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Black Men Share Video of 'Humiliating' Encounter and Being Kicked Out of L.A. Fitness

Where do we begin ... where do we end?  We know where we would like to end when discussing bigotry, hatred, racism, stupidity.  We would like to end where it all doesn't exist any more. But until that time, we will be presented with incidences like this one in a New Jersey L.A. Fitness.



None of us were there.  None of us saw what happened before or after the video was shot, but do we need to?

Which variable do you want to point at for the racial tension in the United States. It doesn't matter which one you choose, they all add up to a feeling of discord. There is no easy solution when individuals are involved.  You can blame a company for not having enough training, you can blame parents for not educating their children correctly, you can blame the school systems for babysitting instead of teaching, you can politicians for ... and on and on and on. Whomever is wearing that LA Fitness shirt at the time, it is not LA Fitness that is making those backwards/wrong choices, but it's those synapses in that person's brain that are just not connecting correctly.

Why mention this on our page?  We all need to stand up when someone else is treated inferior, may it be a black person, a woman, a fellow LGBTQ citizen, a non-citizen.  The only way we all will get better, the only way we as America will be great again (yuck, I just used that phrase), the only way we can all win is together.

Now if these men were misusing the facilities, this case would have been a different matter.  That was never stated by L.A. Fitness.  Goodness, I was thrown out of two parties this past weekend in Nashville, Tennessee and I know I should have.  I owned up to it and I know I was at fault.  But these men were thrown out for nonpayment and one membership was terminated.

The video clip showing what reason the membership was suspended had nothing to do with pay.

Number 14 reads:

L.A. Fitness may suspend or terminate Member's right to use the Club facilities and services if Member or Member's guests violate this Agreement or engage in other misconduct in or about the L.A. Fitness facility. Member shall not be entitled to any refund, credit or abatement if such a breach of the Agreement occurs.
People know when they are in the wrong and the truth will come out, but when you put on your ignorance hat, well, you'll be the one being asked to leave the building.


This is all pretty much news, but the opinions shared in here are those of the contributing writer and not those of Instinct Magazine, but we all hate racism and stupidity, so, yeah.