"When they say 'family friendly, they mean white, straight people."
Billy Porter Is The Performer Of The Year!
“If we receive calls for threats, we’re going to investigate it, we’re going to investigate it to the fullest potential."
Anthony Patrick Manieri’s ‘Arrested Movement’ is something that needs to be seen.
They don't call it 'polling' for nothing!
Does he come with the menu?
It was just pocket change.
He's been off all of our radars, but disgusting Instagram post shows us his hatred is still around.
Cook: Being gay 'is God's greatest gift to me' You agree?
Says city now ‘too permissive’ regarding certain street behavior
Addresses passengers, flight attendants, airlines, and space travel, but doesn't protect our wallets from fees.
“I have to go past the pub to go to work, and to be honest I get scared when I go past it."
What Was The Missing Puzzle Piece Of The Event?
Capri Holdings to be name of new company. What were the reasons for the purchase?
New LGBT co-owners for one and a Pride Nigth for another. Billie Jean King & Jason Collins involved.
"A desire to bring accurate representation to the Middle East"
“If you don’t put ‘no Asians’ in your profile, it doesn’t mean you have to f**k Asians now." - Joel Kim Booster
Words like "transgender," "queer," and more were blurred out of book descriptions.
Is this a bad sign for the neighborhood's historic Latinx community?
"Wherever they went Steven and Jason made a massive impact."
This was the final straw, after weeks of fallout...
"Unfortunately we can not control the actions of our employees 100% of the time... however...."
Why? Because of money and the law.
"They want to own property in a place they can feel comfortable visiting and living in."
Politicians and social media users alike have called for a boycott.
Agency faces claims of mishandlng him as a QPOC.
Is the crop top the new must have men's shirt?
Netflix went swinging in the comments of a drag documentary post.
What a great setup for a storm of jokes from Gay Twitter
Will it start inclusive conversations or increase the conflict?