The oldest republic in the world takes one step closer to the modern age.
As Always, She Goes Down Swinging!
Consider avoiding your conservative environment and elope in a blue state? There is hope.
Was 'The Mountain' bigger than the rest of the wedding party?
Pacific Northwest is the scene for Michael & Bradley's inspirational nuptials.
Will Taiwan lose the title of first Asian country to legalize gay partnerships?
Marriage equality could end in Taiwan before it even began.
Romanians boycotted a controversial referendum that would permanently ban same-sex marriage.
We're going to be searching for our invite soon!
If we're worried about this affecting the kids, let's ask them what they think!
"Tonight, in front of Christina, I’m gonna ask you the same question.”
"Social Security has always changed to meet the needs of the people we serve."
“Well we did it finally!"
"So excited to be marrying the love of my life."
“Home Office has refused to recognize our 4-year marriage, instead calling it a 'partnership'!"
"For me, these words are about promoting love and equality."
The Romanian government may prevent same-sex marriage from ever becoming legal.
She's always had my back and has continues to be a great support in my life.
Meanwhile, the U.S.'s Brett Kavanaugh is dodging any talk about gay rights.
“I swallowed some serious nerves and ran up, fanboyed a smidge and asked as politely as I could if she wouldn’t mind"
But same-sex couples may have to wait before they can marry.
Is the right to say no to gay people splitting Americans apart?
But it's not the final step.
Marriage will now be available to LGBTs in all U.S. dioceses
Watch the surprise on-set proposal
The study combined data from the CDC to find these results.
One of these is far more extreme than the other two.
And the crowd cheers!
Ecuador is one step closer to marriage equality.
Anti-marriage equality, anti-Transgender, allows conversion therapy & discrimination based on overly rewritten 2000 year old book