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Michelle Visage Presses Her Golden Buzzer!

Michelle Visage Presses Her Golden Buzzer!

She Sends In The Clowns!

YAS! Okay, you may be just as forgetful as me – and also living not in Ireland – to remember that RuPaul’s Drag Race judge and the most iconic best girlfriend to a gay evah Michelle Visage – continues to put her judging skills to work on Ireland’s Got Talent. In the vein of talent shows, Got Talent provides amateur – yet incredible – artists the chance to thrive on their platform and be voted to becoming the next superstar. It’s a little laughable that these shows continue to be produced – is anyone really ever going to achieve the fame that Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or Susan Boyle has seen? Ahh, Entertainment – constantly doing whatever they can for views.

Anyway, as the series continues – we’re eventually flooded on social media with adorable, heartwarming videos of these inspiring hopefuls. Touching on Boyle, I’m still trying to relive a more emotional, viral moment from any of the talent shows. Boyle, mousey and elderly, sang her heart out and eventually went on to win hearts internationally. This next performer is just as charming and guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye!

In an emotional scene, 81-year-old grandmother, Evelyn Williams, sings her heart out to a performance of Send In The Clowns. Williams puts all of her long life’s experience into the song and wins over the entire audience to a standing ovation. Seriously – it’s one of the most moving moments I’ve witnessed in years. Her squeaky clean appearance, lovely demeanor, and innocence almost immediately wins over Visage, who decides to press her golden buzzer, which slides one lucky contestant (Williams) into a further round in the competition. When pressed, Visage tells us that she chose Williams because of her voice and wishes her own mother was still living on Earth to experience this “journey” with her.

Visage, it’s safe to say, your mother would be proud of your thoughtful decision to change Williams’ life. You MUST check out Williams’ performance below. Please, don’t forget to use your shirt sleeve while crying your eyes out!