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Johnny Weir Channels Lady Gaga for "Paparazzi" | Lip Sync Battle

Love him or hate him, Johnny Weir is going to be up in living rooms across the nation as a commentator for NBC's coverage of the skating events during the Olympics.

He's already coming under some criticism for his honesty during the skating events.  His answer?  I'm a commentator not a complimentor. He's getting paid to do his job and he's commenting about the good and the bad.

Johnny isn't just sticking to the Olympic coverage.  He took his thick skating thighs and bountiful bum to Lip Sync Battle and gave us some good Gaga.  The site says this about his performance:

He needs to take the stage at your local drag bar. He needs to become a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race and make those girls gag in unison over his fire. This isn’t just Gaga fish he’s giving us, it’s Gaga MERMAID.

They apparently loved it.  Will you?



Johnny, you did great and you represented well, but we may have to go back and be gaga over Channing Tatum's Beyonce performance (starting at 1:55).