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Randy Rainbow Parodies Disney Classic "Rudy And The Beast"

Here’s a little pick-me-up for Hump Day - political satirist Randy Rainbow shares his musical take on Rudy Giuliani’s recent media meltdown set to the title song from Disney’s 1991 animated classic, Beauty And The Beast.

Tales about his crimes

Taller than a tree
Michael Cohen defends
Then on Fox and Friends
Rudy spills the tea...

It's the magical media bromance we knew we never needed.

Watch the "tale as old as time" unfold below.

Happy Hump Day!



Next Rainbow will put Trump down for the release of the three American prisoners from N. Korea. Anyway....just once I want to see this Randy Rainbow goof on Eric Schneiderman, or..even better, Islam or Mohammad. I mean...Indonesia is considering beheading as a punishment for homosexual acts, so....Rainbow couldn't do something with THAT ? 

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