitely picked the right sport. Gorgeous, buff men with thighs the size of tre trunks who spend the entire day trying to pin each other down. Nothing gay about that. As I've always said, if you have the energy to write up homophobic remarks on the Internet, ya gay boo. Thankfully, Folau is in in the right profession for it.