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Nashville Drag Queens Get The Lego Treatment!

Nashville Drag Queens Get The Lego Treatment!

You’ve Got To Check These Out!

SO CUTE! When I first came across a Facebook post by legendary Aurora Sexton, I immediately thought the RuPaul’s Drag Race Legos had came to life! While not officially branded by Lego themselves, a creative group of women turned the Drag Queens of Nashville’s Play Dance Bar into mini versions of themselves! Okay, call me officially jealous – because I would love to have someone be so entertained by my talent that they create a Lego version of me! How lucky are they?!

Creators of the Legos call themselves LegoMyDragQueen and clearly are in the market for other potential Queens to turn around. This idea is seriously so cute. I wonder if Lego will take note on how much the LGBTQ community wants RuPaul and her girls turned into these toys?! If they haven’t been creating that merchandise, it’s seriously about time now!

Check out these fun Queens below and head over to LegoMyDragQueen’s Instagram to keep updated on which other Queens may be next!