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Do You Judge Men On Their Underwear?

Do You Judge Men On Their Underwear?

Do You Prefer Jockstraps, Briefs, Boxers, Or Commando?!

Alright, so let's get straight to it. Anyone, anywhere can virtually sexualize anything they come across. Fetishes run rampant in society. No judgments, but we literally have something called Furries: People who land the deal in animal costumes. Moving onto more, socially acceptable fetishes, brought me to the idea of underwear. Underwear, not to be confused with Gear, is something I believe can bring a little extra spice to any bedroom activity. It's not only sexy to have the ultimate reveal, but also is fun to purchase and try on. Hell, you walk into any gay bar in the United States and can find Go-Go Dancers hypnotizing us in a slinky, barely-there piece of fabric that is solely used to hold dollar bills. Underwear is hot, who would deny that? 

However, does your underwear preference - sexual or not - determine your sexual position? I'm a jockstrap guy, 24/7. While my friends definitely give me side eye for it and I've become the, ahem, butt, of many jokes; I digress that my wearing a jockstrap automatically slaps a label of being a big nelly bottom. Recently, Queerty begged the question if jockstraps were gay? Taking suggestions from Reddit users, the consensus was in favor of jockstraps being...gay. What?! Aren't jockstraps worn not only by men who feel sexy in them, but last I checked I'm fairly certain that a they are used in sports for athletic purposes. 

Then I began thinking: What are the assumed sexual positions for your choice of underwear? One particular Vice article gave their opinion on what type of gay you may be based on your underwear selection. They went exactly as I predicted:

Briefs = Daddy

Boxers = "Bro"

Jockstrap = Bear

Buttless = Flamer

Boxer Briefs = Boring

Commando = Sex Addict

Hmm. While I understand the stereotypes fit picture perfectly, in some cases, I cannot help but question my reaction if I were to be intimate with someone...only to have them take off their pants to reveal, I don't know, some Bart Simpson boxers with holes in them! It would be enough to kill the moment. Perhaps a Bro isn't up my alley in general, but jeez...I think it may be time for us to put aside underwear stereotypes. I recommend everyone have a variety for different occasions. Underwear can make all of us feel sexy in some type of way. If you're planning on hooking up, where something that you'd want to take off of yourself. I won't stereotype anyone's preferred sexual position for their regular choice of underwear, but I definitely believe we should be taking our choice of hookup underwear into consideration for those random romps. 



Hey Bryan, totally agree with you on the jockstrap. I don't wear them as often but definitely appreciate the comfort, support and specially the freshness they provide.

Ergowear's pouch underwear is often labeled as a gay underwear, when in fact, our products are more tailored for absolute comfort and support. But hey, most men are just too afraid to experiment with their underwear.

I wrote a piece some time ago regarding jockstraps. Here's the link in case you want to check it out!


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