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Illinois GOP Candidate Sparks Outrage!

Illinois GOP Candidate Sparks Outrage!

Nothing Describes Bigotry More Than This Campaign Ad!

GROSS! This next story I’m about to share with you almost appears that it could be a parody on Saturday Night Live or a tacky video from the satirical website, The Onion. In the era of the Trump Administration, which has felt like a different reality for the last year, of course we’re going to continue witnessing people being blatantly cruel. If we’re not seeing it on social media, overhearing conversations in public, you can bet your butt we’re now hearing it from uprising politicians. I literally gasped upon watching this video for Illinois GOP Republican challenger, Jeanne Ives, a Republican member of the House of Representatives in Illinois.

Ives’ campaign video spreads nothing but fear mongering against the Transgender community, Immigrants, Protesters, and Feminists. Paid actors – at least I’m praying these are paid actors – promote that Transgender people can now use bathrooms that match their identity, how the government is paying for abortions, and that immigrants are running around like savages in Illinois. It’s seriously disgusting. The actors applaud Ives’ stance on these subjects, as she wants into the seat of the Governor to overturn all that she’s listed. Essentially, the campaign advertisement proclaims Ives is against Transgender people, abortions, Protesters, and Immigrants.

As someone from Chicago, Illinois – who has visited the 42nd District – typically known as wealthy Northern, Chicago suburbs – which Ives’ represents…I personally cannot be more disgusted. From my experience, Ives’ values are not to be associated with the neighborhoods she represents or the people that live in them.

I invite you to watch Ives’ jaw dropping campaign advertisement below…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.