"When they say 'family friendly, they mean white, straight people."
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We warned you.
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“From where we were in 1982 to where we are today is a world of difference and it’s so much better."
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The attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels had been hinting at a 2020 presidential bid...
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The Worlds he created gave us hope and a place to be what we couldn't be in reality.
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And Polis's response to the SNL mention was equally funny.
The acclaimed gay Hollywood producer will work on the film about the Oscar nominee.
Glaring omissions are irresponsible and harmful, and they flatten the drama to boot.
"Much of what motivates the character revolves around... characteristics and emotions that wouldn't apply to a hetereosexual."
“I  wanna bend Richard Madden over, pull his hair, make him arch [his] back and wreck him."
All Stars 3 definitely wasn’t.