Darren Criss Gets Candid About His You-Know-Where


No butts about it! I'm not particularly secretive about my enthusiasm for what Darren Criss has got going on below the belt - whether it be here or here - and the Internet seems to agree. TV Guide released the piece "Darren Criss' Magnificent A** in The Assassination of Versace Deserves Its Own Emmy," and we get to hear Criss' own thoughts on the article thanks to a new Interview with Enter Your Taint Tonight! I MEAN, Entertainment Tonight.

It all started when the folks at ET caught Criss on an American Crime Story: Versace red carpet event. Criss first talked about his star-studded St. Patrick's Day party, where he actually had a duet with singing sensation JC Chasez. Name drop much? But the delectable deets came when the interviewer brought up the TV Guide article that Criss had apparently already caught wind off. Thanks to his Darren Criss Butt RSS feed. Criss spilled about the A** Emmy:

Well, that's maybe the one thing we should campaign for. Having [butts be] its own category.

I've watched Game of Thrones, I feel like I've got some stiff competition. Lots of rock hard competition.

I kind of feel that by bringing in puns like "stiff" and "rock hard" we've moved on to a different body part entirely, and trust me, I'd know if Criss had shown that. I do have an RSS feed. And it is not something I'm proud of. Anyway Criss continued about the very real possibility of ACS: Versace garnering award show attention come next fall:

We put a lot of love and care into this. So, if that resonated with certain arbiters of taste and accolades, then that would be very encouraging and validating for our hard work.



1 day. #ACSVersace

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Honestly this man is all kinds of talented and fine, and if he was up against Jon Snow for the Best Butt Emmy, I would easily choose Criss as the winner! 


H/T: Entertainment Tonight